Roll of Honor

Rick H. Borkin

Rick H. Borkin

  • Lieutenant
  • Thiensville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Wisconsin
  • Age: 42
  • Year of Death: 2008

Rick Borkin and the fire service were never far apart. One of Rick’s first childhood joys‚ as a young boy growing up in a quiet‚ serene north shore suburb of Milwaukee‚ was fire trucks of any size. Of particular interest: full-scale trucks that glistened and raced through the neighborhood when someone was in need of their help. Inevitably‚ young ‘Ricky’ was following behind as quickly as his feet could pedal. Whether it was the blaring sirens‚ shiny chrome‚ flashing lights‚ or ability to help others in need that drew him in wouldn’t be realized until 1992‚ when Rick became a volunteer firefighter with the Thiensville Fire Department and remained a little boy of wonder in a man’s body.

The fire department was an adventure that allowed him to give back to the community and people he loved‚ made him part of something bigger‚ and allowed him to utilize his technical skills. Rick loved to tinker with gadgets and did it well. That‚ too‚ was an innate talent that Rick applied in his adult life by working as an installation technician for Infinity Telecomm for 19 years.

The Village of Thiensville is a small village nestled in Ozaukee County‚ with an average population of 3‚000. Rick and his soon-to-be bride‚ Stephanie‚ found Thiensville to be the perfect place to begin their lives together and raise a family. Rick was most excited about the fact that approximately 50 of Thiensville’s residents were members of the local fire department. With Stephanie’s blessing‚ Rick began serving the citizens of Thiensville as a volunteer firefighter in August of 1992.

Their son‚ Sam‚ born twelve weeks premature in 1995‚ was one of Rick’s greatest joys. After Sam’s arrival‚ Rick continued to pour his heart and soul into the Thiensville Fire Department‚ another great passion. While caring for his family‚ he also became an EMT‚ an MPO and‚ in May 2008‚ a lieutenant and training officer. Being a vibrant member of the Thiensville Fire Department family was one of Rick’s proudest accomplishments.

Sam Borkin is a handsome young man with his father’s eyes‚ unforgettable smile‚ cutting humor‚ and a desire to serve his community. To Rick’s credit and influence‚ his son has joined the Thiensville Fire Department as an Explorer. And so it begins…

Rick Borkin was blessed with many passions in his life and never lost the wonder and joy of a young boy chasing fire trucks down the street. He turned that wonderment into community service and kindness to others. Rick became the man he dreamed of becoming.

His legacy? Kindness. Compassion. Pride. Honor. Service.

Well done‚ Rick. Thank you‚ brother. RHB38.

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