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Roll of Honor

Age: 31
Year of Death: 2001

Mark P. Whitford

Firefighter Mark P. Whitford was a man who found his perfect dream. At age 31 he had a wonderful family‚ his wife Rene_ and his twin sons Matthew and Timothy. Nothing made him happier then spending time with his family.

Mark had just moved his family from Staten Island to Salisbury Mills‚ New York a year before his death. While growing up in Staten Island‚ Mark found he had incredible talent in the sport of wrestling. He accomplished a wrestling career that included a PSAL championship for Totenville High School and he qualified for the NCAA Championships while competing for Seton Hall University. Just this past May the National Wrestling Hall of Fame honored Mark by awarding him the Medal of Courage‚ along with Chief Raymond Downey and Jeremy Glick.

Mark also took great pride in the role of Captain in the United States Army Reserves. Mark was extremely patriotic and was happy to serve his country. He was well respected by all the men and women under his command.

In his free time‚ Mark loved to go hiking and climbing at Bear Mountain in New York. He also loved to scuba dive and was at home in the outdoors. He was a rugged man who always loved a challenge. That is why being a firefighter came so natural to him.

In 1998‚ Mark graduated from the fire academy and was assigned to Engine Company 23 in Manhattan. He also spent some time working in Ladder 147 in Brooklyn and Engine 152 in Staten Island. On the eve of September 11th he found out that he would soon be called to join the elite Rescue 5.

Around the firehouse Mark was known for his great cooking and Cajun popcorn. He loved playing jokes on everyone and could always be counted on to make his friends laugh. He took great pride in his job: one of the proudest moments was when he helped deliver a baby girl whose mother couldn’t make it to the hospital.

Mark was a giant of a man in stature and an equal in compassion and a love for life. At age 31 he fully understood and appreciated each precious moment he spent with family and friends. In his own words‚ Time does not matter. It is what we do during that time which does.

– Renee Whitford

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  1. Thank you for saving the people and our family that were in those towers. Thank you for your service.

    – Jacob Shia
  2. It was my honor to represent you in San Diego on the 9th during the Memorial Stair Climb….the badge given to me to carry will stay hung on my mirror in my room as a daily reminder of just how great this country really is….thank you for being you….

    – TONI
  3. Mark, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. I cherish the days we had at Seton Hall and it was a privledge knowing you. Your selfless service to all of us will not be forgotten.

    – Scott Gray
  4. Climbing to honor Mark and the other 342 fallen heroes today at Lambeau Field. We will never forget.

    – Brian O'Shaughnessy
  5. It was an honor to be able to do the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Lambeau in honor of Mark P. Whitford. His and the heroic actions of all of the men and women that lost their lives that day will never be forgotten. We will take it from here.

    – Josh Hocking
  6. It was an extreme honor to carry your name and ring the bell for you at the stair climb at Lambeau Field, Mark P. Whitford. What an amazing story of accomplishments. A soul taken way too early. Thankyou for your service and all you’ve done. RIP Mark, we’ll take it from here.

    – Trent Nihles
  7. It was my honor to take you with me in the Troy Freedom Memorial Climb. I talked to you like you where right beside me and prayed for your family and friends. Thank you for your sacrifice! You didnt have to run into that tower yet you chose to any way! Thank you!!!

    – Heather Wolford
  8. RIP Capt Whitford. Thanks for the friendship back in the day.

    – Fred
  9. Mark I did not know you and have read many accomplishments of yours and have the opportunity to honor you in The NYC Firefighter Stair Climb as well as all the others who have perished from 9/11 God Bless your family, friends and fire sisters and brothers Since that day

    – Debbie Rieger
  10. I was visiting the September 11th memorial last year and took a picture of the names with the fountain in the background. As I looked at the picture, Mark’s was at the top and I got the feeling that I needed to know who he was. This was the first page I clicked on. What I read made me feel better about what happened that day. I know that sounds strange but how else could people make it through the worst possible situations without hero’s like Mark. “Any mans death diminishes me, because I am invoked in mankind”

    – Mike Cushman
  11. Twice now I have drawn your name at the 7th annual Lambeau field memorial stair climb. Its proof that “WE WILL NOT FORGET”, Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice.

    – Mike Hoeft
  12. I am so happy to have been a part of the design and construction team for the Memorial to Mark P. Whitford in Lewes, De. I did not know him, but am proud to honor him and the others like him that made the ultimate sacrifice for safety and lives of others. Mark was a true hero and I am honored and humbled to have been a part of this project.

