Roll of Honor

Scott Matthew Davidson

Scott Matthew Davidson

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 33
  • Year of Death: 2001

Scott Davidson was a man of many talents-firefighter‚ athlete‚ teacher‚ coach‚ and bartender just to name a few. He gave of himself to his community in many ways. He was looked up to by many as a basketball coach and school teacher. He enjoyed life and all it had to offer. He was a fierce competitor who won many awards. He was an all-star baseball player in the Great Kills Little League. He played four years of basketball at St. Joseph-by-the-Sea High School where he was named the most valuable player in the Jacques Classic All-Star High School game in 1986.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the College of Staten Island where he played on the basketball team for all four years‚ and was captain his senior year.

Materialistic things were not of importance to Scott. The most important things to Scott were his two children‚ his son Peter‚ 8 years old‚ and his daughter Casey‚ 4 years old. He was very proud of them‚ and he was happiest while coaching them‚ having a catch or watching a dance recital. He coached his son Peter in football and baseball‚ and his daughter Casey was certainly a ‘Daddy’s Girl.’ He loved his children above all things.

One of the proudest moments in Scott’s life‚ aside from the birth of his two children‚ was when he graduated the fire academy. He worked at Ladder Company 118 in Brooklyn Heights‚ New York. He was a firefighter since January 16‚ 1994‚ a lifelong dream of his. He often said it was ‘the greatest job in America.’

On September 11‚ 2001‚ Scott was on duty and responded to the call after a second hijacked airliner struck the World Trade Center.

Scott’s acts of heroism are not surprising. He was a brave and fearless man and a devout patriot. He was a friend to many‚ and will be sorely missed by us all.

He is survived by his two children‚ Peter and Casey‚ his father Stephen Davidson‚ his mother Carla DiMaggio‚ his stepmother Linda Davidson‚ his brother Michael Davidson‚ and his grandmother Celia Lategano.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Thank you for the sacrifice you made that day.

    – Justin Bernst
  2. I am humbled reading the tribute to Fireman, Scott Matthew Davidson. My heart
    extends sincere sympathy and love to Scott’s family and all the other
    First Repsonders for their loss of a loved one. My message comes via Jody Kaiser Brannon a friend and American Patriot. In awe of your sacrifice, sent from NC.

    – Sue Butcher
  3. Thank you for your sacrifice! You are a true hero!

    Your Cousin,
    Eleanor and family

    – Genie
  4. Scott,

    Thank you for your sacrifice!

    Genie Tuyn (distant cousin)

    – Genie
  5. Bones,

    Saluting you after 16 years.

    God has shined on your children and they are always in our hearts.


    – joe gulino
  6. We did a memorial for those who died on 9/11 at school today, we had a specific person and we would read their story aloud in class then light a candle for them. Scott Davidson was my hero to read aloud. I am very thankfull for your sacrifice that day.

    – Brandon
  7. You are deeply missed, Mr. Davidson. All my love goes to Pete and Casey

    – Megan
  8. Today I completed a 9/11 Memorial Climb, and I was honored to wear a badge with Scotts picture and name presented on it. I rung the bell in honor of him on the “78th floor”. I continued to climb to the “110th Floor” keeping him in mind and those he loved. Remembering the sacrifice given, choking up at the honor of it all, and pushing through when I was tired and hot reminding myself of how little my act was in comparison to those firemen like Scott who gave their lives to save others that day. God Bless!

    – Wendy
  9. Thank you for being a true hero. You sacrificed yourself for the better wellbeing of others!

    – Rufus
  10. Your son is a brilliant comedian. Hearing him talk about you made me want to look up other firefighters who died on that day. The definition of American heroes.

    – N
  11. Your son is now one of the most famous comedians on the planet. He is famous, loved, successful, my idol, and he recently got engaged to one of the most famous singers on the planet. You did well. Thank you for the sacrifice.

    – VG
  12. God bless you and the ones you love.

    – Dee Jensen
  13. Thank you for your sacrifice, it will never be forgotten!

    – Neel Patel
  14. God bless you. Your sacrifice will be remembered.

    – Bassam Gergi
  15. You are true and brave hero. Reading your story made me cry. I just discovered you through your son’s story. He has been very stressed out since your passing, no doubt. God bless you, God bless America. With love and prayers offered up. Barbara.

    – Barbara Smith
  16. Thank you!

    – Emely
  17. You sacrificed everything to help others. My heart goes out to you and your family. Gods speed!

    – Billy
  18. Thank you, very brave!!

    – carson
  19. He truly was a hero

    – Crystal2
  20. My heart goes to your family! Thank you for being a great hero. May your soul rest in piece!

