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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Nicholas P. Rossomando

Firefighter – Rescue 5 – Staten Island‚ NY

Nick was most definitely a man’s man. He was a wonderful son and brother. Nick was the oldest of four children and grew up for the most part in a single-parent home. As the oldest son/brother‚ Nick took on the role of father figure‚ caring and watching over his sister and brothers. As a son‚ he has been a very big source of comfort to me. Helping in any way he could.

Nick was gregarious‚ adventurous and developed many close bonds in his 35 years. He was well loved by all that knew him He earned the nickname Nicky Love. He involved himself in everything and gave everything his all. He loved physical activities such as water tubing‚ roller blading‚ roller and ice hockey‚ football‚ body building and dancing. He earned his black belt in karate in December of 1997. He earned his FDNY certificate in diving just prior to 9/11.

Nick was skilled in many things. He owned his own home improvement business before he became a fireman and continued to do this line of work on the side. You will find his handprints in many homes‚ his karate dojo‚ and his firehouse.

Nick gave his job as a fireman his all and more at times. He loved his job and wanted to learn‚ learn‚ learn everything he could. Everything he did‚ he did so well.

On 9/11101‚ Nick was a firefighter one-minute‚ and a casualty of war the next. He is missed by all.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go… Some people stay for a while‚ leave footprints on our hearts‚ And we are never‚ ever the same.

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  1. I visited the 9/11 Memorial today and was so moved when I came across a single white rose, stem still attached, poking out of one of the etched names. I read Nicholas P. Rossomando. I took a photo. I left. To hear that Nick lived a life full of love and commitment makes my heart warm. Thank for sharing his story. At a loss for words, I invite you to please take a look at the photograph I took: . I will never forget my visit to the 9/11 Memorial and I will never forget Nick’s sacrifice. God bless. Cassidy

    Cassidy Hopkins
  2. Today, I received an Appreciation Kit for Firefighters from Longboat Key Police Officer Wendy McGinnis. In each kit given out by her was a little note:

    “I am Officer Wendy McGinnis with the Longboat Key Police Department. I am determined to commit 411 random acts of kindness today, 9/11/2016, in honor of the 411 first responders who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago today.

    You have been selected to receive an act of kindness from me in honor of fallen FF / Nicholas P. Rossomando.”

    This led me to search for FF Rossomando and learn more about who he was. RIP brother!

    Brandon Desch
    Longboat Key Fire Rescue

    – Brandon Desch
  3. On September 22, I climbed all the stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin as a part of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I carried a badge with Nicholas Rossomando’s name & picture, and thought of him and his final hours the entire time. As difficult as it was, my goal was to complete what he wasn’t able to. God bless his family, his memory and all of the 343 FDNY firefighters who gave their lives that day!

    – Debi Bartel
  4. In October of 2001, I visited NY to attend a funeral of a brother firefighter I never met. I don’t recall if I was told his name before boarding the Amtrak train that day. I was a firefighter in Maryland and I’m retired now. I later learned his name and admired his brothers and sisters as far away as Canada that came to pay their last respects. During the long service, many of us who could not go into the church wandered to a nearby pub and we had a wonderful time meeting each other. I think Nicky would approve of this. We returned and eventually sent his spirit off. I have never forgotten this man who was just a few years younger than me. I’ve prayed for him, visited his name at ground zero and remember him on this day. Thank you Nick for your life, for your love of the job and your sacrifice during that tragic day. I will not forget you! I made that promise to you the day after your ceremony and I intend to keep it. God brought us together in a strange and unusual way for I was working the job that day. Although you were being relieved, you answered the call and I know I would have too. I was terrified watching those buildings fall for I knew that you and many others were still in there. May God bless you Nick and I’m sorry for being sentimental, it’s so not our way, but I remember…and always will. Lay easy bro…

    – Hugh Strennen
  5. I climbed in honor of Nicholas P. Rossomando on 9/9/19 in Richmond, VA at the Suntrust Bank in downtown Richmond. I carried his id card up all of the 9/11 Memorial stair climb flights. On my climb I thought of his dedication, commitment and sacrifice on 9/11. It took me back to that exact date and time watching the live video streaming thru my television screen as it happened and will never forget the images that flowed thru that screen. I completed the climb in honor of Nicholas. I will never forget that 343 FDNY fallen firefighters and first responders. I can never thank them in person but thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice . They are gone but will never forgotten.