    – Justin Lennon
  13. Mark our fellow Seton Hall Pirate and wrestling teammate will always be a hero to us. I am honored to have known him and had the chance to train by his side. He was our protector on and off the mat.

    – Neal Picillo
  14. Met you once. I was a new smoke eater from Wisconsin. I know you are watching over us all.

    – Mark Rommelfaenger
  15. I was a friend of Mark, during junior HS and high school. I remember riding a crazy dirt bike at his house, and also playing amongst all the cool stuff in his backyard. He was a good kid, that apparently became a great man. I lost touch with Mark after I moved from SI at 15, however I have always been grateful to have called mark my friend. I did not know of his sacrifice until 9/11/2020.

    – Steve Weibel
  16. On that infamous day all those years ago I was standing outside a shop window shocked at the sight of what was happening on that fateful morning, I genuinely thought it was the end of the world.

    I didn’t know Mark until months later finding out that someone with the same name as me was connected to this awful tragedy even though I had seen it so many times on the news reruns and the newspapers (one of which I still have to this day) many wonderful people fell that day. We will always remember!

    Shortly after 9/11 I became a christian giving my life to Jesus Christ.

    God bless the family of Mark Whitford and all those who gallantry served one way or another the city of New York and the world.
    God bless.

    – marc whitford
  17. I went to the Southern California Railway Museum today in Perris, CA to visit the 9/11 NEVER FORGET mobile exhibit, and on the way out HONORING USA HEROES were there and I was staring at all the pictures, and my friend was speaking to the man, all the sudden your picture caught my eye. That’s how I got here, I wanted to know more about you. Thank you for your service.

    – Sandy Lathrop
  18. It was an honor to serve with you at Ft. Wadsworth, CPT Whitford.

    – Rosie
  19. It was my honor to climb for you today in New Hampshire. We shared your story today with our boys and we will always remember!

    – Patrick Meagher
  20. It was an honor to represent you at the 2021 Memorial Stair Climb in Bristol, Tennessee today. Your dedication and sacrifice will always be remembered.

    – Susan Rogers
  21. Today September 10,2022 I got the Honor to wear your badge for the Grand Rapids Michigan 9/11 stair climb. We are a lot alike I was in the Army for 8 years, I like to laugh, and we both share a commitment to serving our community. It was my pleasure and honor to wear your badge. Your memory will continue on as I wear your badge on my Paramedic jacket. I thank you for your sacrifice, I also have your family in my thoughts!

    – Jennifer Johnson
  22. It was an honor to represent you as I did the memorial climb at Lambeau field this year. Your spirit was with me helping me climb for you. The selflessness you showed for others was extraordinary. We will not forget you.

    – Tina Zarecki
  23. God bless you Mark and my heart goes out you to Rene.
    Thank you for all that you did, laying down your life for us all.

    – Marc Quintin Whitford
  24. Climbing in Red Rocks, Colorado, today (9/11/2023) in honor of you, Mr. Whitford. Thank you for your sacrifice. You and yours are remembered every day ~ not just today.

    – Natasha Fleming
  25. Mark- Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for them. Brother you are an example for all us firemen. I’m climbing 110 floors in full gear on air in the first stair climb at Autzen stadium Eugene, OR on 9/11/23. I have your badge attached to the front of my gear. It is an honor. I hope I can make you proud. We will never forget!

    – Todd
  26. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for them. Your an example
    To all firemen of what it means to serve. I’m wearing your badge and climbing 9/11/23 at Autzen stadium
    In Eugene, Oregon. We will never forget! Rest easy brother, we will take it from here.

    – Todd Rufener
  27. I worked with Mark at a bank around 1994 before he became a firefighter. There was a group of us that would go out together after work and even visit each others homes/apartments. It was a great time and Mark was an awesome guy to hang out with. He was always talking about how he really wanted to be a firefighter. Even back then he was a popcorn fiend. He ruined one of my pots and made a smoky mess of things trying to make popcorn in my apartment one night. It was hysterical and that pot was black until I threw it out when I got married in 2000. We stayed friends after that and he even helped me move out to Long Island where he met my parents. I visited him on Staten Island once and he showed me the places he’d roam when he was a kid. We lost touch later but I’ll always remember what a great, fun loving and giving person he is. Mark is one of those people that you say you’d like to see again someday and it is heartbreaking when you find out that it won’t happen. Today I am reminded to make that call. Don’t wait. RIP Firefighter Whitford.

    – Andrew Casciano
  28. Mark was a great teammate and workout partner during the one season I wrestled at Seton Hall. God Speed to his family.

    – James Dill