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Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Michael L. Bocchino

Michael L. Bocchino‚ 45‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 48. His two decades of FDNY experience made him invaluable to the department. As a chief’s aide‚ Bocchino helped deploy units at a fire scene. He valued the fact that his job allowed him to assist others‚ and he kept a scrapbook that described the fires he fought and the people he helped rescue. Bocchino was devoted to his parents‚ with whom he lived‚ and to his work.

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  1. Hello,

    This morning in Green Bay, Wisconsin at Lambeau Field, I had the honor to participate in a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb and climb in honor of Michael. I was given a badge with Michael’s name and face and wore it with pride the entire climb. My fiancé, who is a volunteer firefighter, climbed the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs in his full gear (in the pouring rain) while I was beside him. We were very humbled during this experience and were thinking of the men on our badges the entire experience. I kept wondering who Michael was as a person and what kinds of things he liked to do. What his family was like. Sadly, I will never get the chance to meet Michael, but I was honored to climb for him. His badge now stands on my dresser, where it will serve me as a reminder of how grateful I am for my freedom because of heroes like him.

    You should be extremely proud of Michael. Thank you, Michael, for the ultimate sacrifice. I will continue to pray for your family.

    – Chelsea
  2. Hello, Today, I climbed the equivalent of 110 floors in honor of Michael. I didn’t know who he was before this climb but his name is with me forever now.

    My wife created a YouTube video of my journey yesterday. You are more than welcome to take a look.

    Thank you for everything you have done Michael. May you rest in peace always.

    Sam Lark

    – Sam Lark
  3. On March 19 2017, I had the privilege of climbing New 4 WTC in the NYC Memorial Stair Climb in honor of Michael L. Bocchino. F.F. Bocchino kept a scrapbook that chronicled all of his calls in his 22 years in service with the FDNY. His career began and ended in tragedy. During his first fire in June of 1980, two of his FDNY brothers gave their lives in service. In his final call on September 11th, he laid his life down in service with 342 of his brothers. I pledge to insure that Michael’s memory lives on and to honor this fallen hero. I have also dedicated my climb in the Calgary Firefighter Stair Climb Challenge in May 2017, to Michael Bocchino. “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” (Virgil) – John Warenycia, Captain GCFD

    – John Warenycia
  4. Today (Sept 9, 2017) I humbly participated in the the 911 Memorial Stair Climb in my town. I had Fireman Bocchino’s badge. I was so honored to climb in his memory- may we never forget his selfless sacrifice.

    – Jessica in NM
  5. My name is Maureen, I received Michael L. Bocchino picture today from Brockport, NY firefighter. I was honor to receive a badge with his picture on it. I will be wearing it all day and I will put him in my car so everyone will know how special he is and they can all say a prayer for him. God Bless everyon.

    Maureen in central NY

    – Maureen Rath
  6. Today 9-11-17
    I did a stair climb at Monks mounds heritage site. I was honored to carry Michael’s name. I am a member of a volunteer emergency management agency. I can only hope to honor his heroic memory

    – Ed Nance
  7. I have received a picture of Michael L. Bocchino. I am very honored an proud to be holding on to it. It will be hanging in my locker at work. I work in Appleton Wis. I build fire trucks for Pierce. God bless to your family and friends. Your life will live on.

    -Jim Schwiner

    – Jim Schwiner
  8. Patriots Day 2018. Today we’re remembering Michael & the many other heroic men & women that served with him. God bless you all.

    – Jenn Bocchino
  9. Today I climb in honor of Michael at Lambeau Field. Thank you Michael for all you have done. I will continue to pray for your family. Never forget.

    – Maria
  10. On April 12, 2019 I was able to participate in the fallen firefighters memorial stair climb at the 2019 FDIC International at Lucas Oil Stadium. I carried the tag with Michael’s name. We got it from here Brother.

    – Jason Giszewski
  11. Today, Saturday Sept 7th, my daughter Jozie Walked in the Tri-Cities Memorial Stair Climb here in Kingsport TN. She walked in the memory of Michael L Bocchino and all the other Fallen Heroes. My Husband, Jozie’s dad, is a Captain for the City of Kingsport Fire Dept for 31 years, her boyfriend is also a fireman and walked in the stair climb. We have many friends that are in the Fire Dept, EMS and Rescue Squad including Jozie. It made me proud to see my daughter and her friends participate in this Memorial Stair Climb. Michael and all the other fallen heroes and their families will always be in our prayers.

