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Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

Lawrence G. Veling

Lawrence Veling‚ an accomplished New York City firefighter‚ was lost on September 11‚ 2001‚ at the World Trade Center with four of his fellow firefighters from Engine Co. 235. Larry was a proud man who was a devoted husband and father‚ a loving son and brother‚ a friend and brother to his fellow firefighters‚ and a kind and peaceful person to all.

– Diane J. Veling

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  1. I climbed for Lawrence G. Veling today at Red Rocks in Colorado. Thank you. R.I.P.

    – Katie McCann
  2. I am 12yrs old. I carried you today, Sept 11,2016 on my shoulder at the rememberance climb at the Lancaster Staples Magazine Stadium. I walk the equivalent of 110 floors in your honor. May we never forget.
    Rachael Holman

    – Rachael Holman
  3. I walked in your honor today 110 stories, this was my first 9/11 tribute climb!! I was very honored to commemorate your service and memory! I rung the bell and called out your name and company! I remember every thing about 2/93 and 9/11. I’m 50yr old EMT and I’m proud to have you on my shoulder, RIP my brother!!!!

    – Tonya J Pettibon
  4. I graduated from Brooklyn Tech High School the same year that Lawrence did, 1974. I don’t believe I knew Lawrence – there were well over 1000 of us in that grade, from all over the City, so we didn’t always get to know lots of our fellow classmates. But we walked the same floors, sat in the same classrooms, had the same teachers, and ate in the same lunchroom. I just learned today that Lawrence was a NYC firefighter, a 1974 BTHS graduate, and a casualty of the 9/11 at the WTC. I am so saddened by this news, and I send to you, wherever you are, my sincere thanks for the work you did as a firefighter in service to your community.

    Dave Van Manen
  5. I found your name a few years ago as I was visiting a traveling 9/11 memorial, and realized that we must share a relative somewhere. This Sunday, I am running Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon in honor of you and all fire fighters in particular, and all first responders in general, who have given their lives in the line of duty. Thank you!

    – David Veling
  6. 2018, I choose your name. Today I walked in your honor at the Cahokia mounds, Collinsville IL. I walked up 110 stories as a tribute for your sacrifice. What you did was nothing short of incredible. I hope to one day have as much courage and bravery as you did walking into to the unknow. May you never be forgotten.

    – Sandy
  7. This was my first year doing the memorial climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI. I was honored to climb those steps in remembrance of you and the other 342 firefighters lost on 9/11.

    – Traci Boudreau Conn
  8. Today I climbed 110 floors in memory of Lawrence during the San Diego. Memorial Stair Climb. He will Never be Forgotten!

    – Ted Carlson
  9. I was honored to climb 110 floors today in your honor in the McAllen Stair Climb. Every time I felt it was overwhelming, I saw your badge around my neck and kept going. I Thank you for your courage and bravery. May you never be forgotten . Thank you for your selfless act of heroism . . RIP – Mary G.
    McAllen, Tx . Sept.8,2019

    – Mary Garcia
  10. On Saturday September 7th, 2019… I participated in the 9/11 Fallen Hero Tribute 10K in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lawrence G. Veling was one of the Fallen Hero’s I got to run for. What a humbling experience. I am honored that I had the chance to do this for him.

    – Angie Mago
  11. Larry was a wonderful person and everyone who knew him loved him. A great friend to The Gerittsen Beach Community and a wonderful Little League coach! My son’s were both coached by him. I will never forget this man! Always had a kind word and a laugh! May he rest in peace, with all the fallen on that horrific day.

    – Bauerlein Catherine G*
  12. Rode in 343 ride today in Wilmington N.C. Red knights.Motorcycle Club.With chapter 6.Recieved dog tag with Lawrence’s name on it in his honor and to all the other 342 firefighters lost that day.R.I.P. Bro.I’m a chapter 21 charter member outta Sherrills Ford N.C.Also am a 16 year volunteer fire fighter.Diane could you contact me by email please.Your husband reminds me of myself.Believe the dog tag I pick out of the name was fate.

    – Wayne Hedrick
  13. 110 flights were climbed in your honor Sept 7th, 2019 at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI, the bell was rung for Engine 235 and your brothers. What a true honor wearing your badge. Thank you for your service Lawrence, we will always remember you!

    – Nikki Jablonsky
  14. Years ago, I did a stair Climb to raise money in memory of Firefighter Velling. I have a picture and think of him frequently. I want you to know I still pray and think of this great man, his family, and FDNY.

    – Capt. Dan Collins
  15. Today is 09/11 and today I ran a race at Bail and Trail for my cross country team and on are bibs we all had a name of someone’s life that was taken due to 09/11 and I got Lawrence Veling and today I ran for him with no fear just like he had no fear for going into the building to save people.

    – Alyssa
  16. On this 20th anniversary I carried your name. I am honored to have walked the 110 flights in remembrance of your sacrifice. We will not forget.

    9/11/2021 Richmond, VA

    – Libbie Reeves
  17. I climbed in honor of Engine 235 FF Lawrence G Veling 9/11/2021 in Greenville, SC.

    – Jamie Harkins
  18. I was humbled to climb for you, Lawrence G. Veling, over the weekend (on 9/11/21) in Scottsdale, AZ. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and overall being an amazing human. Never forget.

    – Sarah Curtis
  19. Hi! Today (September 10, 2022) I joined a memorial stair climb in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was an honor to represent Lawrence for my first time at this event! I was reading about him and he sounds like he was a great person! I am glad that I got to walk the 110 stories for him.

    – Denise Zant
  20. I climbed the Memorial stair climb today in Naples, FL for Lawrence.
    It was my honor..
    Rang the bell in your name..
    Eileen Craft

    – Eileen Craft
  21. Our paths crossed by chance, 22 years later.
    29 Oct. 2022: My life dream came true – I’m in New York! ..October 29, I was standing at the 9/11 memorial and I saw a white rose with name Lawrance G. Veling. I took a picture of the rose, I wrote “Happy Birthday Lawrence” and I posted it on my Instagram story. Now, 3 months later, 1:27AM, I’m just looking at that photo and decided to find your face.. and here I am, on this page. U look like brave firefighter. So, Happy Birthday again, Lawrance. We never forgot..

    – Tereza Konečná
  22. When I visisted the 9/11 memorial for the first time I discovered your name on a bronze parapet surrounding the infinity pool, I felt deeply touched especially because I have the same surname. I am wondering if you belong to our family line, two brothers who emigrated in mid 19 hundred from Prussia to Pennsylvania and Kentucky and helped to build this country. They were engaged and did service, like you did for us. Thanks for your service and RIP!

    – Gisela Veling-Warnke
  23. I am 14 years old.And I climbed 110 floors with you at Truist park. I can’t express how happy I am to have the chance to do something bigger then my self.May we never forget the sacrifice you and many others made.May you rest in peace.

    – Eason Harwell