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Roll of Honor

Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Martin E. McWilliams

Engine 22/Ladder 13

Martin Edward McWilliams never wanted to be in the spotlight. He spent his life quietly doing for others‚ asking nothing in return. He was never one to anger and whenever called for advice or assistance‚ his response was always willing and helpful. He loved working with his hands and was always doing something‚ from working on a car to landscaping or renovating a house. No matter what the project‚ as a way to keep connected there was always a 2 to 5% not completed.

Martin’s relationship with his mother‚ Mary‚ brother‚ Joe and two sisters‚ Barbara and Lynn was one of love‚ respect and concern. He loved family gatherings‚ especially the annual family reunion with his aunts‚ uncles and many cousins. The unconditional love he had for his family carried over in his love for his daughter‚ Sara‚ born shortly before September 11‚ 2001.

Like his father before him‚ he enjoyed living and absorbed everything life had to offer. Martin was not afraid to try anything‚ including flying lessons and skydiving. Martin had a passion for golf and participated in the many charity outings with his friends in New York City Fire Department and his love of water skiing with his lifelong friends.

As an avid skier he couldn’t wait for the winter season to go skiing at his favorite place in Vermont. Martin enjoyed cooking and his Chicken Franchese’ was a family favorite. He had almost mastered making an apple pie‚ just like Mom.

Martin appreciated humor and when he tried to tell a joke‚ his blue eyes would sparkle and a male Mona Lisa smile would appear on his face because he knew he had messed up the punch line‚ but that wasn’t important‚ it was the company and the laughing that he enjoyed. He looked forward to going to work and formed close relationships with friends and co-workers in Engine 22/Ladder 13.

Martin‚ to know you was to love you and you are greatly missed.

Mary McWilliams

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  1. How can there not be any messages for the funniest guy I grew up with in Kings Park New York. amazing guy that more people should have known

    – Jim kelleher
  2. Friends John Kelleher plus Jim

    – Jim kelleher
  3. May you rest in peace Marty. From your classmate, KPHS Class of ’84.

    – Lorena (Sauer) Ledbetter
  4. Remembering Martin ( marty mouse) 15 Anniversary God bless you. MARTIN .

    Jim Kelleher
  5. I’m running the 9/11 Stair Climb at Red Rocks in Colorado in this 16th anniversary of 9/11. Each participant is given the badge of a fallen hero and I have the honor if running in remembrance if Marty McWilliams. I run in his honor, for his family and to complete his climb.

    – Julie
  6. Deepest sympathies to Marty’s family. His courage and sacrifice will always be remembered by his KPHS classmates.

    – Teresa (Comunale) Cinnamond KPHS '86
  7. Was honored to climb 110 floors to remember you and your fallen brothers at the 911 Denver Stair Climb! You are not forgotten!

    – Geoff Polidoro
  8. I’m doing a stair climb in Greenbay,WI today to remember all who has passed in the line of duty and will ring the bell and announce Martin McWilliams name in respect at 78th floor!

    – Nicole kerchefski
  9. Your call to duty maybe over but your mission will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace knowing that you did everything you could of that faithful day. Stairs were climbed in your honor on September 16th, 2017 in Green bay, WI. Gone but never forgotten!

    – William Kellar
  10. I walked for you during the Green Bay stair climb. I think you ever year on September 11. Thanks for your service.

    – Angela Sprangers
  11. I’m climbing 21 flights of stairs 5 times in honor of Martin E. McWilliams in Richmond, VA.

    – Ellie Hubbard
  12. I wore a badge with your name and picture on it for the Tunnel to Towers 5k in Buffalo, NY. I was proud to carry you with me for the race and having read about you will carry a small piece of you with me. Thank you for your service as a first responder and for your ultimate gift.

    – Peter
  13. Marty you are not forgotten.
    Remembering all the times you made me laugh.

    God Bless Old Friend…

    – Jack Santos
  14. I participated in a run for the the fallen this past Saturday. It’s an event to honor the firefighters, police and EMS who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. I wore Martins badge for the tie run. It was my honor to honor Martin.

    – Elizabeth Knetter
  15. Marty
    You will never be forgotten.
    One of our KP Class of 84 heroes!

    God Bless.

