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Age: 27
Year of Death: 2001

Michael J. Elferis

Michael J. Elferis‚ 27‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 22. Before joining the FDNY‚ he was a New York City police officer. Elferis attended John Jay College. The three-year veteran of the FDNY was a sports enthusiast and Yankees fan.

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  1. Walking in Michael Elferis’s honor in McAllen Texas. McAllen Stair Climb.

    – Rolando Longoria II
  2. I just participated in the 911 climb in
    Charlotte NC. I was privileged to climb in remembrance of Michael. I wore a picture of him as I climbed 110 floors to honour all those who lost theirs lives
    Thank you Michael for your sacrifice.
    You will never be forgotten
    Stephanie Hucko

    – Stephanie Hucko
  3. Climbing 110 stories in honor of Michael J. Elfaris.
    *Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

    – Shanna Loomis
  4. I was honored to be climbing for Michael j Elferis at Indy fdic who paid the ultimate sacrifice to save lifes

    – Troy weberg
  5. It was an honor to carry your name 110 floors in Oklahoma City this morning.

    – Dalton Novotny
  6. Honoured to climb for Michael J. Elferis in the 2016 Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb. Your commitment and dedication is inspiring, Thanks!

    – Daniel Martin
  7. Today I had the opportunity to do a stair climb in honor of this hero. I carried a tag with me of him as I climbed the 110 stories. I’m a fire fighter in Dekalb County, Georgia.

    Memory Stair Climb 9/10/2016

    May God Bless the Heros

    – Kevin Fleming
  8. Today i was honored to climb 110 stories in remembrance of this brave man, we will never forget your bravery Michael.

    – Gisela Tamez
  9. This is the third, 9/11 stair climb that my son has participated in, with the Almaville volunteer fire department, in Tennessee. This is the third time he has climbed for Michael. He chooses him every time and we feel that Michael is now part of our family. Today was the 2016 stair climb. Always emotional.

    Kerri Todd
  10. Walked the Tunnel to Towers 5k and was honored to carry a photo of Michael J. Elferis. So thankful for his sacrifice.

    – Michaela Newman
  11. Climbed 110 stories today for Michael J Elferis in the New Orleans Memorial Stair Climb. Never Forget!

    – Byron Oncale
  12. I am honored to be climbing for Michael today in Green Bay, WI. You paid the ultimate sacrifice and are a true hero, we thank you every day.

    – Valerie
  13. On 9/16/17 I did the Memorial Stair Climb a Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI in honor of Michael J. Elferis. It was an honor to climb carrying your picture and name.

    You were 27 years old when you became a fallen hero, the same age as my son is right now.

    You will never be forgotten! I will always do this Memorial every year so we never forget.

    Thank you for your sacrifice.
    Holly J. Digman from Cuba City WI

    – Holly Digman
  14. Just climbed the memorial climb in Charlotte, NC. My first go at it, it was tough but no where near what you and so many others went thru on that fateful day. Never forgotten brother!

    – Bryan Harper
  15. He his my childhood friend and my hero for ever. Rip mikey

    – Philip Sacco
  16. I was so honored to climb 110 floors in Michael’s memory at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI on 9/22/18. My own father would have celebrated his golden birthday on August 27 in 1963 but was killed while serving in the Navy at the age of 26. I truly understand the feelings as a Gold Start child myself. You will never be forgotten!
    Thank you for your service!
    Viv Lindstrom from Glenwood City, WI.

    – Vivian Lindstrom
  17. On the 9/11 stair climb this year at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin I was proud to climb the 110 stories in this Honor i am happy that he did his very best to help his country.
    Isabelle Sonnen Cruz

    – Isabelle Cruz
  18. Once a year I punch in my Brothers name. It’s so nice soo many of you still remember him and all of the fallen on 9/11. All your kind words go so such a long way. Thank you the Elferis Family.

    – Rob Elferis
  19. I had the honor of the participating in the 9/11 stair climb today and wore Michael’s picture on my back. Thank you for your sacrifice on 9/11. Never forgotten!!

    – Maria Hernandez
  20. On Sunday 9-13-2020 I climbed Lancaster county Memorial Stair Climb in your memory

    – David Hartman
  21. On the 20th anniversary, I’m climbing a mountain in Fallbrook, CA, that is as tall as the towers, raising over $3,500 for Tunnel To Towers, in Mikey’s name.

    – Phil Derner
  22. I had the pleasure of knowing him as a firefighter but, he played in a hockey league for the Long Island City YMCA of QUEENS COUNTY NY. He is a Hero Indeed.

    – Michael Glus
  23. Today I Walk in Michael Elferi’s honor and bravery in South Hutchinson Kansas. SHFD 9/11 5K

    – Hayden McPhail
  24. I am honoring Michael today I did not know him personally but my mom and dad lived in New York City dad was born and raised in New York City George Rossi was good friends with his granddad Ernie for many years Ernie’s wife his grandmother used to call us every New Year’s Eve to Ohio

    – Neil Rossi
  25. Baltimore, MD – Climbed today in memory of Michael Elferis

    – Barbara Evans
  26. I just participated in a 2021 20 year Commemorative 5 K walk in SC today in remembrance of Michael J Elferis. It was such an honor.

    – Tina Cordell
  27. Honored to be walking in memory of Michael Elferis in San Angelo, TX!

    – Nick Bourdoumis
  28. This weekend my husband Chandler has the privilege to run in a 9/11 remembrance Army run where he will be able to honor Michael Elferis. My dad grew up neighbors and family friends. My father was able to provide great information as my husband is able to give a speech about Michael to honor him in more than just a name.
    Michael made the ultimate sacrifice and helped others. He will never be forgotten and his memory will live on.

    – Erynn Jones (McLoughlin)