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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Robert Dismas McMahon

Robert Dismas McMahon‚ 35‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 20. A nine-year FDNY veteran‚ McMahon was working toward a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. McMahon was a photographer‚ golfer‚ carpenter‚ landscape painter‚ and chef. His recipe for lasagna‚ which his firehouse often enjoyed‚ was printed in a GQ magazine article on ‘guy food.’ McMahon also volunteered at a camp for sick kids‚ where he met his wife‚ the mother of his two children.

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  1. I walked in memory of you today, at the 2015 9/11 Red Rocks Climb.
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    – Andrea
  2. I climbed the stairs in Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI on 9/10/16. An annual memorial stair climb in honor of the 343 Fallen Firefighters ~ 9/11. I wore a badge with Robert’s picture….as I climbed in his honor. I rang the fire bell – silently praying for those he left behind. May God bless you and your family! ❤️??

    – Lisa Staral
  3. You’re still in my thoughts.

    – Arissona
  4. Second year of climbing in your memory at the 15th anniversary 9/11 Red Rocks Climb.
    God Bless you and your family.

    – Andrea Hernandez
  5. My son walks to Honor you every year (for the past 5 years) in the KC Memorial 9/11 Stair Climb – KC Missouri…Thank you for your sacrifice sir!!??????

    – Bev Mabe
  6. On 4th of July 2016, I had the distinct honor of carrying one of the 343 American Flags in the Huntington Beach, CA 4th of July Parade to represent the heros that answered their last alarm on 9/11: My flag was in memory of Firefighter McMahon. There’s very few moments in my life that I have seared such an unforgettable memory as that morning. It is very challenging to describe the sense of patriotism I felt standing shoulder to shoulder with Fire and Law Enforcement Personnel from across Southern California on PCH, as 2 F-18 Hornets kicked off the parade with a flyby.

    This past Thanksgiving I visited the Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Phoenix, AZ and was again reminded of how truly connected the Fire Service and our world truly is. I work for a fire department in Orange County, CA with 8 stations and approximately 120 personnel. As fate would have it, in the museum of over 150 fire apparatus from over 150 years and departments across the county, one of our rigs was displayed immediately adjacent to FDNY Rescue 2: a rig that was in the thick of it on 9/11.

    Next week I look forward to the privilege of visiting NYC for the first time in my life and I’m proud to say visiting Ladder 20 house is at the top of my list. From Orange County to NYC, your memory and inspiration is alive and well Firefighter McMahon.

    – Vinny Anderson
  7. I climbed the 42 story Corning Tower in Albany, NY in full ff gear with pack for the Tower 2 the Tunnels tower climb today with a copy of your FDNY Badge on my gear. #neverforget

    – David P Anthony
  8. today I walked in the 5k “run for the fallen” in Kronenwetter WI. I wore a copy of your badge on my shirt. When I returned home my 3 year old daughter saw your picture and asked me who that was, and my response was a hero. thank you for your great sacrifice.

    – Sarah Bramann
  9. Uncle Bobby,

    I just wanted to write to you, fill you in on the last 18 years in a different way then talking aloud to you imagining you’re here.

    You have two amazing and beautiful sons, who I don’t see often enough but when I do I am reminded of how incredible they both are. They are funny, kind, charming, handsome, loving, and share the same glow you had. They are successful and bright, and extremely personable! You May have had very little time with Matty, and only time with Patch while he was growing in Aunt Julie’s belly, but they are both the spitting image of you inside and out! Thank you for passing on such wonderful traits to your sons.

    Our family has suffered so much loss, beginning with grandpa and then yourself. We have grown together and apart, doing our best to cherish the little time we have on this earth. Though through all of the pain we have grown strong, kind, understanding, appreciative, genuine and to hold and share so much love for those around us.

    I can’t believe it had been 18 years. I feel like it was just yesterday I walked out of my school doors and felt the tears fall before I even knew what happened. I can still hear Mimi telling me there was a horrible tragedy and that you were missing. I’ll never forget the weeks and months that followed hoping and praying for a call to say they found you safe. But that wasn’t the call our family received. Losing you was and still is one of the hardest losses I have ever experienced. You have such an incredible impact on my spirit, my personality and my life, it’s indescribable. The only thing that gets me through it is knowing you died saving the lives of so many others, just as you were prepared to do. You died doing what you were passionate about, and that’s a hope I have for everyone I’ve ever met.