    – Rich Iannone
  16. I’m not sure why they called him Bull, but that was his firehouse nickname and how I always knew Marty. My father worked with him for many years and often described him as someone that you could always depend on. Bull was, by far, one of my favorite firemen at the firehouse. When I think of him, I think of a big kid getting down and dirty with us real kids during company picnics and holiday parties. He seemed like he actually enjoyed playing with us sometimes too (as long as we weren’t teasing him and calling him “Pretzel Boy” haha). He was always joking and laughing, but also seemed to be one of the first to help out with anything, including minor things like cleaning up after these sorts of events. I remember at one holiday party, the kids were playing on the trucks and someone must’ve hit the break or something. Nothing happened but the truck made a noise and of course, all of the firemen came running over to get the kids off of the trucks and triple check everything. Bull was the first person at the truck and opening the door to make sure the truck was completely off and all of the kids inside were okay. He was just a really awesome guy and it breaks my heart that he only got a small taste of fatherhood. I know he would have been such an amazing dad and I truly hope his daughter knows exactly how special he was. Because he was so special. So, so, so very special. Rest easy, Bull. Thank you for your sacrifice.. and some really great memories.

    – Nic
  17. Climbing the tower in memory of you in San Antonio. Never forgotten.

    – Meghan
  18. My Father Richard Lee McWilliams always told us if we come across a McWilliams we are related. Thank You so very much for all you did and God Bless your Family.

    – kristi MCWILLIAMS Myers
  19. For the 20 year Anniversary my son(14) was given Martin’s name for the Tall City Memorial Stair Climb here in Midland, Texas. What an honor it is to climb in his name. We are forever grateful for Martin and every single first responder that gave their life that day. May God bless your family.

    Never Forget.
    We climb because they climbed.
    God America.

    – Bryce Hayden
  20. I may not know you but Rest in Peace

    – Kylee Mcwilliams
  21. I wish I could have known Martin; he sounded like a really fun person. I have to settle for carrying his image up 110 flights of stairs 20 years after he lost his life. Perhaps only the good die young, but it is such a shame. It was an honor to carry you 100 % of the way today. I will NEVER FORGET your sacrifice.

    – shauna murray
  22. God bless

    – Jim
  23. Hi Martin McWilliams it’s your nephew william. Words can’t even Express how sad I am that your not hear today. I am extremely proud to be related to you. I never had the chance to get to know you at all, because I was born in 1998. life is a special thing and with out a sign you were taken from us. With out you it doesn’t feel special at all. I love Sarah so much if you were here today you wouldn’t believe how awesome and unique she has become over the years, but ofcourse you already know because she is your daughter. You knew that from the beginning. I wish we all lived in a world where nothing bad ever happens, but a world like that doesn’t exist. I want you to know that no matter what ill always be there for Sarah and your wife my aunt Lesa McWilliams. Through thick and thin comes death and prayers. Prayers for the fallen, prayers for the familys of those grate people that also were taken from us. Hard times rest upon our shoulders let us become angels and raise to the heavens, to see you again amen love you always your family your friend and nephew William Morris Goldberg

    – William morris matranga
  24. Today I did the 9/11 stair climb for you and other firemen and first responders who lost their lives trying to save other people who were still stuck in the towers. And I went back to find your card so I could take a picture of it so I could share your name so others would remember your name like how I did.

    – Sarah Brooks
  25. Today I climbed at Lambeau Field, Green Bay for Martin E. McWilliams. I’m so honored to wear his name today.

    – Elsa Stanton
  26. We love you and miss you

    – Lisa & Sara McWilliams
  27. Today we climbed 110 stories in remembrance of our many fallen brothers and sisters. I had the honor of walking those steps with your Badge.

    – Daniel Redko
  28. My son climbed the amount of stairs as were in the World Trade Center yesterday. He did it in honor of this brave man. My son Seth Holland is with Huntsville Fire & Rescue Huntsville, Alabama. We will never forget the bravery and courage of all those who perished trying to save complete strangers. So today on 9/11/2023 I want to say we are still keeping the memories alive. We are honoring our hero’s and also love and hugs to the family of this great man! We will never forget…..❤️🚒❤️

    – Sarah Holland
  29. Our Burn Boot Camp gym (High Point, NC) today had a moment of silence for all the victims of 9/11. Each member was given a name to work out to today 22 years later. I had the honor of working today for Marty McWilliams. I didn’t know who he was. I am honored to dedicate my time to honor his sacrifice. Thank you Marty!

    – Joe Mussallem
  30. Hey darlin, yes your words – as our little lady is approaching mommy hood with your name sake – I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. It doesn’t extinguish the pain of you not being physically here or stop the tears from flowing every so often til this day but i’ve got to tell you what an amazing selfless human being and dad you were and how honored we were to have had you in our lives. Unique, I think that would be the word. I wish you were here. I love you and miss you –

    – Lisa