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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Scott Andrew Larsen

Scott Andrew Larsen‚ 35‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 163. On September 11th Larsen was on rotation working at Ladder 15; he was assigned to Ladder 163. He and his wife were awaiting the birth of their fourth child. August Thomas was born on September 13. Scott loved to spend all of his free time with his wife and children„they were the most important part of his life. He always took them to the beach or park to skate or ride their bikes.

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  1. I climbed for Scott this year in the 9/11 Memorial StairClimb. Just wanted to his family to know that he is still being honored and remembered. Never Forget 343. From my family to his is we are thankful for what he stood for and that he paid the ultimate sacrifice to save lives.

    – Spence Sowell
  2. I was honored to climb for Scott this year in Richmonds 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I’m forever grateful to him and the rest of the 342 firefighters that lost their lives to save others. They will always be remembered and never forgotten. Sending love and prayers to his and all families affected by September 11, 2011. You are all remembered and I cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices made that day.

    – Megan Noell
  3. On 9/11/16 I carried you (picture on a badge) with me during the memorial stair climb in my hometown. I wanted your family to know that you are not forgotten. I will keep this badge with me from now on. You are truly a hero!.

    – Dylan Beerman
  4. I climbed for Scott this year in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field. I’m forever grateful to him and all the firefighters who lost their lives that day to save others. You’re all remembered and will never be forgotten. Sending prayers to you and all families affected by 9/11.

    – Renee Rhodes
  5. My son Liam, (5 years old) climbed in memory of Scott this year. He was proud to finish the stair climb for him. Please know that your family is in our families prayers and we are proud to never forget this hero!

    – Leslie Masters
  6. I climbed for Scott this year 2017 at Lambeau Field. His legacy lives on. I’m honored to have been able to do this. While many were running out, he was running in. I’m forever greatful for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice that day.

    – Cory Lang
  7. On September 22nd, 2018 was my first climb at Lambeau Field. I was honored to climb for Scott Andrew Larsen! With the steps that I was taking I kept thinking about what it must have been like that day…..I was overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts. Scott gave his own life in exchange for saving others! I have such respect for all fire fighters. May God continue to bless Scott’s family! We will never forget our hero SCOTT!

    – Teena Keesler
  8. On September 22nd, 2018 was my first climb at Lambeau Field. It was an honor to climb for Scott
    Andrew Larsen. With each step that I took, I was thinking of what it must of been like on that day, I was overwhelmed with all kinds of thoughts. I have gained such a profound respect for Fire Fighters after doing the climb. Each day they put their lives on the line for others. God Bless your family and please know we will never forget Scott!

    – Teena Keesler
  9. On September 9th,2019 I was honored to climb for Scott Andrew Larsen ! It was my first climb and it was very hard. My husband was a Firefighter as well for 30 yrs. and is retired now. My heart goes out to his family Everyday our men put there lives on the line to save people they have never met.They are true Hero’s. May Scott watch over your family and all other Firefighter’s from heaven.
    God Bless Scott and your family, We WILL NEVER FORGET !
    Forever grateful .
    – Karin Gunsenhouser

    – karin E Gunsenhouser
  10. On 9/11/2019, I climbed 5 laps at the Cahokia Mounds Memorial Heritage Site in Cahokia, IL. It was equivalent to the 62 floors climbed at the North Tower. Thank you for your service and for making the ultimate sacrifice and for the lives you saved. God Bless and Never Forget!

    – April Grapperhaus
  11. Today, on September 11, 2019, I was honored to climb for Scott Larson at Red Rocks 11th national Stair Climb memorial. Dressed in full firefighter bunker gear, and a hose over my shoulders, Scott and the 542 other firefighters that have died on or since 9/11 were in my mind and my heart. I know they gave me the strength to climb today, and I nor anybody else will ever be able to explain how thankful we truly are to Scott and everyone else who sacrificed their lives doing their duty to act to save other people. God bless.

    – Gabe Calocci
  12. I was honored to climb for Scott Andrew Larsen today 9/14/19, in the Memorial stair climb held in Grand Rapids, MI. Keeping the Larsen family in my prayers today!

    – Ben Helmreich
  13. I climbed with Scott this year in my town memorial climb. Knowing a little of who he was really hit home for me. My family is my world like his was to him. Scott, thank you for what you did that day. To his family and friends, today my heart hurts for you. I will always remember Scott Larson on this day.

    – Josh Karey
  14. I am honored to have climbed for Scott today (09/11/21). To the family, I want you to know that he will Never be forgotten, Prayers to for his family and friends.

    – Gary Sessions
  15. I walked today on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attaches in honor of Scott Andrew Larsen. Thank you, Scott for choosing to serve others. You are a true hero.

    – Sara Sherard
  16. I climbed today with my wife for Scott at 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay, Wisconsin at Lambeau field (home of the Green Bay Packers). We are forever grateful for Scott and his ultimate sacrifice. Know he has not been and will not be forgotten.

    – Brandon S Rogneby
  17. I had the privilege of climbing for Scott Andrew Larsen on the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, 2023. The 343 Firefighters who lost their lives will never be forgotten, they and their families, made the ultimate sacrifice. Sending love and prayers to the family of this hero. Thank you Scott and family for choosing a life of service. May we all remember What Barack Obama stated, “Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.” I am proud to never forget Scott, a selfless and brave hero that sacrificed his life for the safety of others and his Country.

    – Carrie Rogers
  18. I was at a memorial when I pulled Scott Larsen’s name and information from a box. Roger and Carol Whitford lost their son, Mark Whitford on 9/11. They have a 9/11 memorial open to all in their front yard. As a way to never forget their son and other heroes they hold a ceremony every year on 9/11. It struck me that I was a year older than Scott was when he fell. I wish he got to meet his fourth child. Thank you for your sacrifice Scott and the Larsen family.

    – Aaron Mushrush