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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 31
Year of Death: 2001

Michael Edward Roberts

Engine 214
7/15/70 – 9/11/01

Firefighter Michael Edward Roberts from Engine 214 in Brooklyn‚ New York‚ wanted to become a firefighter since he was a young boy. He practically grew up in a firehouse in Brooklyn!

He was driven to follow in his father’s footsteps. Michael’s dad‚ John‚ and his uncle‚ Bob‚ were both firefighters before him. Michael was honored to receive the badge that they passed on to him- # 6611. He was energetic‚ inquisitive and determined to learn as much as he could about firefighting. He often said to his mother with a huge smile on his face‚ ‘Ma‚ don’t worry. I’m going to be a hero and I’m not going to die.’ To his father he said‚ ‘Dad‚ if I have to die‚ I want to go in The Big One.’

And he did‚ at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11‚ 2001.

Michael was a happy‚ athletic‚ social and caring young man He was an altruistic human being. This man was the pivotal person in our family‚ community‚ social circles‚ work sites‚ etc. He was responsible and respectful and he always had a smile on his face. Joy has left our lives.

We love you Michael‚
Mom‚ Dad and Karen

‘Twas Heaven Here With You!

Respectfully submitted by Veronica Roberts‚ Michael’s Mom

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I was on another tribute site and was drawn in by your son’s kind face. I just wanted you to know he hasn’t been forgotten…

    – Sandra Morris
  2. It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since that dreadful day when you and so many others perished. I will always remember you as young boy, a dear friend’s son, who later grew into a deeply caring man. You have inspired many and we will remember you always, Michael.

    – Cecelia Ceretti
  3. I was given your son’s name to carry in a 9/11 Memorial stair climb in Greensboro NC. It’s a great honor to carry the name of a hero.

    – Ken
  4. I will be climbing in honor of Michael for a memorial stair climb. I am honored to be doing it in his name

    – Tom H
  5. As mom I do not know how you or your family has coped with a loss like this. I remember this fateful day and how it affected my young son to the point that he was afraid to go outside to play during recess because there might be a plane in the sky. I did not know how such a horrible act could cause such fear in my son when we lived in Wisconsin at the time. Today, I am honored to say that he is now a strong and brave young man, very much like your own son, that decided to become a hero because of the actions of men and women such as your son. My son, Sean K. Decker, will be honoring your son during a Silent Memorial walk carrying Michael’s photo with him as he walks the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in Charleston, SC, this coming Sunday. Your name and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Angela Decker
  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. I walk today in memory for your son, father, uncle in A 5K patriotic walk. Your son did not die in vain and he is my hero. God bless him for paying the ultimate price.

    – Cynthia Guerrero
  7. Just ran a 5K in honor of this HERO, Michael Edward Roberts! Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice!

    – Armando Valdez
  8. I climbed in honor of Michael today, at the Red Rocks 911 memorial stair climb. The day was so beautiful in the mountains of Colorado. There were over 2,500 people climbing with hundreds of firefighters. I carried Michael’s photo, he is not forgotten, he is a true hero!

    – Adrien
  9. I carried Michael in a 9/11 memorial walk today in belton, south Carolina.. It was an honor. Your son and his sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    – colie ellison
  10. Today in Atlanta, GA I humbly climbed in honor of Michael. I wore his picture; read his story. No simple words can express my gratitude for his sacrifice. I pray his family feels his legacy living on.

    – Alecia
  11. I was honored to wear your picture and walk in your honor 9/11/2016 in the memorial stair climb in Missouri. Thankful for your life and service. Praying peace, comfort and strength for your family.

    – Bronwyn Dowler
  12. Dear John, Veronica, Karen; this year, as I’ve done for the past 6 years, I took part in the Colorado stair climb on 9/11 in remembrance for your son. John, you know my father Angelo from Brooklyn. Every year, I wear the Nut House remembrance shirt and tell others of Michael’s heroics. While I didn’t know Michael, it’s an honor and a privilege to carry him. We will never forget his sacrifice, nor the other brave souls lost that day. May they all rest in peace.

