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Age: 48
Year of Death: 2001

Robert M. Regan

‘Bobby’ Regan was our compass‚ our #1 fan‚ and our best friend. His children were given a foundation into which he poured his love of a simple life‚ his sense of humor‚ his dedication to family and friends and‚ most of all‚ his example of doing for others before doing for yourself. He was a man who never once turned his back on a responsibility that was given to him. We will live our lives with a heightened sense of love for this man who asked for nothing but gave always. He will always be where we are.

Donna Regan

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  1. I didn’t know this firefighter when he was alive but I will remember him from now on after today. My son is a member of the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Co. and had always participated in Lancaster’s 9-11 Stair Climb-Up at our Clipper Magazind Stadium. This year, he is away in Texas with training since joining the Navy. In his place, I wore his gear and walked in his place. Since each participant chose a picture card representing a firefighter who lost his life on Sept. 11th, I happened to chose his card. It was an honor to walk in memory of Robert Regan.

    – Joe Wesolowski
  2. Today, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks … I will compete in the Tower Challenge here in Phoenix Arizona and walk in memory of your loved one Bobby Regan. My sincere and deepest condolences . #iwillneverforget

    – Jonee Z
  3. Thank you for your sacrifice Robert M Regan. I’m sifting through images of the memorial from when I visited in 2017 as it’s the 20th anniversary at the time of writing and your name is in one.

    An inexplicably brave and courageous man, who paid the ultimate price in protecting others and saving lives. May god bless you and your family.

    – Sam Taylor
  4. This was my FB post this year & I would love to be able to write or contact either Bobby’s family of Wendy’s
    20 yrs. ago today I picked two names from a basket at Church during a 911 service. I’ve continued to honor each of them on Sept. 11th and pray for both of their families. Introducing them to all today hoping you too will say prayers on their behalf.
    Lt. Robert (Bobby) Reagan, Firefighter and Wendy Alice Rosario Wakeford.

    – Jeanne Hunt-Messmer
  5. This man is a member of my family. Thank you for doing your duty. He lost his life that day and we honor him.

    – Alan Regan
  6. He was my uncle and he was very brave to save people at the hotel

    – Miles Adkins
  7. Today, 9/11/22, I climbed over 2,071 stairs in your honor. Thank you for your bravery and heroism. Many blessings to your family.

    – Ruben Reynoso