    – Stephanie Rodriguez
  21. God bless you.
    My heart goes out to your family. Thank you for your heroic kindness.

    – Fonda
  22. Dear Mr Davidson
    God must be holding you and all the brave men and women of 9-11 disaster, close
    Bless you sir
    Your courage will never be forgotten, not by me ever
    Thank you sir

    – Karen Cielo
  23. The day will never be forgotten nor shall the firefighters like Scott who perished tryin to save humanity.343 angels

    – Debra Center
  24. Scott you are a true hero to your nation, you will never be forgotten and I will talk about you to my son and him to his son and we will remember with pride that our firemen and police faced down evil and showed the world that americans never quit, never give up and you will be immortalized in our memory forever!

    – George fullwood
  25. I am honored to have ran on your behalf today as a part of the Tunnel for Towers 5K Foundation in Clearwater, FL over the Clearwater Memorial Causeway. Each of the runners were honored to wear a name and photo of a fallen 9/11 hero, and you were chosen for me to honor today. Thank you for your incredible service and sacrifice – I am humbled by your story and it is clear that you are so loved and missed by many.

    – Taryn Lumia
  26. ❤️

    – Dan
  27. Your son has brought new life to your memory. You would be proud.

    – Cathy
  28. Thank you Scott Davidson for sacrificing your life to save others life I think you’re a hero and an amazing human being

    – Denice
  29. It’s unbelievable how many kind and loving people there are in this world. For every ounce of evil there is a pound of love, generosity and kindness. Words cannot express my gratitude for the short time you were here. My heart breaks for your family and friends that lost you much too soon. Love.

    – Michael Jay Dalton
  30. R I P
    Real Hero

    – Natalia
  31. Your son is truly brilliant please watch over him from heaven, may God always take care of you and yours.

    – Michael Dilley
  32. Hi Pete I just read about your amazing father. Just know he’s always looking out for you and he would be (and he is) so proud of you. Hang in there life will get easier and better. And know you are loved and prayed for by people you don’t know and will probably never know. One if my prayers for you is that life will gives you a breath and a smile ? in between life’s changes.

  33. hero

    – bob
  34. Thank you for the sacrifice you made for New York City and our country. You will never be forgotten. God bless you and yours.

    – Maria
  35. You were a true hero and are an inspiration to all of us.
    Your Distant Cousin,

    – Gideon
  36. Thank you

    – Emily
  37. In gratitude and awe to you and your family.

    – Noah
  38. We all love your son Pete Davison

    – jackson
  39. Although I was yet to be born, I still pay tribute and give thanks to God who allowed giving and caring human beings as yourself, Scott. Thank you for what you have done and I, along with my others, will never have enough thanks to give you.

    – arianna
  40. Although I was yet to be born but I wholeheartedly want to thank you for your sacrifice that day. You’re missed and will never be forgotten. May God bless your soul and all the men and women who lost their lives on that fateful day. We will never forget. May God bless America.

    – Hritam
  41. May Allah give you a higher place in Heaven. And may your Kids especially Peter, make this earth Heaven for the rest of fellow Americans. Ameen!

    – Saeed Ahmad
  42. Rest In Peace. YOU lived a HERO and died a HERO.

    – Mohamed
  43. I completed a 9/11 Memorial Climb(2019 Green Bay, WI), and I was honored to wear a badge with Scotts picture and name on it. Practically every flight I climbed I looked at his picture thinking what a true hero this man was. My Father was a volunteer firemen for 11 years. I never really thought much when I was a kid of what my dad went through when he left the house to run on a call. Pretty much thought that he would be back home soon. My heart goes out to his two children. Thanking your dad for the true sacrifice that he made that day. Kim N

    – Kim Neubauer
  44. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.
    John 15:13. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Davidson. Your ultimate sacrifice has not been forgotten by many, just as my comrades in the military that did the same thing!

    – Mark Grubb
  45. I ordered a 911 bracelet and requested it have the name of a firefighter. I proudly wear my bracelet that has Scott’s name engraved on it. I was fortunate enough to go to New York in 2017, and felt like I finally met this brave man. Thank you for your service, and your sacrifice. Rest In Peace Mr. Scott Matthew Davidson. 🇺🇸

    – Jo Ann
  46. Scott, thank you for your service. You were such an incredible human being, and not a day goes by without people thinking about you. You would be so proud of your children down here. Both Pete and Casey have made names for themselves in their own respective ways! You died a hero, but you live on in the hearts of many. Thank you again, Scott Matthew Davidson. God bless you and your family.

