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Roll of Honor

Age: 22
Year of Death: 2001

Michael F. Cammarata

On September 11‚ 2001‚ at 8:54 a.m. from the firehouse on East Second Street in Alphabet City‚ Ladder Company 11‚ a phone call was made to the Cammarata family from their youngest son Michael. He left a message on his father’s voice mail stating: ‘I am going to the World Trade Center. A plane just hit it. Just tell everyone I am all right.’ Those were the last words he said to his family.

Michael was born on Oct 7‚ 1978. He was only 22 years old on the date of the attack.

He was looking forward to graduating the fire academy and being permanently assigned to Ladder 11. Michael was given a gift to carry on–his uncle’s shield number of 33 years‚ No. 1138.

As Mike grew up‚ he was a phenomenal athlete‚ accomplishing many goals. Playing Little League Baseball as an all star‚ he competed in the Little League World Series‚ reaching second in the United States and third in the world.

While being a perfectionist at baseball‚ he was a star at hockey. At the age of six‚ Michael played ice hockey. He traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada. By age 11‚ Michael was playing junior varsity for Tottenville High School‚ while still a student at Intermediate School 7.

As he continued to travel the country and Canada playing hockey‚ he moved on to be a student at Tottenville High School‚ making the varsity team. As a sophomore‚ he won Sportsman of the Team. As a junior‚ he was assistant captain and won the Best Defenseman title for Tottenville hockey.

At the end of his junior season‚ as an all star for the New York Ice Hockey Association‚ he achieved the Most Valuable Player Award from his team. As a senior in high school‚ as captain‚ MVP a second time‚ he won the Best Defenseman and the scoring title for the first time in New York high school ice hockey history.

Michael was scouted by the Wagner College Hockey Club on Staten Island‚ soon to be named Rookie of the Year in 1996. In 1997‚ as a sophomore in college‚ he was the youngest to be named MVP in Wagner College history. In 1997‚ he led his team to the Metropolitan Collegiate Conference Championship title. In 1998‚ he led Wagner to another championship.

In 1999‚ Michael left college to work in the building industry with his father. During this time‚ he was anxiously awaiting a call to be accepted for a job as a fireman. This he had wanted since he was a little boy. Michael scored an impressive 105 perfect score on the New York Fireman’s Test‚ with a list number of 345. He was quickly called to duty and sworn in as a firefighter on May 3‚ 2001. He had a passion and love for the job. He was in his 14-week training program awaiting official graduation. Unfortunately‚ he was not given the opportunity to be part of his graduation. He had been confirmed missing since September 11‚ 2001–a day that will never be forgotten.

Michael had an extreme love and closeness for his family‚ friends and fellow firefighters. His personality made light of any dark situation. Some friends of Michael say he had the utmost class‚ with his brother saying‚ ‘you can never find a better best friend.’

He was determined and free-spirited. Michael was not a hero since September 11‚ 2001. He was born a hero.

Michael left a letter in his drawer‚ if anything should ever happen to him:

  1. Take care of Jenna (his girlfriend).
  2. Don’t mourn me this is the career I chose.
  3. Make my spirit live on.
  4. Remember I love you all and will be waiting for you upstairs.

SignedMichael Cammarata Shield #1138

Michael had many accomplishments and took on a lot of responsibility because he chose goals and put all of his effort into reaching them. Knowing Mike means being able to say that he went to the World Trade Center that day knowing he may not be coming home. But he did it to save countless lives. Some families may still have a child. Children may have a mother or a father‚ thanks to Mike and all the other FDNY‚ NYPD and EMS workers from September 11‚ 2001.

Michael truly is New York’s bravest.

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  1. I am walking in memory of Michael Cammarata during the 2014 9/11 memorial stair climb in Red Rocks Park west of Denver, CO. It is a humbling honor to learn a little about Michael’s life, his drive, and his dedication. I am inspired to examine my own actions and motivations, and to strive to be all that I can be in whatever time on earth I am given.
    Until we meet upstairs…

    – Terry
  2. I am participating in the 9/11 memorial GoRuck Challenge tonight in Washington, DC. For +12hrs. I will ruck my bag of bricks in memory of this incredible young man, who selflessly gave his life to save others. It will be my honor to share Michael’s story with fellow participants. We will never forget.

    – Amy
  3. Michael,
    I could not have been more honored to symbolically complete the 2016 9/11 Stair Climb in Green Bay, WI for you. Your dedication and passion kept me moving to the top. I asked for your drive to help me climb to the top, wearing fire-fighter gear in memory of you. I announced your name at the ring of the bell and kept pushing on for you. My prayers continue to go out to your family and friends and we will never forget.

