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Age: 49
Year of Death: 2013

Lonnie L. Nutt

Lonnie Lee Nutt, 49 years old, was born in Oklahoma on February 29, 1964. He left his wife, Rosa; his daughter, Cassandra; his parents, Charlotte and Ron Nutt; and his sister, Lori.

Lonnie graduated from Edmond Memorial High School. After that, he studied at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Lonnie had his own plumbing business. In 1989, he joined the Air Force. He worked on the rescue vehicle as a firefighter in Florida until 1992.

He joined the Marietta Fire Department on May 16, 1994, and served with the department for almost 20 years. He worked his way up through the ranks and most recently served as a firefighter/engineer. He worked in the department’s investigation team. He had a desire to do inspections and investigations.

Lonnie enjoyed his job. He was aware of its importance. He loved the job so much that he rode in an ambulance on his days off. Lonnie was very good with people and very invested in Marietta. His comrades described him as a man who loved to help, who welcomed everyone with a strong handshake and a big smile, and who was known for his love and devotion to his wife, Rosa, who made him happier than he had ever been before. It was a good relationship. Lonnie spoke often of Rosa on his job and was proud to bring her to the station to meet his new crew.

Lonnie counted on his other family and the brotherhood of his fire department. With devotion and hard work, he would risk his life to keep the community safe. He was very proud of his career.

Lonnie had a winning personality. He hated losing. His passion was motorcross. Lonnie had many plans. One of his big dreams was to buy an RV and travel the U.S.A. when he retired.

On March 7, 2013, Lonnie was assisting the ambulance paramedics with a stretcher when he suddenly collapsed. Despite his coworkers’ attempts to revive him with CPR and ALS for almost one hour, he died while being transported to the hospital.

The Marietta Fire Department was established in 1854, and this was the department’s first line-of-duty death experience.

Lonnie will always be missed and loved. He will be in our hearts forever.

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  1. Lonnie Lee Nutt was born February 29, 1964 to Ronnie and Charlotte Nutt in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was a big brother to his sister, Lori Nutt, who he always delighted in teasing. He grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma and graduated from Edmond Memorial High School where he participated in varsity football. He loved motocross racing and WWE wrestling and always enjoyed practicing the moves on his friends. He worked for many years with his father in the family plumbing business and attended plumber apprenticeship training before setting out for his own adventure.

    Lonnie joined the Air Force with the desire to become a pilot, but his first assignment placed him into the firefighting service and he never looked back. He was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida where he served as an aircraft and structural firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Lonnie’s fire service expertise earned him a trip to Spain as a participant in a firefighting competition. He was honorably discharged from the Air Force in November 1992 with the rank of Technical Sergeant.

    After a stint at the Albany Fire Department in Georgia, Lonnie began his career with the City of Marietta Fire Department in May of 1994. He served Marietta as a Fire Fighter/EMT, Inspector, Arson Investigator, and Firefighter Engineer. Lonnie’s extensive fire service training included Hazardous Materials Technician, Swift-Water Rescue Technician, and Fire Officer 1, along with completing the International Association of Fire Chief’s Company Officer Leadership Symposium. In June of 2012, Lonnie received a Lifesaver Award for helping to revive an 11 year old female near drowning victim.

    As a firefighter, Lonnie was as humble as they come. Those who knew him said he never missed an opportunity to help someone and he never expected anything in return. He was always ready to work, no questions asked. If Lonnie saw something he didn’t like, he always looked to find a better way. Lonnie’s desire for improvement and accomplishment, along with his sense of challenge, made him a pleasure on the fire crew. Firefighting was an absolute passion for him.

    His commitment was just as strong at home where he was known for his love and devotion to his wife, Rosa, and daughter, Cassandra Thompson. Lonnie and Rosa married in August 2012. Lonnie never stopped talking about Rosa around the station. He was especially fond of her cooking. When it was meal time at the station, Lonnie would sit with the crew, but always ate Rosa’s cooking with no exceptions.

    Firefighter Lonnie Nutt departed this life living and serving. As his Fire Chief stated, “If you never got to meet Lonnie, you missed one of the pleasures in life. Because Lonnie was a firefighter’s firefighter.”

    – Lori Nutt
  2. R.I.P Daddy i love and miss you so much. not a day goes by i dont think about you or tear up as soon as i do think of you. I wish we had more time together, and that you could of met my babies 🙁 i know you have gone on to the next place i will see you there someday ?

    – Cassandra