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Roll of Honor

Age: 38
Year of Death: 2005

Robert Purjue Henderson

Submitted by his mother

Robert Henderson‚ 38‚ was an Assistant Lieutenant with the Evanston (Wyoming) Volunteer Fire Department. He died in a smoke explosion while searching for children reportedly trapped in a burning townhouse‚ on April 18‚ 2005.

A volunteer firefighter for over 11 years‚ Robert took advantage of the many training opportunities available to him and became an EMT in 2000. His skills as an EMT served him and the community well as he was often the first to arrive on a scene – whether on duty or not. Robert was honored posthumously as Wyoming EMT of the year for 2005‚ receiving the Pete Vase Award. He was also honored twice as Firefighter of the Year‚ for the Evanston Fire Department. His work as an EMT and firefighter opened doors for him to volunteer as a medic for the 2002 Winter Olympics‚ participate in the Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery‚ and to work many western forest/wildland fires.

Robert’s first love was his family. Whether it was family activities‚ school‚ sports‚ or scouts‚ he was always there for his wife of 15 years and his children‚ aged 12‚ 8‚ and 6. Robert also loved hunting‚ fishing‚ paint ball‚ camping‚ and anything that took him outdoors. He served his country for eight years in the US Army‚ reaching the rank of Sergeant and was a veteran of Desert Storm. Robert will also be greatly missed at the Evanston Post Office where he worked for the last 10 years.

Robert’s life always involved giving‚ whether it was to his family‚ his many friends‚ his community‚ or his country. His passion was the fire department and his bravery won’t be forgotten.

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  1. I just read about your dear son today while my husband and I were out geocaching in Page, Arizona as we found the two fire fighters left in the geocache behind Glen Canyon Dam. I just wanted to thank you for sharing his story and thank you, his wife and children for his service. God Bless!

    – Kenna
  2. I was not born when Jacob and Robert died. But my dad (Eric quinney) who was the chief administration officer at the time and still is as of 2019 told me what he was doing that horrible and tragic day and every time I get into his chief car or go to the fire station with him I see there names either on a number sticker or on placks at station 1 god bless

    – Bryson Q