Roll of Honor

Robert Edward Evans

Robert Edward Evans

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 36
  • Year of Death: 2001

Firefighter Robert Evans was born in Mineola‚ New York on April 27‚ 1965. He was 36 years old and unmarried. He served on the New York City Fire Department for seven years with great pride and to fulfill a desire to help people and serve the community.

In his youth‚ his avid interests included magic‚ fishing‚ and dancing. Later on‚ Robert had a great passion for playing hand ball which helped to fulfill his need for individual competition and an outlet for his boundless energy. Here he dispensed advice‚ some wit and wisdom to younger players which was appreciated. His energetic personality led him to compete in the 1986 New York Golden Gloves where he was voted ‘Fighter of the Night’ after winning his second fight in the featherweight division. His teammate was Kevin Kelly who went on to win the WBA Featherweight Championship.

Years later‚ Robert‚ as a New York City Firefighter‚ visited Kevin at his training camp where Kevin presented him with an autographed photo which was inscribed ‘To Rob‚ Always Stand Tall.’ Little did Kevin realize how tall Robert would eventually stand.

In addition‚ Robert tried skydiving which he loved but was convinced by his mom and sister that he would get sufficient excitement by being a New York City Fireman‚ and‚ so as a result‚ he turned toward a surprising but no less enjoyable passion‚ to improve his culinary ability in taking his turn to feed his brother firemen. He was successful by virtue of his gaining 30 pounds in less than a year.

From early childhood‚ his endearing quality of a keen sense of humor carried on into his career in the Fire Department to the extent he was nicknamed the ‘Jerry Lewis’ of Engine 33.

Last‚ but not least‚ Robert will always be remembered by a striking dimpled smile. His greeting upon meeting him‚ or upon saying goodbye‚ and that proved to be most prophetic was‚ ‘If there is anything I can do for you‚ please let me know.’ His desire to help others was fulfilled tragically on 9/11/01 along with 342 brave comrades.

He was loved much and will be greatly missed. Robert is survived by his mother Christina‚ his father Edward‚ and his sister Jeanne.

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Memorial Wall

  1. It was a privilege to wear your name during the 9/11 Silent Walk today in Charleston, SC. Knowing your dedication to duty and the price you were willing to pay was my motivation to keep going as the miles wore on. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and WE will never forget you.

    – John Lemacks
  2. It is an honor to be wearing Robert’s name and picture today for my 5k Dewitt PFA run. I am so sorry for your pain. He was a handsome firefighter.
    Jennifer Wilber Syracuse, NY

    – Jennifer Wilber
  3. I went to a 9/11 remembrance ceremony this early evening in Palmer,MA. The ceremony was very nice. Before the ceremony started a woman came by and gave me a candle and a name of a person who had fallen on that sad day. She told me to think of this person throughout the ceremony and when we get to the part when we light your candle please say his name out loud so we may all remember him and his sacrifice. I did. When I got home I wanted to put a face to the name of the man that I thought of throughout the ceremony. I googled his name and this picture was the first to come up. Wish I could let his family know that I was given his name at this special ceremony. I will remember what you, Robert Edward Evans and the many others that have sacrificed to help others on that sad day. Thank you for your bravery,sacrifice and heroism. May your family find peace. RIP Robert Edward Evans. You will never be forgotten.

    – Ed Dupont
  4. I attended a memorial field in Hanover, Pa where 3000 flags were hung proudly in honor of those lives lost in 9/11. I donated to the cause and in return was given a flag. When i received my flag, it was in honor of Robert Edward Evans. I had to do some research to hear about his story and background which brought me to this page. I am honored to have your flag. Thank you for your sacrifice to put your life in harms way to save lives in the most tragic event that hit millions of our hearts. God bless your family, they should be so proud of what you had accomplished.

    – Greg Breeden Jr
  5. This weekend we went to a memorial 5k in Cape Girardeau, MO. The tunnel to towers (stephen siller foundation) 5k. All the runners wore a badge of a fallen firefighter and I am honored to have worn the name of Robert Evans. I wore it proudly today at work in his memory. After reading about him I am even more honored to have worn his name! God bless his friends and family! Thank you Mr. Evans for your sacrifice!

    – Megan Hurst
  6. I never knew you in life, but I wear your name every 9-11. I ordered a 9-11 memorial bracelet right after the event. Your name and company was on it. I was a firefighter medic for24 years till I was medically retired in 2014. Your memory will live on with me till the day I join you.

    – Andy Short
  7. I proudly walked for you today. I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, Greenbay, Wisconsin. My hope is to attend the Lambeau Memorial Stair Climb every year and I will proudly carry your Memorial Badge each time. Thank You for your service. You will never be forgotten.
    Nichole Reimer

    – Nichole Reimer
  8. Today, October 25, 2018, my husband and I visited the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. During the tour in which we participated, our guide suggested that to make the experience more personal, we might finish by going to the outdoor pools and choose a person to remember and learn more about. I was drawn to Robert Edward Evans, since my maiden name is Evans. I have learned about him this afternoon and I am so impressed with his joy and daring in life and his willingness to help others in his firefighter role. Even after 17 years his mother and sister must miss him and also be proud of his courage and commitment. I thank him for his service and wish I could have had the honor to meet him. I’ll always remember him and his warm smile.
    Judy Hughes, Livermore, CA.

    – Judith Hughes
  9. My son is a firefighter. He has the same name as Robert. He is from Tennessee. They have a memorial every year for the fallen firefighters. He (my son) does a stair climb to raise money for the family. With sharing the same name…. My son does it in Robert Evans memory. GOD BLESS ALL. NEVER FORGET

    – Angela Evans
  10. I was proud to walk in honor of Robert today. Not only was his engine my favorite number but my uncles name is also Robert who is the Chief of Denvers Fire Department. When I was starting to struggle I would hold my badge with your photo on it and it helped push me through. Thank you for your service, and I will forever hold your badge with me. Next year I will still wear it and walk strong in honor of you once again!

    – Ginny Corsbie
  11. Scrolling through my picture roll tonight, I came upon my picture of the tag I wore bearing Robert’s name and picture during the 2018 9/11 memorial climb in San Antonio, TX.

    I’m a proud firefighter for Houston, TX and if Robert’s family and friends see this I want y’all to know he’s remembered even among those who didn’t know him personally. I shed tears then and now in memory of a great man.

    – Andrew Roseborrough
  12. You were always a hero to me Rob. I miss you so very much. I’ve always loved you 😘❤️🙏. RIP🙏.

    – Deborah Bertone
  13. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were coura geous and selfless. Thank you for being a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget. Your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Maria Greco