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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

Robert T. Linnane

Robert T. Linnane‚ 33‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 20. Linnane‚ who was a probationary firefighter‚ had previously worked on the ground staff for Delta Airlines for nearly eight years. He had taken the FDNY physical and passed it after he turned 30. Linnane traveled extensively and enjoyed visits from friends from around the world.

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  1. Miss you bro. It’s our responsibility for—NEVER AGAIN……

    – Vinny Linnane
  2. I had the honor of carrying you with me during the 9/11 stair climb at FDIC in Indianapolis. A truly humbling experience. You displayed the highest level of heroism that day along with your fellow brothers and that will never be forgotten by me and many more like me who know without a doubt you are the definition of a Hero.

    – Scott Simpson
  3. I had the honor of climbing at the 2018 FDIC and representing this great man. His picture is now hanging in my gear locker as a reminder on the days that seem to get tough that if I can have even half the strength and bravery that this man did, I can make it through. God bless this man and his family. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Lauren Ludwig
  4. I had the honor of carrying you with me during the 2018 5K for the fallen in Kronenwetter WI this past weekend. His Badge will stay with me forever. Thinking of his family and Friends today.

    – Courtney Lynch
  5. I was honored to carry this hero with me today at the Tampa Tunnel to Towers Climb 2019. To his family, my heart felt condolences and gratitude for his devoted service. I will never forget. Now, I will remember Robert and carry his legacy with me.

    – Elena Bass
  6. I had the honor of receiving your name on September 12, 2011 at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, IL as a fallen hero to carry with me forever. I always remember you on this day and throughout the year. I never knew you but am grateful for your service and selflessness. I will never forget.

    – Laura Gilligan
  7. Still remember The Grateful Dead at Wembley.Thinking if you buddy.xxx

    – Adrian Elvidge
  8. I had the honor or carrying Robert with me during the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Red Rocks, Colorado, 2019. You will forever be with me and I will never forget the ultimate sacrifice you made to keep us safe. Never forget!

    – Caroline Akesson
  9. Had the honor of carrying FF Robert Linnane on 9/21/2019 in the New Orleans Memorial Stair Climb. We remember you and all of those lost that day. Never Forget!

    – Benton Foret, Assistant Fire Chief, Thibodaux Vol. Fire Department
  10. Proud to see you uphold the Linnane name, what a true hero. God bless soul. James Linnane (london,uk)

    – James Linnane
  11. Thinking of u today Bob.Laughing how when I was trying to teach you how to play cricket here in London you held the bat as if you were Babe Ruth.

    – Adrian
  12. I walked for Robert T. Linnane today at the Lambton College 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Sarnia, ON Canada. May you forever rest in peace. Thank you for being a hero.

    – Amy Anderson
  13. Today I was in a hot and dusty stadium carrying your photo up 110 flights of stairs. I thought about how much more hot and dusty and smokey you must have been. I went 110 flights of stairs because you could not. I thought about your sacrifice and that of your families. I will not forget.

    – shauna murray
  14. You were a very special man and friend Bib. ( That was his nickname )
    I know you’re enjoying Heaven with Jesus & Jerry.
    I will see you in the end


    Herbert Walsh
  15. Robert,
    I came to see who you were before I climb tomorrow in your remembrance at FDIC 2022. Thank you for your sacrifice and may your family find peace with the honor you are given with each stair climb. Robert, I will climb until I can climb no more. Rest easy brother. We have the watch from here. We will NEVER forget!

    – Hunter Evans
  16. I had the honor of carrying Robert with me on August 21, 2022 for the Utica NY Tunnel to Towers 5K. I tapped the badge with his picture when I needed a little more strength and will never forget his sacrifice.

    – Jolene Nonemaker
  17. I have the honor of carrying you with me in the 2022 climb in Green Bay WI. This is my first climb and I am honored to be doing it with you.

    – Lyric Arneson
  18. I had the honor of running with you in the 2022 Tunnels to Towers 5k in Myrtle Beach, SC. Although, I never met you, you have touched my heart and I will forever carry your badge with me! Saying thank you will never be adequate!

    – Roxanna Ragsdale
  19. Conducted a 9/11 remembrance run here in Korea this morning. Each participant received an ID tag with the name of a first responder that gave their life that day. I had the honor to carry your name with me for those 2 miles.

    – Daniel
  20. I served as the principal of St. Thomas the Apostle School in West Hempstead, NY…the school Bob attended. I remember him well. I hold him and his family in my heart and prayer. Sr. Mary McCauley, BVM

    – Mary McCauley
  21. I knew exactly where I was on 9/11. I knew immediately the impact this was going to have. I had just got off active duty, had a beautiful baby boy who was 7 Months old…and I was scared to death. A dear friend of mine was as in NYC and trying desperately to reach her family. I was able to get them connected. All these years later and I still to this day tell the story of that day to both my sons. Today I was able to run the Tunnel to Towers for the first time here in Bluffton, SC. FF Robert Linnane LAD 20/343. You were with me. The entire run I kept thinking of what I was doing on that day and hoping that you could feel the love I was sending to you. Your bravery. Your craziness. Has not gone unnoticed and never will. So proud and grateful to have met you today. God Bless America!!

    – Marlene Myers