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Age: 46
Year of Death: 2021

Scott A. Williams

Scott A. Williams, born in Chicago on June 19, 1975, lived every day as an adventure of love, laughter, family, and service. The very nucleus of Scott’s universe was his wife and childhood sweetheart, Jennifer, and his children, Anthony and Luka. He would revel in his latest role as a loving grandfather to Oliver and Lincoln.

Scott’s passions spilled over into his family life. His South Side Irish roots would see him reveling on St. Patrick’s Day, dancing on a balcony in New Orleans, or striding through his neighborhood on the 4th of July in a star-spangled outfit. His wife, children, family, and friends were treated daily to a cavalcade of hilarious memes and jokes. The day or the topic did not matter. What did matter was that Scott Williams was a lifeforce that added color, magic, mirth, laughter, and joy to the day. Whether at the workplace, a party, the holidays, or even sitting in the backyard by the campfire, one could not imagine a world that did not have this incredible man in it. Scott’s personality overshadowed pandemics, tragedies, and setbacks. Friends and family knew that things would be alright after spending just a few minutes with him.

Scott always wanted to be a firefighter, but never believed that dream would be realized. He joined the military in 2006 at 31 years old. Scott trained to become a combat medic and deployed to Iraq from 2007 to 2008. Scott served at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait as the senior medic for over 25 evacuations for coalition forces. He also served as a BLS instructor for coalition forces and incoming soldiers while overseas.

After deployment, Scott worked as an ER technician while he went to school for his EMT-Basic license. A career would form shortly after, as he became an EMT-B at various departments while he continued to pursue his Firefighter II certification with East Joliet Fire Department. Tirelessly, he dedicated over 600 hours to clinical and field time while working full-time and still fulfilling his military duties. Scott soon realized his lifelong dream upon gaining his Firefighter certificate. He worked as a contract firefighter at Minooka FPD as a firefighter/EMT-P and as a part-time contract firefighter at Wilmington FPD.

Scott returned to school to finish his bachelor’s degree in fire investigation and went on to serve as a career firefighter/EMT-P at Argonne in 2018. The love affair with the firehouse and his fellow firefighters would bloom. The Dream would come to an all too early halt, as while at Argonne his service came to an end with his line-of-duty death on November 21, 2021.

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  1. Scott, my friend. Many evenings were filled with laughs and very serious conversations. You were one of the good guys. Thank you for always being there. Until we see you again, rest easy.

    – Karen Curtin
  2. Scott was one of the best medics that I ever had the privilege to serve with in the IL Army National Guard, and he was a good friend. His personality and daily jokes/memes made me laugh no matter where I was in the world and under extremely stressful circumstances. I take every opportunity to toast others with a shot of Jamison in his honor.

    – Matt Schoenhard
  3. I’ve been friends with Scott’s son since our freshman year (2009). And as we went from high schoolers to adults, Scott became one of our favorite people to spend time with. He always had us laughing to the point of tears, listened when we needed to talk, and always made sure we were living life to the fullest. We all miss you Scott

    – Tori Elberts
  4. I had the great honor to serve with him on two fire departments. There was never a more selfless person nor greater friend than he. His no nonsense approach to the job was equal to his caring attention to family and friends alike. He was my mentor, my confidant, and the greatest of friends. Love you Brother, Until Valhalla. Rest easy, we’ll take it from here.

    – Kevin M. Kubacki
  5. You were light where there was darkness. In your presence you had this authentic ability through your humor to push the darkness someone was in, away from them. You’re still doing this but through our memories of you and that beautiful heart of yours.

    – Chad Blogg Val Blogg
  6. Scott was a beautiful, funny, family-loving guy. He would give anything to help others and was always long out for everyone else. I met him and Jen at a low point of my life. They loved me, accepted me where I was and helped me heal. He would go on to introduce me to my live and later would officiate our wedding and make it forever. I’ll never be able to repay what he was for me and I’ll be forever grateful. May he be continuing to look out for all those who loved him. The world is a sadder place without you!

    – Codi Mariscal
  7. Scott,
    Your friendship growing up saved my life on more than one occasion. I was not popular in grade school. There was a summer we got into an argument and didn’t see or talk to each other for most of the summer. It was the worst summer of my childhood. I dreaded the first day of school without you in my corner, and then there was a knock at my door. There you were saying, ” First day of school we always ride our bikes to school. You wanna ride bikes to school?” And we picked up where we left off. You will always be with me. Rest easy, we will take it from here brother.

    – J