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Randy M. Hiti

Randy M. Hiti

  • Firefighter
  • Rice Lake Township Volunteer Fire Department
  • Minnesota
  • Age: 57
  • Year of Death: 2015

Randy grew up on the Iron Range with his parents, Frank and Millie Hiti, and his two brothers, Leon and Brian Hiti. Randy assisted his father with the family sanitation business until deciding to go to technical college to become a mechanic.

Randy eventually relocated to Duluth, Minnesota, to follow the love of his life, Laura Blix. Randy and Laura married and had two daughters, Anne and Katherine, and settled into their longtime home in Rice Lake, Minnesota.

Randy opened his own automotive business from the Hiti home and was very dedicated to his family, cherishing all the moments he could get with them. Randy drove his wife to work at the local hospital and picked her up every night after her shift so they could have more time together and he knew she would get home safely. Randy also assisted in caring for his mother and father-in-law delivering meals, doing yard and house maintenance, and removing snow.

Randy showed great dedication to the Rice Lake Volunteer Fire Department throughout the 26 years he served, even getting into trouble with his wife or daughters when he missed family events, made them late, or when his pager woke them up in the middle of the night. Randy participated in department events, performed maintenance on the fire trucks, and served terms in many different roles including training officer, assistant medical training officer, maintenance officer, and assistant chief. He served on the relief board as a trustee, vice president, and president. Randy was voted Fire Fighter of the Year multiple times. One of Randy’s favorite activities was teaching fire prevention to the local elementary school students, which he did for over 10 years. Through his last months on the department Randy’s daughter Katherine had the honor of serving alongside him, and they both beamed with pride over seeing each other in action. Randy was laid to rest by his family, friends, and fire family on February 24, 2015, exactly 26 years from the day he joined.

Randy volunteered his time in numerous other areas including the annual Rice Lake Halloween Carnival and Rice Lake Days. He was a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus and volunteered at many KOC events and honor guards. Randy volunteered for over 13 years at Grandma’s Marathon. In addition to his volunteer service, he would drop anything for a family member, friend in need, and anyone he could, driving hours to provide roadside assistance and providing help with daily tasks.

In addition to his inspiring selflessness, Randy will be remembered for his infectious laugh, which could be heard from miles around. It was hard not to smile whenever you heard it.


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