Roll of Honor

Richard L. Garner Jr.

Richard L. Garner Jr.

  • Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Madison Fire Department
  • Wisconsin
  • Age: 29
  • Year of Death: 2018

Richard Lance Garner Jr. was born April 5, 1988, the first of three children born to Richard Sr. and Lennell Garner in Woodland Hills, California. He has one brother, Mitchell, and one sister, Ciara.

Ricky attended Pasadena Christian School, John Muir High School, and the University of Wisconsin.

Ricky joined the Madison Fire Department in September 2012 and served as firefighter/EMT at Fire Station 5 before moving to Fire Station 10, where he eventually became a paramedic in 2017.

Ricky is recognized by his peers for his passion for the fire department, working with the youth, giving back to the community on duty or off duty. Rick always wanted to help others in any way he could. He was very proud and always encouraged others to consider a career in firefighting.

He chose paramedic because he felt he would affect more people. He wanted to see life after the ambulance door closes and expand his knowledge. As a firefighter, once the patient was in the ambulance the paramedics would take over, and he didn’t get to see the patients’ care and the result of his work. As a paramedic, he felt he actively got to see those changes or see how patients recover as he was transporting them to the hospital.

When not working at the Madison Fire Department, Rick enjoyed getting on his Harley motorcycle and cruising the hills, taking his mind off of work and preparing himself for the next shift. He was also a member of the Sable Flames, a non-profit organization of black firefighters in Madison, Wisconsin.

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