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Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Raymond R. York

Firefighter‚ Engine 285
Age 45
Born: March 21‚ 1956
Dates of Service: May 1‚ 1982 – September 11‚ 2001
Wife: Joan York
Children: Raymond-23‚ Kristina-14‚ Kristen-15‚ Robert-12‚ and Michael-9

Raymond York went at life full-tilt. He spent nearly two decades fighting blazes and loving the New York City Fire Department when an injury forced him into light duty. But for Ray‚ duty was never light‚ not as a husband‚ not as a father and not as a firefighter.

On September 11th‚ he was assigned to the Fire Zone at Rockefeller Center‚ where he had found his second-calling teaching children about fire safety. There he was ‘Fireman Ray’ to the kids he captivated. When the attack occurred‚ Firefighter York grabbed his gear‚ hitched a ride from a television crew and headed downtown. When traffic held them up‚ he caught a ride from a passing ambulance and reached the Fire Department’s command post at the World Trade Center. The same dedication he displayed on that day was evident in all areas of his life.

His passions included kayak trips with his fellow firefighters‚ whom he dubbed ‘The Blazing Paddles.’ However‚ his greatest passion was his children‚ Kristina‚ Kristen‚ Robby‚ and Michael‚ and his wife‚ Joan. He was a devoted husband and a dedicated father. He was the little league coach‚ Cub Scout leader. When it came to his children he was there for everything.

In the words of his 9-year old son Michael‚ ‘He was a lifesaver. He was a good firefighter. He was a good man. His friends liked him. He used to go everywhere I did. He was good at pool‚ swimming and baseball. He was good at everything. He was the best person in the world’

– Joan York

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  1. This man died a hero. He is a symbol for everything that makes us great. He knew the slim odds of survival not only for those he went in to save, but also for himself – yet went in anyway.

    – Lee Neighoff
  2. I don’t know you, I don’t know your family – but I want your loved ones to know that your service and sacrifice will not be forgotten. It sounds like you were an amazing man, Raymond, and I’m so so sorry that you were taken from your family too soon. Rest in peace.

    – Shannon
  3. Ray York is a lifelong friend our families connected since forever we grew up together. RIP GOOD BLESS ALL

    – Mary King
  4. I never met you in person. I climbed today in your honor at lambeau field in Green Bay, Wi. It was my honor to pay my respects to a fallen brother. You are a true hero my friend! Rest Easy

    – Austin Holentunder
  5. You were the hero I honored today at the 9/11 stair climb at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I thought about you, your wife, your children, and the rest of your loved ones all day and won’t forget.

    – Kayla Opperman
  6. Yesterday, you were the hero I walked in honor of at the 1st annual 9/11 Disney walk. It was such an amazing honor to walk for a hero like you!

    – Jennifer Collier
  7. Today, I ran a 10k in honor of you. I cannot put in words how honored I was to do so. You will never be forgotten.

    – Tammy King
  8. Monday, September 11, 2017 – I will be honoring Raymond during the Red Rocks Amphitheater 9/11 Stair Climb in Denver Colorado. God bless you Raymond. I will never forget your heroism and ultimate sacrifice.

    – Dahlia Weinstein
  9. I had the honor of climbing 110 floors at a 9/11 memorial stair climb with an I’d tag of Raymond York! To my fellow brotha you are a true American Hero!

    – Brent Rodriguez
  10. I am a frequent visitor to NY, and often times shop at the FIreZone in Rockefeller Center. There is a plaque on the wall, with a quote from Ray about firefighting and teamwork. It’s a great reminder of what matters in life, and I frequently refer to it. Thank you Ray.

    – Philip Thompson
  11. I proudly wore your picture on my chest today at the 9/11 Tribute ~ Red Rocks, Colorado. Reading of your heroism makes me weep with gratitude ~ your spirit lives on. Bless your family. ❤️???

    – Ginnie Eldredge
  12. I found your name in a stack of cards of all the fallen firefighters in our town of Bethel, AK. It is an honor to have learned a little bit about you today. We will pray for your family. You are and always will be a hero to America.

    – Wade Long
  13. I am honored to be carrying Raymond’s name and picture on the OKC 911 Memorial Stairclimb September 15, 2018

    – Carl Billey
  14. On Saturday I ran for Ray the San Diego 9/11 Stair Climb Memorial. I really glad I got to read this and learn what a great guy he was. He really embodied a true american hero. Bess your family, Ray.

    – Alexander Burd
  15. Today I wore an E285/L142 shirt in your honor. I’m humbled to be able to do this in your memory. Thank you for showing us how we should live our lives, what a hero is, what selflessness, courage, and strength truly mean. God bless, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    – Ryan Cox
  16. My good friend Ray we had lots of good times hanging out together,, you’ll never be forgotten R.I.P

    – Louis Breviario
  17. We climbed the stairs at Lambeau field in your honor, Sept 7th, 2019. Sounds like Ray was a guy that would charge in, when others were charging out. A true hero.
    You will not be forgotten.

    – Mike Hoeft
  18. Today was my first stair climb at the Red Rocks amphitheater and to do all those laps in memory of Raymond R. York was truly an honor. The weather was great and one could definitely reflect on lives lost with all the first responders who came out in full battle rattle as we call it or fire fighting gear to pay tribute to fellow brothers in arms that gave it all that day on the 11th of September.

