Roll of Honor

Kevin Sutch

  • Levittown Fire Department
  • New York
  • Year of Death: 1995

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Memorial Wall

  1. I met Kevin when I first started working at NYC-EMS IN 8/85. He was my captain working as the tour commander on tour 2, ( 0600-1400 hrs). As soon as he found out that I was a volunteer fireman as was he, I felt as if he took me under his wing and showed me the steps, so to speak. He was a good man, good captain and a good fireman. I miss his wit and wisdom. He had an amazing sense of humor and could get anyone to laugh. Every August when the state tournament comes around, I miss him a little more as the years go by. I know he’s up there with the rest of the Angel’s, and I know he shed a few tears when he was met with so many other Angel’s when 9/11/2001 happend. I miss you cap and I did become a a paramedic as you said I could, thanks for your words of wisdom. Thanks cap, john Martin, disp 811

    – John Martin