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Age: 31
Year of Death: 2001

Richard D. Allen

On September 11‚ 2001 Firefighter Richie Allen was doing what he loved to do‚ he was responding to a call at the World Trade Center where he was going to rescue people. Richie became a fireman because helping people and saving people is what gave him life. Richie was a Rockaway Beach lifeguard and a New York City Public School teacher before becoming a fireman; both the children he taught and his co-workers loved and respected him. Once people met Richie‚ their lives were changed forever.

Richie enjoyed the simple things in life; he loved the outdoors‚ he was creative‚ had a great personality‚ people just liked being around him. His amazing smile would light up a room and his laugh was contagious. The sacrifice he made on September 11‚ 2001 exemplifies the type of man Richie Allen was and will always be‚ an American hero who laid down his life for another. Richie’s beautiful spirit lives on in all those who knew and loved him.

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  1. We just walked the 9/11 stair climb at red rocks park in Denver Colorado. I wanted to say that my daughter and I talked about Richard Allen the whole climb. We will never forget the sacrifice Richard made.

    – Lindsey Floyd
  2. I participated today in a stair climb in memory of all the Heros that lost their lives on that tragic day. I had the honor of wearing Mr. Allen’s honor badge. I thank God for courageous heros like him.

    – Katie Duncan
  3. I ran 78 flights of stairs for you.

    – Colton
  4. I climbed in your remembrance today at Bay View Middle School. Never Forget.

    – Ellie Vincent
  5. I climbed in your remembrance today at Bat View Middle School-2016- 9/11 Never forget

    – Abbey Beranek
  6. Walked in your honor today bay view middle

    – Thomas
  7. Walked in your honor today
    Bay view middle school

    – Thomas
  8. Walked in honor of you
    Bay view middle school
    Never forget

    – Thomas
  9. Today I climbed 78 flights to honor Richard’s memory

    – Reilly
  10. I climbed in your rememberance today at Bay view Middle School and I will always tell your story every time I meet someone new I promise you

    – Lauren
  11. On September 10th I climbed in your honor at Packer Stadium in Green Bay. We will never forget.

    – Cheryl Begrow
  12. San Diego stairclimb 9/8/2018 R.I.P. never forget

    – Kline Fisher
  13. On September 8, 2018 I climbed in memory of Richie in the CNY Stairclimb in Utica, NY. It was an honor and privilege to bring light to his name and the sacrifice he made for his fellow man. He will always be an inspiration to me as a fireman, and man. He is a hero and will never be forgotten.

    – Brian Fontaine
  14. On 11/3/2018, I am walking the TUNNEL TO TOWERS 5K RUN & WALK in Clearwater, Florida. I am honored to walk for FF RICHARD ALLEN. I’m wearing a badge with your picture and name —- You will be with me,…and ” I ” with you. You are not forgotten, Richie.

  15. Tomorrow I will walk in the Tunnel to Towers Run/walk 5k in McMinnville, Tn. I am honored to have chose to walk/run for you in this. I will be wearing a badge with your name and your picture and I am so honored to do so. Thank you for you sacrifice. I know as I do this you will be with me.

    – Brooke Loomes
  16. 9/7/19 I ran my first 5K for you in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin. I had a badge with your name and picture hanging on my participant number. It was truly an honor to run for you. You are not forgotten. Thank you.

    – Derrick Stouffer
  17. Richie,
    You and your brothers are the reason i became a firefighter. Today i walked the 9/11 memorial stair climb in clayton, Missouri. It was hard, i was tired, your memory is what kept me going. The lives you saved on that day are countless, as well as the lives you continue to change generations of firefighters later. I will never forget that day, i will never forget you. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will live on forever as well as every hero beside you. Rest Easy Brother.

    – Bryan Amos
  18. Tomorrow on 9/11 I am running up and down stairs in rememberance of you and all the other people that died running up and down stairs trying to save lives

    – Dixie Dodge
  19. Climbed 120 flights of stair in honor of FF .Richard D. Allen at 4 months pregnant on September 8th 2019. I am currently going through fire school and I will NEVER FORGET the sacrifices made on 9/11/01.

    – Brianna O'Mara
  20. Richie,
    Today I completed the Denver Stair Climb in your honor. I had your picture with me the whole way. I prayed for you and your loved ones and remembered the sacrifice that you made that day. You are not forgotten!

    – Drew Schwiethale
  21. Today I was able to participate in the 2019 North Dakota Memorial Stair Climb and I had the honor of wearing Richard D. Allen’s badge. Thank you for making that ultimate sacrifice, I am glad I was able to climb with you today.

    – Sydney Radermacher
  22. I have worn a mercy band with Richard’s name for 18 yrs. You’re my hero.

    – Laura Wight
  23. I hiked the Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs Colorado 9/11 2020 in memory of you Richard. You are not forgotten. I thought of you the whole way and it gave me strength to keep going. Thank you for your sacrifice. My husband is also a firefighter and your memory lives on for those who continue to serve. Rest in heaven. We love you all. ❤️

    – Misha
  24. I think that this article is heartbreaking but also positive. It’s heartbreaking because died. But it is positive because he got to die doing what he loved and that was saving as much people as he could.

    – liz
  25. Thank you for being so brave. Your actions were courageous and selfless. You are a hero in every sense and will never be forgotten.

    – Maria Greco
  26. Last night the City of Bishop, California volunteer firefighters hosted a stair climb at the fairground grandstand in memory of 9/11. There were about 40 firefighters and about 60 people from the community participating. We did the equivalent of 110 flights in one of the twin towers. I carried the picture of this heroic man, Richard D. Allen. Rest in peace, Mr. Allen, and thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.

    Ron Phillips
  27. Thank u for ur service rip 9/11 never forget

    – Jon
  28. Richie was with me as we participated the 9-11 Stair Climb at Red Rocks today. <3

    – Deb Lay
  29. Had the honor of wearing your tag today as I participated in the Denver memorial stair climb. Thank you for your service and may we all never forget

    – Zach