    – Carolyn Rutledge
  12. On September 8, 2019 I participated in the McAllen Texas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. It was an honor to climb and carry a badge with Michael’s name and picture. Michael is forever in my heart! Thank you Michael for answering God’s call to rescue people. Rest now my hero for you are truly home! To Michael’s family you are in my prayers! 343 NEVER FORGET
    Irma Solis in TX

  13. On 9-11-19 I participated in a 9/11 Memorial stair climb at the Florida State Fire College. I carried a picture of Michael Bocchino for the day. We got it from here Brother. RIP

    – Bill Banks
  14. On October 6th, 2019 I had the honor to participate in the Tunnel to Tower 5k run in Brockport, NY and represented Michael Bocchino. Bless all the heros that we lost on that tragic day and the families that were affected.

    – Rick Rizzo
  15. I grew up across the street from Ladder 39. As a kid once in a while i would go across the street and talk to Michael while he stood by Ladders door. The day the World Trade Center got hit I thought of him and wondered if he was there. Then one day they were showing the firefighters that lost their lives that day and as i think of Michael his picture popped up in the screen and all i could do as my eyes well up was thank him for his sacrifice and for letting me know….

    – Madeline DiGrazia
  16. Michael was a hero, Michael gave his life to save other lives.
    Michael was my friend.

    – Dean Heiser
  17. Bocchino, today makes 19 years since you made the ultimate sacrifice. I climbed 137.5 flights of stairs in you honor, thank you for setting the example and your many years of service. Ill keep your badge in my locker and remember this everyday I vow to never forget! Thank you for what you did rest easy brother!

    – Nicholas Moody
  18. Scrivo dall’Italia e sono un ex vigile del fuoco 84° corso 1979 Roma e 77° corpo comando provinciale di Savona.
    Onore alla memoria di Michael e al suo eroico sacrificio.

    – Giorgio Bocchino
  19. Today I ran a 5k in honor of Mr. Bocchino. I had no clue who he was before the 5k, but I ran with his face and name on a badge the whole time. I now know his story and will remember him always. Thank you Mr. Bocchino for your sacrifice and rest easy.

    – Sara
  20. Like the others below, today (9-11-21) was my chance to honor Michael and the other fallen heroes we lost 20 years ago. I ran and walked 2,071 stairs as part of the (virtual) 911 (Phoenix) Tower Challenge from my home state of WA. I didn’t personally know him, but was happy to learn he has a street named after him to honor his life. We will never forget the sacrifice you and your colleagues made for all Americans, and those in the free world and will forever be in debt. Michael, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice and I hope you forever rest in peace.

    – Christopher George
  21. Today is September 11, 2022. Like the others, I too climbed 1620 stairs with a picture of Michael hanging around my neck. We were told that we were climbing to help each of the first responders come down from the top. I hope I helped.

    – Teal Ranney
  22. 9/9/2023 I climbed in honor of Michael L. Bocchino in Conroe, Texas. I carried my two month old on my chest the entire 110 flights. This is a memory I will cherish, & share with my son your legacy when he is older. You will never be forgotten. I will climb for you every year Bocchino.

    – Brittany Conner
  23. I’m an AEMT-CC in Binghamton NY, and I just climbed the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Michael’s honor.
    We Will Never Forget

    – Jennifer Dancesia
  24. This morning I participated in the 2023 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Wallace Idaho. I picked Michael’s badge as my late husband was also named Michael. What an honor it was to climb 110 flights of stairs to pay tribute for Michael’s dedication as a New York firefighter, and his ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/2001. May you rest in


    – Melanie M Goularte
  25. I along with 2 of my best friends have been participating in climbing 110 flights in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb for Michael Bocchino….it’s been 9 years since we set out with our 1st climb. We wanted to honor Michael servive and dedication to his many years of his service to the FDNY. He was a true hero and we miss him dearly.

    – Dean Heiser