    Thank you for the man you were and the leader you were. Thank you for being genuine and passionate. Thank you for loving my family as hard as you could and passing so many incredible and memorable traits down to me and your boys!

    I love you so much and appreciate every piece of who you were and the memories I hold so dear and close. Thank you for being my Uncle Bobby.

    Until we meet again,

    – Bridgette
  10. I wore your badge, in honor and memory of you today . a 110floor stair climb in El Paso Texas – never forgetten

    – angie torres
  11. Bobby,
    I knew you for such a short time when you and Julie rented an apartment in Maspeth, Queens from me and my husband, Joe. Julie and I were both expecting. Ironically we would both go on to have a second child at about the same time. You and Julie had 2 boys and we had 2 girls.You and Julie moved out and bought a house of your own in Woodside before 2001. have thought about your family often in the ensuing years as I watch my own girls grow. I have kept them in my prayers.We have had many tenants come and go from that house in the ensuing years. Even if the tragic events of 9/11 had never happened, you would have left a lasting impression on me.There is so much I could say about your sense of humor, your inquisitive nature, your willingness to help, and our shared love of cooking, I remember passing along my issues of Saveur magazine to when I was finished with them. You had a friendliness about you that put people at ease because it was clear you were quite comfortable in your own skin. Instead, I would like to recount some small memories. Early one morning shortly after your son Matthew was born, I was sweeping the sidewalk in front of the house. I saw you approaching from up the block and it appeared you had your arm in a sling. I thought perhaps you had been injured on the job. Instead, as you got closer, I realized it was your son you had in the crook of your arm, cradled in the colorful cloth. As we chatted it was so clear how very happy and proud you were of your son.You were a “hands on” daddy. A few months later, I met you outside and you had Matty on your back in a baby carrier. I asked where you were headed and you said you were going into Manhattan to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for Julie. You didn’t know what you were going to get, but you and your son were off on an adventure to find something special. You enjoyed working at Ladder 20 because it was in Soho, near artists (of which you were one) and restaurant supply houses. You especially liked the ones that sold high end commercial stoves. How you would have loved to own one of them. I have not met very many people who pack as much into living as you did. I wish you had had the chance to pursue all of your interests. We are not all granted the same lifespan, but we are all granted the same 24 hours in any given day. Some people get so much more out of their days than others. You used your time well. I am grateful to have known you. I will never forget.
    Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Nancy
  12. Safe in the arms of our Lord. I heard of Bobby on BBC breakfast from a captain with the New York Fire dept. I was filled with pride for this man whom I was ignorant of earlier. America, if not the world, will be so proud to share fresh air with this man. God blessed us with his life.
    God bless his loved ones friends & colleagues.

    – Graham Murray
  13. It was my honor to run a 5k in your memory today.
    Thank you for your hard work helping and protecting people. Thank you for charging into hopelessness to save others. Thank you for giving your life.

    – Matthew
  14. Today, September 10, 2022, I climbed the stairs in your honor and memory at the San Diego, CA 9/11 Stair Climb.
    Thank you for your courage and service…Blessings to your loved ones.

    – Jen Alberton
  15. It was an honor to wear a copy of your badge during the 9/11 Memorial Climb at Kroger Field in Lexington, Kentucky. Thank you for your immeasurable courage and God bless your loved ones.

    – Sarah Lanham
  16. 2022. Again I think of you as I was blessed with receiving the watercolor paper that you would purchase for your own art and I inherited. What a gift. While I was looking this up and remembering you, my garbage can inexplicably started moving as if someone had placed some thing in it… you are around and I appreciate it. I am creating and MacGyver ring and building

    – Dietra
  17. Robert, I had the honour of completing the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in your name yesterday in Long Island (October 16, 2022). It was a beautiful fall day, we climbed throughout Belmont Park. I got to call out your name, and ring the bell in your memory. Having never had the chance to meet you or hear of your remarkable life before I received the badge with your photo, name, rank and Company, I was filled with emotion when I read out your name. Managed to get it out steadily. May you rest in peace, Sir

    – Alan MacLeod