Roll of Honor

Scott D. Duncan

  • Firefighter
  • Atlanta Fire Department
  • Georgia
  • Year of Death: 1981

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Memorial Wall

  1. Rest in Peace

    – Carl Raymond
  2. July 15, 1981 We remember Firefighter Scott D. Duncan Ladder Company No. 1 Died July 16, 1981 of Injuries Received
    While operating at a fire at 206 Trinity St. SW, FF Duncan fell to the ground trying to escape the sudden fire in a commercial building. On the evening of July 15, 1981, companies one and five along with engine seven responded to a report of a structure fire at 206 Trinity Street, S.W. The arriving companies found light smoke issuing from the third floor windows of a three story, heavy timber mercantile building. Firefighters entered the building through a broken window and ascended via an interior stairway. At the third floor they found a small fire burning on the floor. A booster line was called for as Captain Jerry Ingram and Firefighter Scott Duncan of Ladder One, along with Firefighter Ronnie Stewart of Engine Five waited for their hoseline, the fire suddenly burst forth, cutting off the firefighters from the stairway. They were driven to the windows, pausing briefly before falling to the ground. All three were seriously injured, with FF Duncan succumbing to his massive injuries on July 16, 1981. Captain Ingram and FF Stewart were awarded disability retirements.

    – Robert Kern
  3. Scott and I graduated from the Atlanta Fire Academy together.

    – Robert Kern