    – Lauren La Bella
  13. Running in memory of your son, Michael, and the 342 others tomorrow morning. I’m Danny Horan’s sister-in-law. 15 years later, we’ll never, ever forget. God bless.

    – Kris Kostialik
  14. I am a fire rescue explorer who participates with my local fire department. I saw your sons name on the 9/11 memorial in our station and I was intrigued to learn of his endeavor and to remember his name as a firefighter who came before me. Your son was a hero. God bless him. I will never forget his name.

    – Anders Olson
  15. Hello. I was a high school friend of Michael’s at South Shore. I recently heard of Michael passing away on that day, and I remember him being this funny, energetic, full of life kid who always wanted to make his friends laugh. I was at the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania today and saw his name immortalized on the wall of all the people who perished that day. I am very sorry for your loss, and I am proud of Michael for being a hero.

    – Richard Perry
  16. I saw the tribute today to Michael at the 911 museum. I felt compelled to let you know that 16 years later he is not forgotten and never will be. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family.

    – Brad Porch
  17. Ive been attempting to contact Michaels Mom
    My friend has been collecting firehouse patches to be given in honor to his mom and family
    She is from the Berkshires in Massachusetts
    Hope we can get these patches to her
    Please feel free to email me…
    Were looking to send them but dont have an address
    Eileen H

    – Eileen
  18. Always Rest In Peace. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice which will never be forgotten.

    – Tom Redmond
  19. I had the honor of climbing in your son’s name at the 2017 New York memorial stair climb. Ever since, I have his picture hanging in my office. I think of him everyday, your family, and all of those so brave for their service and sacrifice. He will never be forgotten.

    – Carolyn Romano
  20. In Ireland and visited the field of 343 trees with firefighters names and was so moved by your son’s.
    Our prayers are with you and your family.

    (I have photos but don’t know how to attach to this note.)

    – Mike Potter
  21. Today I did the 9-11 stair climb in remberance of this man…. it was an honor.

    – Ty Williams
  22. I am honored to add my name to the list of these folks that walked in remembrance of Mr. Roberts. I did my first 5K on Saturday and wore a badge for him. I plan to save the badge to wear at next years walk as well as picking up another hero as well. A huge thanks to him for his service.

    Jerry Milburn
  23. I am so sorry for the loss of your son on that horrendous day back in 2001, 17 years ago today. I went to elementary school with Michael at P.S. 203 and we were in the same class for several years. It sounds like he grew up to be a wonderful man. He was a hero.

    – Shannon Searle
  24. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Michael Edward Roberts made the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of saving his fellow human beings. God bless you & thank you for sharing him with his country.

    We will never forget.

    – Jordan R
  25. Today at age 54 almost 55 years of age on September 30th I am a wife of a recently retired fire fighter from Appleton Wisconsin service of 29 years. Today with my children Aaron and Jessica an some friends we climbed the long climb of stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. I was honored to take those steps on behalf of Michael and reflected on his heroism. He is a true hero and I will Never forget! I pray for your comfort in fond memories. It’s a tough job being a mom and a parent of a fire fighter. God bless Michael you and his entire family! Our prayers are with you and your family for paying the ultimate price. Hugs from Oshkosh Wisconsin sincerely, Kathy Williams

    – Kathy
  26. Today I will climb in honor of your son. He is a true hero. His service is never forgotten.

    – Julie
  27. On Saturday September 7th, 2019… I participated in the 9/11 Fallen Hero Tribute 10K in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Michael E. Roberts was one of the Fallen Hero’s I got to run for. What a humbling experience. I am honored that I had the chance to do this for him.

    – Angie Mago
  28. 18 years Michael and we will never forget. My daughter is now a teacher in Brooklyn teaching about 9/11. She has carried on the tradition of your mother and me teaching young children. She asked for a picture of you to share with her class and revisited your story. She was only 4 when you were left this earth, but she went to your vigil and was the first one trying out exercise equipment installed in your name on Breezy, sometime near your first birthday in heaven. Our neighboring town of Marlton, NJ now has a WTC beam near their firehouse. There they held a beautiful rememberance service this morning. I wore a shirt today given to us by your parents years ago, carried your picture and told your story and what I know of your firehouse and all the brave souls lost that day along with you. The Ceretti family will never forget, nor will the small towns across America. We will remember & honor you & your fireman brothers for as long as we live. Danny wore your shirt in Europe this summer and many wanted to know your story. You are a man never to be forgotten or your selfless sacrifice on behalf of others. We will meet again someday. We will meet again…..

