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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 39
Year of Death: 2009

Patrick S. Joyce Jr.

Pat was born on August 3‚ 1970 to Kathleen and Patrick Joyce. He grew up in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. He was one of six children: his brothers‚ Marty and twin Peter; and three sisters: Debbie‚ Julianne‚ and Katie. Pat adored his family and loved being part of a big family‚ which included lots of good fun and healthy competition. He never took himself too seriously and enjoyed a good practical joke and harmless teasing. He was very proud of his parents‚ of how hard they worked and all they accomplished. He was fortunate to inherit very strong qualities from them. He had a perfect combination of intelligence‚ wit‚ strength and good looks but the things that stood out about Pat were his generous nature and his kindness toward others.

Pat went to Fordham Prep High School and followed onto Fordham College. Pat took many different jobs along the way. He ran a catering business‚ mastered construction work and became a contractor. He was restless with these careers until he took a job with the Yonkers Fire Department. He was immediately happy with his choice. It aligned perfectly with the things he loved in life‚ helping others and being part of a big family. He went to various different firehouses but eventually arrived at Rescue 1‚ where he spent the last ten years. Rescue 1 was the place he wanted to be – the most dangerous and demanding of the Yonkers’ Firehouses.

Pat used his spare time away from the firehouse to build business ventures. He opened his first bar/restaurant‚ Bliss‚ in 1999. Many other successful business ventures followed. He had a gift in that he could see potential whether others saw none and could build something beautiful from nothing. He was a visionary. He had no fear and could accomplish anything he put his mind to. Pat was delighted that he had the ability to use his success and resources to help his family and others and create a sound future for his wife and children.

Pat never wasted a moment and was always helping others‚ spending time with his family and building a new venture. He accomplished more in his short 39 years than most people accomplish in a lifetime. As his daughter Charlotte said‚ ‘he fixed everything‚ he made everything better.’ He loved life and laughter. He was a loving husband and he doted on his little girls and all his nieces and nephews. He always traveled with a crew of kids and enjoyed nothing more than seeing a child smile. He was a loving husband to Tara‚ and he doted on his little girls‚ Isabella and Charlotte‚ and all his nieces and nephews.

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  1. It’s been ten years. A beautiful soul, an Angel! Thank you for everything! Adriana

    – Adriana Pasarelu
  2. We miss Pat Each & every day. He was a joy to be around always positive and doing something with his girls. He was a great coach and made each practice fun. We will always recall Pat with love & joy.

    – Patrick Murtagh
  3. I miss you everyday uncle pat❤️

    – Ashley
  4. I worked with Patrick for many years. He was always professional & ever so sweet. Truly James bond material.
    I last ran into Pat @ stew Leonard’s @thanksgiving w/a cart overflowing, he had so many philsbury muffins I laughed and said that’s why I couldn’t find any. Being Pat he said we like them. Love to his family

    – Trish O'Sullivan