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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2005

Michael A. ‘Mikey’ Hart

Submitted by his wife

Michael A. ‘Mikey’ Hart‚ 33 years of age‚ was a loving husband to Judith A. Hart‚ a loving father to Kelsey and Zachery Hart‚ and a cherished son to Michael L. Hart and Louise Hart. Mikey was not only devoted to his family but also to his life long passion for the fire service‚ to help the people of his community and state. Mikey gave countless hours as a third generation fire fighter‚ and as a paramedic‚ volunteering at the Belington Fire Department for over fifteen years and at the Belington Emergency Squad. Mikey was proud that he and his family‚ including his grandfather‚ Bob Hart‚ his father Michael L. Hart‚ and uncles James ‘Bo’ Hart‚ Phil Hart‚ and Larry Hart‚ thus far had given over a combined 180 years to the fire service. Mikey was also an asset to the professional fire departments of Clarksburg‚ Bridgeport‚ and most recently‚ Elkins‚ in which he worked for over eight years. He was a member and President of I.A.F.F. Local 2652 at the Elkins Fire Department‚ and he took great pride in being reinstated.

Mikey held many certifications some of which included Certified Level III Fire Fighter‚ Certified Driver/Pumper/Operator‚ Certified Fire Service Instructor‚ Certified Rescue Scuba Diver‚ National Registry Paramedic‚ and a Haz Mat Tech where he was a member of the WV Regional Response Team. He developed the current Truck Company Class that is presently being taught through the West Virginia University Fire Service Extension. He sold fire equipment for Mason Dixon Fire Equipment Company out of Maryland. Mikey participated in the making of the movie ‘Ladder 49’ and was excited to tell‚ and show‚ everyone that he‚ his Uncle Phil‚ and members of the Belington VFD were in the last funeral scene. Mikey also gave countless hours towards fire safety education‚ to adults and children of his community. He had many commendations as a fire fighter and a paramedic.

Mikey had such a passion for the fire service. He loved to learn and take classes as much as he enjoyed teaching them. He loved to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to keep up with the latest training. He encouraged all of his brother fire fighters to do so also‚ so that they could better serve their communities. Mikey strived‚ himself‚ to be one of the best of the best in the fire service‚ and to ask anyone that knew him‚ he was. It has been said that Mikey was possibly the most qualified fire fighter in the state of West Virginia. He was a legend in his time‚ not a self proclaimed hero‚ just a man who loved to fight fire and help people‚ as the majority of fire fighters are. One can only imagine what he may have been in another thirty years and what accomplishments he would have made. Indeed‚ he left behind quite a legacy‚ one that we all hope that his son Zac will someday follow.

The one thing about Mikey was‚ although he lived and breathed fire service‚ his family always came first. Mikey loved his wife‚ the kids‚ and all of his close knit family with all of his heart. There will never be any doubt about how much he loved us all. Mikey was the greatest husband‚ father‚ son‚ nephew‚ cousin and friend that one could ever hope to have the pleasure of knowing. He was so proud of his kids. He loved to play with them‚ chase them‚ wrestle with them and even just watch them fall asleep. He was always really good about helping his wife around the house with cooking‚ cleaning‚ laundry and sharing the responsibilities of raising the kids. He proclaimed to himself that he was ‘Mechanic’‚ ‘Plumber’‚ ‘Electrician’‚ ‘Handyman’‚ etc. anytime he fixed something he would laugh and hold his arms up in the air like he’d won something while saying it was fixed!

Mikey enjoyed getting together with his friends and family. He had a zest for life and was well known for his sense of humor. You knew when you were anywhere with him that you’d have a good time as well as a good laugh‚ as he thrived on playing practical jokes on the guys at the fire station.

Mikey took great pleasure in the sports of hunting and fishing‚ and he collected numerous fire trucks and fire novelties. He was a big fan of the series ‘Emergency’ as a little boy and as a young man.

Mikey touched many lives throughout our community and the entire state of WV and surrounding states as well. Whether it was by helping to put out a fire‚ saving a life‚ teaching a class to anyone eager to learn as much as he was‚ or just by his wonderful sense of humor‚ Mikey left a lasting impression. I’m very proud of the man that he was‚ we all are.

Mikey was tragically taken from us on December 20‚ 2005 in a vehicle accident when a tractor trailer struck his vehicle‚ while he was returning from helping his Dad teach a fire fighter 1 class. Gone but not forgotten‚ we’ll remember Mikey every time we see those flashing lights or hear a siren wail. Sadly missed by all‚ he will live in our hearts forever.

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  1. As I sit at this computer, it still seems unreal that Mikey is gone. No words could begin to completely display his influence on his brothers. Even today, I see and do things that he would approve of, support, and probably do himself.

    – Hymie
  2. Mikey was a great 18 y/o kid when he lived at Station 31 with the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department. He is fondly remembered by all of the members and is memorialized in the RVFD “On the Line” video. I have his memorial sticker on my chiefs buggy. Never forgotten!

    – D/C Lenny Chornock
  3. My sister and I grew up just up the street from Mikey and the rest of the Hart family. You couldn’t ask for better people! This article brought tears to my eyes and hope it helps many realize how great they can become with dedication and hard work. Thank you for this wonderful article! R.I.P. Mikey.

    – Debbie Holley
  4. You have been gone not so long but it seems like forever. I think of you alot my friend. You are definitely missed.

    – Brenda Vannoy
  5. Mikey, served as an ER tech at DMH, back in the day. Excellent worker, cheerful, how sad that such a good man was taken so soon. Still miss his smile.

    – Faith Moore