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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2001

Patrick J. Brown

Patrick J. Brown‚ 48‚ captain‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 3. Mayor Giuliani called the 23-year veteran a legend in the life of the Fire Department‚ during a mass honoring Brown at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He was one of the best-known members of the department and served as a role model for many young firefighters.

Brown returned from two tours of duty in Vietnam as a decorated Marine sergeant. He ran in six marathons and was a second-degree black belt. Men wanted to work for him because he lived his life so well.

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  1. God bless him and all the NYFD

    – Ian Sheridan
  2. I knew patrick when we were both taking karate classes. He was impressive in every way. a sad loss

    – ira joel haber
  3. Thank you for your service , your heart….

    – Linda
  4. I have been inspired by reading your story. I salute you, Captain Brown. A courageous and inspirational man.

    – Robert Thorpe
  5. I live in the uk and to me Patrick was a true hero as are all the men and women of the NYFD GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU DO SENDING MUCH LOVE FROM THE UK

    – Karl Burns
  6. He was a friend to me besides so many others. A smart, dedicated, funny man. Miss his presence!

    – Naomi
  7. I didn’t know you Captain Brown, but every single September 11, I wear a stainless steel cuff bracelet bearing your name, Ladder number, and that fateful date. I wanted your family to know that your sacrifice does not go unnoticed by someone who isn’t family. Rest In Peace good sir. Thank you for your service.

    – Deborah Sacco
  8. Thankful for all the sacrifices that were made that day. Climbing in your memory in Arizona.

    – Brandon Beasley
  9. God Bless Paddy, Mike and Janet Brown.. gone but never forgotten.

    – Destiny Ganss
  10. 20 years and we still remember. You refused to leave despite orders to evacuate, your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were coura geous and selfless. You are a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  11. Leaders lead. Paddy Brown led.

    “This is Three Truck and we’re still heading up.”

    Bill Both
  12. There was a child born in CA that is obsessed with being a firefighter. He said his fire truck was # 3 and that he died in 9/11. At age 3 he described every detail of his fire truck on a field trip to a fire station. His description was so detailed that he astonished the firemen there. He’s part of a study of children who remember their past lives.

    – Laura Arbucklr
  13. We Will Never Forget Your Sacrifice!
    With Great Respect & Honor!
    Dale Nichols

    – Dale Nichols
  14. Thank you Captain.

    – Domenic P. Falcone