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Roll of Honor

Age: 22
Year of Death: 2008

Ryan A. Hummert

Submitted by his Parents

Ryan Hummert was born to Andrew and Jackie Hummert in St. Louis‚ Missouri on December 14‚ 1985. As a very young boy‚ he loved to play and had a way to make people laugh even at this early age. His first formal education started at the Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center. Ryan’s father Andrew‚ at the time‚ was the Mayor of the City of Maplewood and the Early Childhood Center was just a half block away from Maplewood City Hall; thus‚ Ryan grew up near the fire service.

Ryan was one of those young men that could do anything he put his mind to. If he wanted to accomplish it‚ Ryan could do it. Ryan had never high-jumped in his life but became the 5th grade high school champion in the Rockwood School District helping the elementary school win the track meet which was a very big deal back then. He was a typical teenager who loved to have fun and hang out with his friends but never lost sight of the goal that he wanted to be the best that he could be in whatever he did. Ryan enjoyed being the social director for all of his friends.

Ryan attended Rockwood Summit High School where he was an outstanding student and athlete. Ryan was a quiet but forceful young man. He was a leader who when he spoke‚ you listened. Throughout Ryan’s school years whether it be elementary school‚ high school or college‚ he was a highly successful student. He used to tease his sister Ashley when she’d say ‘how did you know that?’ and he’d say ‘I’m a sponge…I soak it all up.’

Ryan was captain of the varsity football team both his junior and senior years. He also played roller hockey and due to his athletic ability‚ when he graduated in the spring of 2004‚ he was awarded a football scholarship to play for Missouri Valley College as a defensive end. Unfortunately‚ Ryan injured his knee while playing football at Missouri Valley‚ which ended his football career. Shortly after that‚ Ryan decided to enter the fire service.

Ryan excelled in his pursuit to become a paramedic/firefighter. Ryan graduated from paramedic school in 2007 and his national registry test score was the highest the City of Maplewood had ever seen. Ryan was hired by the Maplewood Fire Department in August of 2007 as a firefighter/ paramedic. Being a rookie firefighter/paramedic was easy for Ryan because of his laid back personality and his unique ability to get along with anyone. In March of 2008‚ Ryan graduated from the St. Louis County Fire Academy. During Ryan’s very short career with the City of Maplewood‚ he successfully resuscitated a cardiac arrest victim earning himself a clinical save. Unfortunately‚ the vehicle fire that Ryan was on the scene of when a sniper shot and killed him was Ryan’s first official fire of his career.

Ryan had a smile that lit up the room and will never be forgotten by those who knew him. Ryan was one of those unique individuals that when you measure the legacy of a man‚ you think about the footprints left on earth and during the short 22 years Ryan was with us‚ he left those footprints on us. But for most of us‚ those footprints quickly disappear. But for a unique group of individuals on this universe‚ those footprints last for decades. Ryan Hummert is one of those individuals whose footprints will last for years. He was all that his mother and father hoped he would be.

Submitted by a Member of the Community

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  1. I stop by to honor you today, Ryan. Thank you for your bravery and willingness to help make the world a better place. You will never be forgotten!

    Sister of Kenney Nickell, LODD, 4/6/99, KY

    – Starla Taylor
  2. Andrew and Jackie
    Ryan will never be forgotten by his fire fighter family. 2021 is the 13th anniversary of Ryan’s death. we will never forget him

    – lisa hopman
  3. I grew up in Maplewood. Mo. I moved to California later in my life. I made a trip back home about 2018. One of the places I revisited was your memorial site. It is on the ground where the Lyndover school used to be. You left us doing the thing you loved most. Blessings on your family and friends.

    – Barbara lievanos