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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2001

Paul Hanlon Keating

Paul lived at 113 Cedar Street‚ looking right at the World Trade Center building. Ladder 10 was at the back of his building‚ but he was with Ladder 5 at 6th Avenue and Houston Street. He was at home‚ off duty‚ when the first plane struck‚ while talking to his sister Jeanne. He told her he was going down to Ladder 10 to help his brothers. He was found under the South tower lobby on March 7th.

We had a wonderful family get together on September 4th‚ his birthday‚ with his two brothers and three sisters‚ his Mom‚ Dad and nieces and nephews. In retrospect‚ we are so happy we did it.

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  1. Hey Paul,
    My name is Sean Roberts and I’m a FF in Southern California. We just had our 4th of July Parade here in Huntington Beach where we had a group of FF’s march along side the FDNY Pipes & Drums. It was in remembrance of you guys (the 343)! We all carried flags with your names on them. I am honored to say I carried your name! Just wanted to let you know that although time may pass year by year, we will NEVER
    Your Friend and Brother,

    – Sean Roberts
  2. Hi Paul and family,

    My name is Amanda Clark, and this morning, on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, I participated in a stairclimb commemorating the lives lost in this tragedy. Through this, I had the privilege of wearing a tag which honored Firefighter Paul Hanlon Keating. To his family, thank you for raising and supporting this strong man who did not think twice about forging forward in the face of such horror. To Firefighter Keating, thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of those you did not know. We will never forget.

    God Bless.

    – Amanda Clark
  3. Dear Paul and family.

    I too participated in the 9/11 stair climb at Red Rocks in Colorado. My son in law Brandon Elson is a firefighter, my 14 year old son, Ben walked with Brandon in solidarity and prayer in Paul’s name. We are so sorry for your loss. We will never forget his sacrifice. We will never forget.


    Gina Roesener

    – Gina Roesener
  4. It was an honor to walk in memory of Paul this past Sunday. The bravery of the men and women of FDNY will never be forgotten.
    May God continue to bless all of the families of FDNY.

    Rusty Gipson
    Deputy Fire Marshal
    Huntsville Fire and Rescue

    – Rusty Gipson
  5. Dear family and friends of Paul Keating,
    Today your son, brother, friend was remembered in Green Bay Wisconsin during the Memorial Stair Climb. He is not forgotten. I am sorry that you had to experience the loss of your loved one and noble man. I pray you have found peace over the years and take solace in knowing a man who gave his life to help others, a true hero.
    Cathy Borek

    – Cathy Borek
  6. My husband and I just returned from our first trip to NYC. We put picked a name on the memorial and did a rubbing. I picked your name then matched it with your picture. I googled you to see if I could find out more about you. What an amazing guy you were. You ran in to help and wasn’t even on duty. Glad I picked you.

    – Tjai Forster
  7. Today I climbed 110 stories in your memory. We will never foget.

    – Michael Cain Harrison
  8. Dear Paul,
    I wear a 9/11 copper memory bracelet with your name and ladder co.
    Just want to let you know that your sacrifice and heroism will not be forgotten.

    – Bob Hogan
  9. Good Morning Paul,
    I’m a RN here in El Paso, Texas who came to climb stairs here at our ball park with my boyfriend who is also a Fireman. I had the honor of carrying your badge with your name and photo on it. I chose the badge with the happiest looking person. We are here to pay respect to the fallen & also celebrate your life. The photo of you looks like you really lived life to to fullest and I want to thank you for giving your life in service. I will be praying for you & your loved ones. We will never forget! God bless.
    Priscilla Fraire

    – Priscilla Fraire
  10. I REMEMBER EVERY 9/11 since 2001. I make this day a day where I shut down my life and immerse myself and pray all day. I LOVE YOU, KEATING FAMILY. With a heavy heart I want to tell you that I love you. Pamela Kennedy

    – Pamela Kennedy
  11. I was given a tag with Paul Hanlon Keating name on it while shopping at an Estate Sale here in Hilton, NY… I goggled his name and read about how he was off duty but wanted to go help his fellow Brothers. I want to say express my gratitude for the courage Paul showed ….he paid the ultimate price and died a Hero. So very very sorry for your loss. You are all in my prayers.

    – Sharon Smith
  12. Miss your smile when we were playing darts at Paul’s Tavern in Belmar.
    It was always a pleasure seeing you. Your a pretty funny dude.
    Never in my wildest dreams would you be caught up in this crazy nightmare.
    I’m a better person for having known you and shared a cold beer.
    This is twenty years later. Still miss you. Your still a great dude!

    – Richard J Connors
  13. It has been 20 years and I think about Paulie and the Keating family often. God knows how many people Paulie saved that horrible day. A true hero! RIP Paulie.

    – Matt Campion
  14. Paul was in my graduation class from Manasquan High School. I saw him last at our 20th high school reunion about 6 weeks prior to 9/11. He was very proud to be a New York City Fire Fighter. I will always remember how happy he was. Thank you, Paul, for your service and bravery. I will always remember you.

    – Kimberly Hodgson Reynolds
  15. I was working at Kingsboro Phsych. Ctr. In Brooklynn . Found out soon as I got there that a plane hit one of the towers. When the other plane hit the other tower that is when New York wanted all contractors to leave the state facilities. Paulie was the 1st one I thought of knowing that was his area. I was just a friend with the same last name. Our company was staying at the Pan American Hotel on Queens Blvd. where many of the rescue workers were staying. We would hear all of the horror stories from them. Leaving Kings Borough heading back to the hotel , I picked up a man covered with the white dust all over his suit and drove him home to Queens Blvd. He had told me what he had seen leaving the towers. God Bless Paulie he was truly a hero.