    – Angela Petrini
  6. I had the privilege of carrying Nicholas Rossomando’s badge at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb today on 9/11/19 at Red Rocks in Colorado. It led me to this page. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I feel honored to help carry on the legacy of remembering him and all that he gave to our country. This is the first stair climb
    I have done. I will continue to wear this badge in future climbs. God bless.

    – Lara McClendon
  7. It’s 9/11/20 and I’m sitting in my seat waiting for the stair climb to start in Greenville, SC. Like others before, I wanted to know more about the man I carry on the badge than just a name. Nicholas P. Rossomando seemed like an outstanding man and am honored to climb in his name. May he Rest In Peace.

    – Jeffrey giraldo
  8. This morning my volunteer firefighter husband and I hiked to the top of Snow King Mountain- we live in Jackson, Wyoming there are no skyscrapers or even tall buildings so our local “Hill” is the stand in, with its 1545 feet and I carried your son with me. My heart breaks for you and your family but today I did my best to honor Nicky Love and show him the view of the Tetons from the top of Snow King Mountain, love and mountains of gratitude, xx

    – Marisa Laugen
  9. Participating in a 5k in Sheboygan Wisconsin today touched me so much more than I expected. Being able to wear his badge through the 5k was a huge honor. Learning his story means even more. The Town of Sheboygan Fire Dept hosted a wonderful tribute to these 343 heroes that left this world way too soon.

    – Melissa Baumann
  10. Honoring our pledge to Never Forget, I participated in the 9/11 Silent Walk yesterday memorializing the 20 year mark of that horrific day. I am a transplant to SC from NY and was in the city on that day, the day terrorists killed Nick. As part of our silent walk across the Ravenel Bridge, we were each handed a picture–mine was Nick’s. Our walk concluded on the deck of the USS Yorktown where we rang the ship’s bell in memoriam of our firefighter.
    God bless his mom and siblings. Nick sounds like he was definitely a visiting angel and I am so grateful and humbled by his sacrifice.
    Charleston, SC

    – Tricia H Gabberty
  11. Yesterday I participated in the Tunnel2Towers Climb in Tampa, FL. I LOVE this charity, and I wanted to participate. My friend and I signed up just knowing that we’d be climbing 40 flights of stairs. What happened after our arrival… a memory created in my heart.
    The music was playing, vendors were giving away their wares, and a certain buzz was in the air. We saw MANY firefighters, Policemen, and a couple of firefighters from NYFD, and a firefighter who helped on 9/11 and who also lost his brave son who was also a firefighter.
    While we waited till it was our turn to climb, an announcement was made that if we were interested, please take “someone” with you on this climb. Who these “someone(s)” were… they were badges of names and faces of those brave Firefighters and Policemen who gave their ultimate sacrifice on that horrific day!
    Without hesitation, I picked the badge that was hidden behind another badge. No name or face to influence me… I chose FF NICHOLAS ROSSOMANDO… when I was getting tired; I asked him to help me reach the top. Well, we did it! So during the ceremony for this event, it was suggested that we go home and google our pick. He then became a permanent part of my heart, and memory of his ultimate sacrifice. So to his family and friends… 20 years later… he has entered another persons heart and will be a loving memory. I will keep this badge, and pray for all of you who have mourned him.

    – Mary Dobson
  12. I am late in posting this, but was honored to carry Nicholas’ badge up 110 flights of stairs on 9/11. My heart broke for the sacrifice he and his loved ones gave in the care of others. I pray that God will continue to provide comfort and sweet memories as you think about Nicholas.

    – Rachel Strasser
  13. Today in Virginia I climbed in honor of Nick and all of the first responders of 9/11.

    – Phil M
  14. In 2002 I met a few of Nicholas’s friend at an Ohio State football game. They told stories about that day and then handed me a B.A.N.D., with Nicholas’s name etched on it. I proudly wear this every 9/11 to honor him for his service, his family and his friends who told me his (and others) story on that day. RIP

    – Dave Elsbrock
  15. Nicholas would be approximately 57 years old now. I still remember…

    – Terecas