    – Cecelia Ceretti
  29. I participated in the inaugural Segra Stadium Memorial Stair Climb that took place this morning here in Fayetteville, NC. We were asked to walk with a name and picture, which were displayed on a fence, of the many fallen heroes from 9/11. My hero was Michael Edward Roberts. Thank you Michael, for your service and dedication on that day, and every day. Thank you to Michael’s family.
    We will never forget .

    – Mary Osinski
  30. We’ve been traveling in Ireland this past week and came across a 9/11 remembrance tribute. I was drawn to your Michaels photograph. What a handsome boy and I know he was the light of your lives. It was amazing to see all 343 trees planted to honor the firefighters lost.

    – Lynn McClary
  31. Merry Xmas in heaven & Ty for your service, your sister in blue ♥️

    – L Cintron
  32. Thinking of your family on the coming 20th anniversary of 9/11. I never forget your name. Rest in peace.

    – Feisel
  33. I was Michael’s dentist for many years and also treated his family.,It was an honor to know him and see him follow in his dad’s footsteps. At present I live in a community in Pearl River, N Y which dedicated its streets in honor of Michael Roberts, Robert Mcpadden, and Kevin Reilly . A true honor and a memorial to them Let their deaths not be in vein!

    – wolff richard
  34. I wanted to let you know your sons legacy lives on, & although 20 years have passed,I was honored to wear your sons picture & name in our local 1st annual 5K & hopefully for many more years to come, much love from Hugoton, KS

    – Jackie Betance
  35. I still miss you ♥️
    Thank you for being our hero and being our Angel up above✨

    – Jen Stabile
  36. I was given the Honor on 9/11/2021 to carry your son’s name and photo on a memorial climb here in Las Vegas, NV. Michael is a true HERO and will never be forgotten. God Bless your family.

    – Daniel Hawkins
  37. I read a story about the difficult decision you had to make of having a funeral for your son without his remains. After the wake Joe Fox received a call from ground zero that his remains were found. I hope that this gave you some peace that your son was found. Your son saved countless lives with his bravery and sacrifice. God bless his soul and god bless your family.

    – Ira Hoffman
  38. I am so blessed for having the privilege of honoring (Michael Edward Roberts) on April 29, 2022. The 343 fallen firefighters from 9/11 climbed 110 stories in the World Trade Center that day. There were 410 participants at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in Indianapolis, IN. The participants climbed 110 stories (2,200 steps) as well at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

    – Jocelyn
  39. I participated in my first stair climb in Baltimore today and walked in memory of Michael. Hard to believe it’s been 21 years. I’m sure for his family it seems like yesterday. It was truly an honor. Fly high

    – Terry Ann
  40. I walked the 110 floor Stair Climb in Kansas City today in honor of the 343 firefighters and Michael. I am not a firefighter but our building started this national event 12 years ago. I am proud and sad to write this note but glad his memory lives in so many places.

    – Jon Copaken
  41. 22 years since 9/11 and today I got the honor of walking 110 flights for Micheal Roberts in Morrison, Colorado. Never forget.

    – Sidnei
  42. I was given your son’s name to carry in a 9/11 Memorial stair climb in Green Bay, WI. It’s a great honor to carry the name of a hero. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice which will never be forgotten.

    – Carleen Harel
  43. I didn’t learn that we’re related until years after 911, since then my heart breaks for both Michael and his brother. At a family reunion in Michigan maybe 8-10 years later I learned of them. Saturday 7 October 2023 I get the opportunity to visit ground zero for the first time and pay my respects, much love to my distant cousins that paid the ultimate sacrifice to try and save others. RIP

    – Richard Shea Jr