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Age: 39
Year of Death: 2001

Michael T. Carroll

Michael T. Carroll‚ 39‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 3. A 16-year FDNY veteran‚ Carroll was the ladder company’s chauffeur and was an inspiration to younger firefighters. He also had a few quirks‚ like taking the handles off all the coffee cups at the firehouse. Carroll enjoyed coaching his son in baseball and was devoted to his wife and their daughter.

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  1. I did not no mike I just wanted to something, its hard you were so young taken away up in heaven , my you rest in peace

    – joanne oellermann
  2. I did the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI today. I was given the badge for Michael T Carroll, Ladder 3. I climbed the stairs in his honor today. Prayers to his family!

    – Pam Seidl
  3. I chose the badge for Michael today, to wear and honor through the day at Pierce Mfg. FL Div. Prayers to his family!

    – Bill Stoltz
  4. Fought many fires with Mike. Great fireman as we’re all the members of ladder Co 3. Never forget all the fantastic unselfish men we lost that day

    – John schunke
  5. Today I climbed at Lambeau Field in remembrance of Mike and other fallen heros. Prayers were sent to his loved ones with the ring of the bell. Thank you for your service Mr. Carroll.

    – Carol Heimos
  6. I am honored to climb the Lambeau Field Stair Climb in memory of Michael. I just want to say I’m so sorry for your family’s loss and the sacrifice made for the people on 9/11. Michael is a true hero and I’m sure you’re proud of him. My husband is also a firefighter and he climbed with me. The man he climbed for had the same last name. Not sure if the two are related. God bless your family.

    – Donna Pavlik
  7. Did the 9/11 stair climb at FDIC in honor of Michael today. Truly was an honor to represent such a hero and an amazing person. Prayers to his family, ladder 3, and the 343.

    – Ryan Sandoz
  8. I never met Mr. Carroll, I am honored to say we could have been brothers for we look alike. The bravery and integrity of the fire fighters of New York and all of America. Thank You for your service.

    – Thomas Carroll
  9. I did the 9/11 climb at Lambeau Field today in memory of Michael. I was honored to have carried the tag with his name on it, ring the bell, and finish the climb in honor of Michael. I am sorry for your family’s loss and the sacrifice that was made for everyone on that day.

    – Barb A Hanes
  10. I never knew him, but was reading about Ladder 3 on Wikipedia and its actions… I was too young to fully understand 9/11 but I can understand the meaning of sacrifice; thank you for everything.

    – Luke Han
  11. Thinking of Michael and his family. Never forget.

    – Susan Logan
  12. Your family allows Your memories to color and shape the continuation of your legacy. What a beautiful gift.
    With deepest respect and love. Nancy Nix & John R. xo

    – N&J
  13. Your memories color and shape the continuation of your legacy.
    So sorry this happened to you.
    N Nix & JR

    – Nix
  14. Thinking of you and knowing that your memory continues to live on. So sorry this happened to you. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    N Nix & JR

    – Nix
  15. I was told by my family and a few friends who I trust 100% that my family traced back in our family history and Michael was my second consent and if there is anything that I can do for his wife and his children please don’t wait until it’s too late with money problems I’m very well off and on this day for the last 19 years has aged my body and mind faster than the first 19 years God bless and I’m always here.

  16. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and selfless. Thank you for being a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Maria Greco
  17. Greetings from Uruguay ! youll always be remembered!

    – Mauricio Tolosa
  18. Today I did the New Zealand firefighters memorial climb I took the badge of Mike Carroll before the climb I found out Mike had two kids that where a similar age to my own children.
    Prayers are with his family and it was an honor to climb for Mike today.

    – Micheal Hoyne
  19. I saw your name on a news item on UK TV 9/11/22. I had no idea who you were sir. I felt right to look you up and try and pay some sort of respect. I love the fact you took handles off mugs. I could just imagine. “FDNY don’t need handles” R.I.P. MR CARROLL

    – Brian Campbell
  20. Today I climbed the Springfield MO memorial stairclimb with Micheal’a badge. My prayers go up to his family and friends!

    – Lorie Jenkins
  21. I did the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Camp Arifjan Kuwait.I was given the badge for Michael T Carroll, Ladder 3. I climbed the stairs in his honor today. Prayers to his and all the fallen heroes family!

    – Abdallah Latifah
  22. We think of Michael and his family often. He made a lasting impression on us as a wonderful family man.

    – Susannah Rosato
  23. Today (September 11, 2023), I had the opportunity to do a stair climb in honor of Michael Carroll at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah. There was such a great feeling of respect and admiration for Michael, other the responders, that I could feel this morning. As I’ve read more about Mike, I’m honored to have represented his name today. I’m grateful to all the first responders that gave their life that day.

    – Dan Carlile
  24. Rest in peace. May your family be blessed for your courage and sacrifice

    – Alec Shrader