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Roll of Honor

Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Michael Thomas Weinberg

Michael can best be described as a kind-hearted‚ soft-spoken gentleman with an air of quiet confidence. His good looks and beautiful smile turned many heads and melted many hearts‚ yet he was never comfortable with the attention.

He was a gifted athlete‚ excelling in baseball‚ golf‚ basketball‚ swimming‚ skiing‚ running‚ etc. He attended St. John’s University and played baseball there for four years. In 1988 he was named MVP of the Big East Conference‚ when his homeruns helped St. John’s secure a place in the NCAA Tournament. He signed with the Detroit Tigers organization‚ where he played pro baseball for two years. He was released because of injuries‚ never fully achieving his potential.

During Michael’s short life‚ he was a lifeguard‚ licensed physical trainer‚ and professional model. He joined the FDNY in 1994 and was a dedicated firefighter. He loved the job as all brother firefighters do. In his spare time he volunteered at the NY Burn Center‚ brought food to the homeless at St. Francis of Assisi Church‚ and got his exercise‚ mostly playing golf.

On September 11‚ he was waiting for his tee off time at Forest Park Golf Course‚ when he saw what happened‚ when the first plane hit Tower One. He was on vacation but raced from the clubhouse to the firehouse‚ Ladder 24‚ Engine 1. From there he drove Fr. Mychal Judge and Captain Dan Brethel to the site. They arrived shortly before the collapse of Two Trade Center‚ and all three were killed.

Michael’s sister Patricia worked for Morgan Stanley at Two Trade Center on the 72nd floor but managed to escape.

This fine young man who was taken too soon will always be remembered as a peaceful and caring person‚ whose smile would brighten your heart. We will always love you and miss you and until we meet again‚ may you rest in peace.

– Mary Weinberg

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  1. michael thomas weinberg thank you so much for what you did on sept 11 2001 im in 10 grade and im doin a project on you because of what you did. you are my hero thank you so much for what you did

    – sarah
  2. I walked in your honor today at Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison Colorado. Thank you for your service and you will never ever be forgotten!

  3. Michael Thomas Weinburg, I walked in honor of you at Bay View Middle School in 2016 – Never Forget.

    – Kyle Hiebel
  4. Michael- I walked in your honor today at bay view middle school. Never forget.

    – Nathan
  5. Today I claimed 78 flights in honor of Michael and his sacrifice. Never forget Michael Thomas Weinberg’s sacrifice

    – Keegan M
  6. Today I claimed 78 flights at Bay View Middle School in honor of Michael and his sacrifice. Never forget Michael Thomas Weinberg’s sacrifice

    – Keegan M
  7. Michael Thomas Weinburg,I climbed in honor of you at bay view middle school,2016 Never Forget

    – Sophie Boxer
  8. I climbed in your rememberance today at Bay View Middle School-2016 – never forget.

    – Adam L
  9. My name is Marvell Johnson and I climbed in your honor of 9/11 at Bay View Middle School 2016. Never Forget.

    – Marvell Johnson
  10. FF Michael . I ran in your honor today at Run For The Fallen Wisconsin 9/9/17 . Full Turnout gear. Today you and your brother and sister firefighters are remembered. ?

    – LT. Kevin Krug
  11. On 9/10/17 I had the privilege of climbing in the Nashville, TN. Memorial stair climb for Michael. I climbed 112 floors in him honor.

    – FF/AEMT Matthew Twomey
  12. Mike it’s that time of year when I think of you and others from the job and the neighborhood that were taken from us. Mike you were the best of the best, THE NATURAL.
    Your friend always Kurt.

    – Kurt Wesch
  13. I knew you when you were in 2nd grade playing on my brother’s little league team. You turned into a great young man. Thank you so much for your dedication service. May you Rest In Peace.

    – Sudan Tura- Perna
  14. Remembering September 11th and Honoring Fallen NYFD Hero Named Michael Thomas Weinberg.

    – Carla
  15. Michael
    I remember the days on 72nd street playing together as kids. This weekend my daughter is playing in the Steven Siller Tunnels for Towers Softball tournament in SI , and she will be playing in your honor
    You will never be forgotten

    – Nick Gannascoli
  16. Today I walked in your honor at Tunnel to Towers 5k walk/run in McMinnville,Tn. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will never be forgotten

    – Brooke A Loomes
  17. Today I had the honor if climbing in your memory in Green Bay, WI. We will never forget.

    – Jan
  18. Thank you so much for your sacrifice, I’m supporting and volunteering at the 9/11 stair climb in your honor. You will never be forgotten ❤️

    – Kesla Scurlock
  19. Michael, Today 18 years later I climbed the stairs at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO in your honor. Thank you for your sacrifice. Never forgotten

    – Kristy Rapacki
  20. I knew Michael’s brother John, I worked with him, and I also attended Michael’s funeral. A beautiful young man, who gave his life protecting all of us. I think of him, but especially on 9/11, and I send my love to his family. God Bless.

    – Joe Whelski
  21. I always wear my 9-11 bracelet with Michael’s name on it every year in remembrance of him. I chose his name, because it seemed Jewish to me, and I LOVE the Jewish people. I will always remember him.

    – Judy Wilkerson
  22. Today is when I look and say thank you to heroes like Michael. My father played football with Michael at high school, and was his freshmen mentor for our program. We will never forget you Michael.

    – Daniel
  23. i wear a bracelet with mikes name on it i wear it to never forget that day and the firefighters and others and what they did that day may they all rip

    – genine stieff
  24. Today I ran in Michael’s honor at the Run for the Fallen 2021 in Kronenwetter, WI.

    – Clint Smith
  25. RIP Mr Michael Thomas Weinberg. Sifting through photos of when I visited the memorial back in 2017 as it’s the 20th anniversary at the time of writing and your name is in one. Brother, you made the most noble of sacrifices that will never be forgotten. God bless you and your family.

    – Sam Taylor
  26. I did the Colorado 9/11 20th Anniversary Stair Climb Memorial at Red Rocks Amphitheater in your honor. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the people of this country.

    We will never forget.

    – Christina
  27. Hello. I just wanted to reach out. My sister
    purchased a flag that flew in the healing field in Lancaster, PA. She purchased this to not only honor Michael but myself, as I just finished a 25 year career with Arlington County FD and
    responded to the Pentagon on 9/11. I thought maybe you would like to see the pictures of the healing field and the flag that is proudly displayed in our home.

    – Craig Brightbill
  28. Mr. Weinberg, you sounded like a really amazing human and the world is darker without you. Tomorrow I climb stairs and think of you. Gone but never forgotten. -AZ 2022

    – Katie W.
  29. Just finished 110 stories wearing your card in your honor. Thank you for your service!

    – Tyler
  30. It was an honor to ride today in memory of Michael at West Webster’s NFFF Bike Ride. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. Love to his family and all who knew him.

    – Randall Kohlmeier
  31. 9/9/2023 ~ Michael Thomas Weinberg: Thank You for your service and sacrifice. To your family, my deepest condolences. Today, I walked in your honor in the Tunnel to Towers 5K in Altamonte Springs, Florida. You and everyone else who died on 9/11/2001 will never be forgotten. 🕊

    – NESuarez
  32. I climbed 110 floors to honor you and every soul lost on that day. I hope your soul is resting easy. God bless you. 9/11/23

    – Savanah
  33. I did not have the honor to meet Micheal, I attend his memorial and to this date wear his remembrance bracelet which I humbly wear. I wish his family all the best. God be Michael.

    – Patrick Reid