    – James K. Keating
  16. Dear Paul,
    I got to climb 110 stories today, September 11th, 2021 on it’s 20 year anniversary. I got to pick a badge of one of the fallen to hold with me during the climb. Every single one, every single face, every single name, an honor to be presented with. Yours though, really spoke to me. Such a kind face and warm smile. Thank you for being who you were, for jumping in when you were needed, for sacrificing yourself so that others could be safe. You will never be forgotten, always be remembered and forever be honored.
    Thank you ♡

    – Keena E Morris
  17. Hello, this year I participated in the 110 story climb to honor all of the brave men and women who lost their lives on 911. This year I was honored and humbled to wear your badge. I just want your family to know you will never be forgotten and I will keep your badge with me for a very long time. Thank you for your bravery.

    – Stacy franklin
  18. Hello, this year I participated in the 110 story climb to honor all of the brave men and women who lost their lives on 911. This year I was honored and humbled to wear your badge. I live across the country in Spokane, WA. I just want your family to know you will never be forgotten and I will keep your badge with me for a very long time. Thank you for your bravery. #neverforget

    – Stacy franklin
  19. Hi Paul, this past Saturday was the 20th Anniversarry. I participated in a memorial climb in honor of the fallen. I was proud to carry your name. Your legacy and the legacy of all of the 343 will never be forgotten. See you at the top floor brother!

    FF Rebecca Lemanski

    – Rebecca C Lemanski
  20. I am a firefighter in Mississippi. I just completed my first 9/11 stair climb this past weekend, 20 year memorial. I was honored to be walking for Paul and carrying a badge with his picture/name on it. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his family for their loss. He is a hero! RIP brother, we will take it from here. #neverforgotten

    – Heath Brown
  21. Today I participated in a stair
    climbing event (42 flight of stairs) for the Tunnel of Tower, Tampa , Florida in honor of Paul Keating. It was such an honor and thank you for the heroic act you did to save the lives of others.


    Maria Perez de Longstreet

    – Maria Perez de Longstreet
  22. Dear Family and Friends of Paul Hanlon Keating,
    Today, my husband, Shawn participated in the 9/11 stair climb in Charlotte NC, in honor of those lost on 9/11 He carried the badge of your friend and family member, Paul.
    My husband and his brothers and sisters in the fire service are dedicated to making sure those lost on 9/11 are never forgotten.
    God Bless your family.
    Shawn and Karen Sweet

    – Karen Sweet
  23. Paul and family,

    I had the privilege of walking with your tag for the 911 memorial stair climb in Glendale AZ. I looked at all the pictures of the firefighters lost throughout the climb trying to find yours, and sure enough, you were the last one before the finishing bell. Thank you and thank your family for the ultimate sacrifice. 343, never forget.

    – B Stewart
  24. 10/8/2022

    To the family of Paul Keating,

    Today I participated in the T2T event in Tampa, Florida. At the start of the climb I was given a badge with Paul’s picture and number. I had never ran up 40 flights of stairs before. It wasn’t super easy, however I had Paul’s badge with me. As I ran the stairs I thought about Paul and all of his colleagues whose pictures were on the stairwell. I didn’t stop once during the climb. I come from a family of first responders and I was honored to be a part of this organization. Paul’s badge for this event will be kept with me forever. God bless, Dean Calderone – Tampa, FL

    – Dean Calderone
  25. Hey Paul and Family,

    I’m firefighter Bron Daniel from New South Wales Australia. This year on September 2nd I’m participating in the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb and I’m beyond proud to have the honour of being assigned to carry your name and photograph on my bib.

    I can only hope to do you and your family proud as I climb to support those who served who never came home, and those who came home but were never the same. I’m nearly the same age you were when you left for Ladder 10 that day.

    Forever young my friend and brother, you’ll never be forgotten.

    Bron Daniel
    Fire + Rescue NSW

    Bronwyn Daniel
  26. Hey Paulie,
    I never got to meet you but you and my father Curtis Shoppell grew up together. He told me how much he enjoyed you in his life, especially when you were playing softball on the shore together. As I’m sure you know, my father joined you on 09/08/2021, 3 days before the 20th anniversary of when your name was called. I just want you to know I am so grateful to know my father, the man I saw as my hero, has you, my fathers favorite hero to talk about. All of my love to you and your family. Give my pops a hug for me please!

    – Brandon Shoppell
  27. So many passed but I’ve never forgotten you, Paul. I cut your picture out of a newspaper and carried it in my wallet for many years afterwards, every time I looked at it you looked back and reminded me how lucky I am. I’m now 47 and every anniversary you are the person on my mind and in my prayers.

    Rest in Peace Mr Keating.

    – Paul Joseph Keating
  28. Today remember Paul and everybody that gave their life on that day! I’m the fire chief at the wvfd in mn. I got to know who Paul was when a few members of out fd went out to Michigan to look at a truck and there was a wrist band hanging from the air horn of the truck we were looking at buying. I looked at it and seen his name and ladder 5 and asked if I could have it and he said yes! I told my daughter that this man gave it all everyday and all day! I never knew you my friend but there isn’t a day that goes by that I think about what happend! I’m thankful for getting that wrist band in your honor and will keep that to show people what really makes a hero! Godbless to you and your family!

    – Jeremy
  29. I had the honor of climbing Lambeau Field this year in memory of Paul, he is not forgotten. This was my 3rd year participating in this event and the first year I was made aware of being able to do post on the memorial wall. I climb because they climbed. Never forgotten <3

    – Kaitlin