    – Molly
  4. thank you for helping

    – liz
  5. To the friends and family of Michael Camarata. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for the tragic loss of your young hero. I did no know Michael at all. But, I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for his service.

    I know that yesterday was Michael’s birthday. I snapped a photo of his name near the south pond. I thought that you might like to see it.

    God bless you and Michael.

    Eric Hale

    Eric Hale
  6. I had the honor to run in the “Run for the Fallen” 10k 2017, Kronenwetter, WI, on behalf of Michael. Thank you for your bravery.

    – Deanna Murphy
  7. To the family of Michael Cammarata, I will have the honor of completing the 9/11 Stair Climb in Atlanta in honor of him and his bravery. God bless your family.

    – Tyler
  8. I have climbed for Michael the past two years (my first two years as a firefighter) here in Fort Worth, Texas. I chose him because like me he was a 22 year old rookie and his story has hit home for me. This year I can not climb for him due to a acl surgery I recently had. But I promise you I will still be there at the climb to remember him and the 342 others.

    – Nathan Gonzales
  9. I wrote under the name lapetina . But it’s me marchese. They will not take lapetina. Lorraine Marchese

    – Lorraine lapetina
  10. Today I climbed with Michael at the 2019 Red Rocks 9/11 Memorial stair climb. I felt proud to contribute to his wish #3 “Make my spirit live on.” God bless the ones you left behind and thank you for your bravery

    – Heather Willer
  11. Was watching U2’s halftime performance as the names of those we lost on 9/11 streamed behind them. For some reason I had the urge to just randomly stop the stream, take the first name I saw and learn about them.
    Michael’s name caught my eye, I Google searched and came upon this site. I dont know why his name, at this moment or was he exactly I was watching the video but I think it important to say that he is remembered.

    – Cardinal Ximinez
  12. Thank you for saving a bunch of lives. To me you are a true hero in every way possible and will always be remembered one.

    – Cole Vernaci
  13. I keep writing n pray u get my message that I send 2 u and your family, I pray for all of u every nite, I hope u read my text, your baby is a hero angel hugs ♡♡♡☆☆☆ lorraine p.s I dont use my email

    – Lorraine marchese lapetina
  14. I was signed up for the 2020 Denver 9/11 Memorial Climb but it was cancelled. My team and I are still going to climb in Pueblo. I climb for the honor of Michael. This brave young man gone too soon. Rest in Peace brother. Team SERTC will never forget.

    To Michael’s family and friends, please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. He was a brave young man and I’m honored to climb for him.

    – Nick McLaren
  15. Dear Michael, I still remember that day like it was yesterday. After the dust settled, I kept finding quarters and dimes everywhere downtown where I worked right near the twin towers. I was so close, I actually saw the people jumping out the window. At the time, thought it was debris. For many days all I could see from my window at work were those three pieces of metal and the smell of the 100-day burning fires. I think you were trying to tell me by the quarters and dimes that perhaps the angels took you home at 10:25. Nevertheless, you are so missed and think about you and that day and all the people that died needlessly. Unfortunately, I worked right there for many years so It was hard to forget. I will never forget. Think of you often. Michael, rest in paradise. Love, Each’s mom.

    – nina catania
  16. Wow, I’m really honored to be climbing the 9-11 Tower Challenge carrying Michael’s memory on the 20th year anniversary. It’s almost surreal because I am only 5 days older than he would be today. It’s hard to comprehend that another person as young as I was that day was so brave and paid the ultimate sacrifice. His memory will live on. Very, very sad day.

    – Tricia
  17. I ran a 3.43 mile 9/11 memorial run on 9.11.21 in Clayton, NC in Michael’s honor. His bravery and dedication to his job will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this time.

    – April
  18. Sleep in eternal peace Michael F. Cammarata ‍ it goes to show even if your young you can accomplish great things and be a hero never give up on your dreams remember to always pay it forward

    – Woodson
  19. I did the 9-11 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field on Saturday, Sept. 10 in honor of Michael. It was an honor to learn about his short life on this earth and will always remember him as a true hero.

    – Cari Lynn Honken
  20. Michael Cammarata I carry your memorial card in my fire helmet and you ride with me on every call when I’m shift. Thank you and everyone else for your selfless courage on 9/11

    – Devon Price
  21. I was honored to carry Michaels picture on 9/11/2022 at the Stair Climb in Flemington New Jersey. He was a true hero who gave all. Thank you Michael for your bravery. God bless his family.

    – Helga
  22. I was very impressed by his achievements and all he accomplished in his short life here on earth. Some do more in a lifetime and are not limited by their years. His letter to his family just shows what type of person he was and the passion he had for his job. May he rest in peace.

    – Thomas Sant