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Roll of Honor

Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

Peter A. Bielfeld

On September 11‚ 2001 a very special person was taken from us. That special person was Firefighter Peter A. Bielfeld (age 44) Shield #1699 of FDNY Ladder42/Engine 73‚ Bronx‚ New York. Firefighter Bielfeld’s heroic acts on that day were no surprise to those who knew him. FF Peter Bielfeld had 19 years and 3 months with the Department as a firefighter. He spent his entire career with Ladder 42. He was one of the best firefighters. He had tremendous experience‚ having been involved in several major fires. He had no fear and had been involved in some very dramatic rescues. He always went out of his way to help the younger members of the company. In his spare time he would always be training the young members‚ showing them some special techniques he had learned through his experience. He had a very outgoing personality‚ always engaging people. During his career with the Department‚ he received two citations of valor. His heart was set on taking the next fire lieutenant’s test to further his career. In June of 2002 he was eligible to retire with 20 years of service.

At the time of the WTC attack‚ FF Bielfeld was at FDNY Headquarters in downtown Brooklyn. He was at the Bureau of Health Services for a follow-up visit on injuries that he sustained at a fire in the Bronx on Friday September 7‚ 2001. It was told to us that when an announcement was made‚ that firefighters were needed to respond to the WTC attack‚ he asked to be placed back on duty so he could respond. FF Bielfeld never hesitated‚ but immediately jumped on a department vehicle that was heading toward the towers. We were also told that he responded to Ladder 10/Engine 10 where he geared up and headed in to help. That was the last that anyone saw of him.

All that we have left of Peter are our memories and stories of him that we can share with each other and with his 2-year-old daughter Brittany Marie (the love of his life) whom he adored and who resembles her father so much. We must always remember to carry on Peter’s memory with Brittany.

Memorial Posts


Memorial Wall

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  1. Writing on this wall in hopes that a family member of Peters might read this. I’m Brad Conrady and I’m a firefighter in Derby Kansas.. I’m doing the 9/11 memorial stair climb this Saturday and Peter is who I’m climbing for.. It’s a true honor to show my respect to Peter and his fallen brothers by doing this climb… I also want his family to know that it’s a tremendous honor to say I’m climbing for Peter and his family also… My email is listed, so I would love to hear back from a family member or great friend…. Thank you!!!!

    – Brad Conrady
  2. I participated in a memorial stair climb at the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois just outside of St. Louis, MO today. Each participant was given a headband with the name of a Firefighter or Police Officer who was there that day 15 years ago. I was given Peter’s name. It was quite and honor and a very powerful experience. To Peter’s family, my prayers are with you today.

    – Tanya Smith
  3. This past Saturday I was honored to climb for Peter at the 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay, WI. I’m a firefighter in Marinette County, and Peter has given me the inspiration to continue my duty everyday. He is a hero, never forgotten. God Bless His Family.

    – Kelsay Bourdelais
  4. My wife and I walk past the mural that his family commissioned in honor of him on the side of a store front on Thwaites Place in The Bronx. He died a hero and may he always be known as one.

    – Charles Alvarez
  5. There was a memorial service here in Aspen today (9/11/17) at the Aspen Firehouse. There were red roses with pictures and names of fallen firefighters. On my red rose was Peter’s name. I want you to know he was remembered today and his and your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

    – Tracy Mosher
  6. Peter and I were friends and didn’t even know it. I always admired how he would extend a hand in friendship and support without hesitation. He always went the extra mile for someone in need. His faith in humanity was an inspiration.

    – Mark Lutz
  7. I had the honor this weekend (5/5/2018) to climb the 110 stories in memory of Peter in Columbia Missouri. I am proud to have carried Peter’s name and photo with me.
    To any family who are reading this. Peter will never be forgotten. God Bless.

    – Josh lippincott
  8. I had the great honor of walking for Peter in the stair climb in Lancaster Pa. I would like to thanks him as well has his family for all the sacrifices they have made. I will keep Peter and his family in my prayers. He will not be forgotten.

    – Cindy Kline
  9. Dear Peter,
    You were a special hero who saved so many lives throughout your career. I had the pleasure of meeting you many years ago at Pelham bay park. You were an incredible athlete running farther and longer than I ever could. I didn’t know you had a daughter but I know she must be so proud of your heroism. But it’s sad to know you left this world earlier than you should have. My dear friend, you were a good man, may you Rest In Peace, and May your family have God’s blessings. Your friend, Theresa.

    – Theresa
  10. Had the honor of climbing Peter today In the OKC stair climb. I’ve been in the fire service for nearly 10 years and have always wanted to do a climb, I won’t miss another one. It was an honor to think about this amazing firefighters story and to hear about all of the other guys we we climbing for. NEVER FORGET! They did, so will we!

    – Justin Fleishman
  11. Trying to find out who his family members are I would like to write a letter to them to see how there doing. I am a firefighter myself and I did the 911 stair climb in memory of Peter A. Bielfeld in Green Bay Wisconsin

    – Josh Hermann
  12. Peter you are gone but never forgotten. We lived just one door apart @ Barker avenue. I remember our last conversation you gave me advice on where to park because our street was always so busy never able to find a good spot. I visited and took pictures of the memorial wall in Manhattan. Continue rest in piece.

    – Charmaine
  13. I am Peter Bielfeld’s cousin and what to thank all who did something for his memory. It is still very hard today not having Pete in our life”s. Feel free to email @ [email protected] my name is Ed Johannes./ Thanks again for all you have done to keep his memory alive..Ed

    – Ed Johannes
  14. Peter, we haven’t forgotten about you. To this day, Brittany is still in our hearts. She must be so big by now and miss seeing how much you loved to carry her in front of 2385 Barker on your off time. Brittany, please know that all of his efforts were not in vain; this city and our neighborhood is closer because of him. Much love, Lucy @ 6M

    – Luz "Lucy" Rosado
  15. Thank you

    – Mollo
  16. RIP Peter, Still think & talk about you every 9/11..

    – Charmaine
  17. Our fathers worked together at the News for over 40 years. Ernie even in his sorrow like his son still calls to check in. Truly an amazing family. Your memory will never be forgotten. Rest in peace

    – Jennifer Lewis
  18. Today on the 20th anniversary I climb and cry for you in Green Bay Wisconsin.

    – Annalisa Van Sistine
  19. I remember Pete as a great guy and friend and a fierce competitor during our Bronx FDNY touch football league games.

    – Wayne Baker
  20. My name is Nick Grode and I am a prosecutor from Door County, Wisconsin. This Saturday, September 11, 2021, I was honored to carry Peter’s name in a memorial stair climb in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Peter was a true hero and an example of what all American’s should aspire to. He will never be forgotten. May god bless his memory and his family.

    – Nick Grode
  21. Tomorrow on 9/11/2022 I will be a running the 5k tunnel to towers race in Medina Ohio in honor of Peter

    – Mark Vlcek
  22. Hey Peter
    It’s Charmaine again, your next door neighbor at the time of your passing. Didn’t get to watch for your name on TV this year however, I spoke about you on 9/11 encouraging people to google your story.
    Continue RIP my friend, you will never be forgotten 💜❤️

    – Charmaine