Roll of Honor

Kevin Lawrence Cremer

Kevin Lawrence Cremer

  • Chief
  • City of Festus Fire Department
  • Missouri
  • Age: 48
  • Year of Death: 2022

Kevin served as a loyal and highly respected chief of the Festus Fire Department. He was a hero to many people and received several awards during his career, including a Life Saving Award for successfully performing CPR on his own mother-in-law and reviving her.

Kevin was married to his wife, Tonya, for 25 years. They had two adult children, Ashley and Jacob. He was father-in-law to Jake and a father figure to Kaylee. Kevin was blessed with his first grandson, Cooper, in 2017. He quickly became Cooper’s hero and best buddy. In 2022, he was blessed with his first granddaughter, Marcella. She had him wrapped around her finger at first sight.

He was the son of Don and Donna, brother to Michele and Brian, and son-in-law to Rick and Karen.

The pride that Kevin’s parents had in him was always evident. The love his wife and children had for him was beyond measure. He always made people laugh with his dad jokes and his signature “Wooooo!” that he would yell.

Kevin was a mentor to countless firefighters, coworkers, and family members. He made the world a better place by being in it. He is greatly missed each and every day.

Kevin has a third grandchild on the way, and you can bet that stories will be told about what a great man and hero their Paw Paw was.

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