    May your spirit live on Raymond through your family and friends that you’ve touched during your life on this planet. Taken too soon. God Bless!

    – Maritsa Yupa-Shelley
  19. On that fateful day that changed the world forever, there were many heroes.
    Here we remember & celebrate one,I believe that he was a cousin of mine.
    “To live in the heat is not to die”!
    God bless you Raymond, we will never forget what you & your comrades did on that day!
    RIP ✝️☘ Gone but never forgotten!

    – Simon John Evans
  20. “To live in heart is not to die”
    RIP Raymond,Never Forgotten!

    – Simon John Evans
  21. “To live in the heart is not to die”

    – Simon John Evans
  22. RIP Raymond,
    “To live in the heart is not to die”…
    There were many heroes on that fateful day that changed the world forever,
    Here we celebrate & remember only one…
    God bless, gone but never forgotten!

    – Simon John Evans
  23. I saw your name on the memorial flag at the Pensacola, FL airport. My dad always told me how brave cousin Ray is. He will never be forgotten. I just wish we would’ve been closer ❤

    – Amanda Clark
  24. I learned of Raymond through his cousin Susan down in Jupiter, FL. He was so brave and I just want to extend my condolences and pride in what he did on 9/11. It breaks my heart he died but he died an indisputable hero. May the family find peace in this fact. My heart goes out to you all. RIP Raymond

    – Holly
  25. I will be honoring Raymond York as I participate in the OKC 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb. Covid has caused issues for many locations this year, but it is awesome to see how the departments and individuals have been adapting to complete this years climb! I will be climbing Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. We will never forget you my Brother.
    Retired Captain, Mark Tate
    Lawton Fire Dept.

    – Mark Tate
  26. Everyday i honor and never forget what Ray and all the 342 gave that day. They made the ultimate sacrifice. I will never ever forget, and will always remind others of there sacrifice. True heroes at work and home. God Bless them, there families and America.

    – Mike Chrisman
  27. Raymond,
    I proudly wore your picture today on my chest at the 9/11 Tribute at Soldier Field in Chicago.
    This is the first year of many to come. Next year I’ll wear it again, and the next after that.

    They had pictures upside down on the table of so many. How do I pick one? I said “ He reminds me of Ray Liotta from Goodfellas”. I picked up the lanyard and saw your name was also Ray.
    I pray for your family’s peace and I will never forget what a hero you are to me and my country. Today was an absolute honor for me.

    – Jill Mahalas
  28. I met your nephew at the bar in 2011. I’m from Nebraska and was working in PA at the time and wanted to make the journey to the towers. I had a couple hours till they would let me in so I went into O’Haras. I wasn’t givin any shit about being a tourist at all, they were all really excited to meet a flat lander who cared about them and their loses. Everyone treated me great and bought my drinks and showed me the book of pictures they have of the before and after of the bar.

    I felt awful after everyone told me how many people they had lost. One by one they told me how many people they have lost. I did not know anyone personably. That’s when your nephew told me your story and I have visited your name multiple times since I’ve been there. Thank you for your service.

    – Henry Bolander
  29. I went to the 9/11 memorial March 21st, 2020. We saw a white rose in his name and asked what it meant, turned out to be his birthday. I took a picture of this, and found it again today 9-11-2021. So here I am writing this post on 9/11 to thank this man for all he did, I will never forget!

    – Mackenzie Reed
  30. I was honored to be carrying Raymond’s name and picture in the Tunnel to Towers 5K in Ripley, WV O4/09/2022

    – Debbie Weekley
  31. Finished the 9/11 stair climb in Raymond’s honor. RIP

    – Miki
  32. 9/10/22. I climbed in your memory today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Today is also the 11 anniversary of my fathers passing from cancer. You both were on my mind and in hearts during the climb. Thank you for your sacrifice. We will never forget.

    – Kari De Witt-Olk
  33. I am honored to have walked for you today in the Tall City Memorial Stair Climb in Midland, TX. Thank you for being an American Hero.

    – Alex Kubacak
  34. I was honored to climb for Ray in Payson, Utah on 9.11.2022 as a member of the Payson Fire Department. May God bless his family while they are temporarily separated.

    – Jake M
  35. On Sunday, September 11th, 2022 in Wilmington, NC I climbed 110 floors in your honor . I wore your badge and thought of you and your family the entire time. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice and you will never be forgotten.
    Monique Hroncich

    – Monique Hroncich
  36. Today I chose Raymond to honor by wearing his picture while climbing 110 stories here in Arizona in remembrance of 9/11 & our heroes who so bravely fought that day. After looking him up afterwards, I can see how much he was loved & he was such an amazing man. Ray, You will never be forgotten. 🇺🇸 Today was for you & your family!

    – Mike White
  37. I was honored to carry your name and place it on the memorial for our annual stair climb. We climb because you climbed. Thank you for your selfless service to your family, your city, and your country.

    – Sam
  38. My niece Alex worked with Ray at the Fire Zone the summer before 9/11. She particularly liked Ray. She went back to her college classes after the summer. She was so worried about him on this day and for good reason. Alex is gone now but I post about Ray every year in honor of him and Alex. With love from Nebraska. Peggy Wilmes

    – Peggy Wilmes
  39. You were the hero I honored at this yrs 9/11 remembrance at the YMCA in Shreveport, LA. Your sacrifice & that of many others will not be forgotten.

    – Shirley Mathies