    – Dylan
  47. Tonight I walked in memory of Scott Davidson, on the 18th anniversary of his death. I cried for a man I never met as I picked up a lanyard with his photograph and ladder company affiliation because of the ultimate sacrifice he made for his community and our nation. I will never forget.

    – Kathleen Hodges
  48. Mr. Davidson,
    Thank you for being a true American hero. May God bless you today and always.
    With Love,
    Renee from Boston, MA

    – Renee
  49. Today, I for no reason at all, decided to look at the names of the fallen. I came across Scott’s name and noticed that we were the same age when he passed. I was serving year 14 of my 20 with the Coast Guard in San Diego, Ca. A day that horribly, like everyone else, I’ll never forget. Scott’s bio hit me quite hard. I believe he was someone i’d have been happy to know. It’s very indicative of a person, to be loved by so many. I pray that God will provide his devine comfort, to help assuage any remaining grief, that his loved ones still carry. One day we will all be reunited with our families, and I too, will have a chance to meet Scott.

    – Brent M. Bruce
  50. Thank you for your service. May you RIP.

    – Dawn
  51. Thank you for your courage that fateful day.
    Your sacrifice as well as those who lost their lives will never be forgotten.

    – Amanda
  52. You should see how Amazing Peter has turned out… he has, I’m sure, made you beyond proud as you have made him.
    Two amazing Davidson men.
    God bless you both.

    -Just a girl from Boston

    – Amila
  53. – joe data
  54. As a firefighter I am always indebted to your courage and bravery.
    A friend bought a restaurant and gave me a tour throughout the building. As we went to the basement, items that had been removed were there. He told me to take anything I wanted. As I looked down I immediately saw the picture of 118 Ladder crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. I took it. Not knowing this was the last time you would respond to a call.. it hangs with my 911 memorial tribute to the FDNY. God Bless 343

    – Fred Kottmyer III
  55. I didn’t know him. I never even heard about him until SNL. But to anybody that says 9/11 was a day of grief, I say that it was a day of grief and heroism.
    Thank you. If Pete saw you, he would say thank you

    – Eli Kelley
  56. how odd to think one day we’d all come here to leave messages of love for you and your family. your son has become a brilliant comedian and has saved so many with his humor (including me)

    – Saea
  57. A very heartfelt thank you to Scott Davidson for making the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us. I am, and always will be, in awe of the men and women who rushed toward the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 when many of us headed for safety. God Bless Scott Davidson and the FDNY and thank you.

    – JR Moore
  58. Thank you for your heroism on that terrible day that we will never forget. RIP.

    – TD
  59. Rushing towards the towers while everyone else was fleeing was the most courageous thing a person could do. Thank you and Godspeed.

    – TD
  60. Thank you so much for being a Hero.

    Rest in peace.

    – Travis Kleiber
  61. Thank you for being a Hero to All. Pete did an outstanding job on The King of Staten Island. It will stay with me forever as you and Pete will….and 9/11. Words cannot describe how we feel for you and what character you have as a person. The highest honor and greatest of mankind.

    – Trimpe
  62. thank you for your service, you were a beautiful person

    – Gemma Greig
  63. Just watched king of Staten Island and was moved by the story although it was fictional it brought me here to learn of Pete Davidson. And it is evident in his sons eyes the pain that still exists in his soul how much he misses his dad I’m so sorry for your loss Pete and may your dad forever be remembered for being a good person…

    – Danny b
  64. Thx for your sacrifice and thx for giving the world Pete someone who we can all relate to in some way

    – Nathan Newbill
  65. Thank you for serving us. You saved many lives and are remembered. There is even a movie about your kids. Its dedicated to you. You left your mark. Thanks again.

    – Gabz
  66. Thank you for your service, Scott. You are and will always be remembered as a hero. Pete is honoring your name.

    – Marissa Maulorico
  67. God bless your soul Scott, and may your son be forever talented, and your daughter be forever protected. Such a sacrifice for such a cause. It tears my heart apart knowing of this story. <3 and RIP brother.

    David C Dawson
  68. I have just watched a movie that dedicated to him. Hey hero I salute you.

    – Tej Kumar
  69. Thank you for your service, you will always be remembered as a hero who saved many lives.

    – Julie G
  70. God bless you Scott…your son Pete has turned into such a wonderful young man and he honors you every chance he gets in the media. I hope you are able to see everything he has accomplished, I know you are proud of him and Casey. Love to you, thank you for your service!

    – John
  71. I did not know you nor your family but I lost my father shortly after 9/11 in operation Iraqi Freedom and your son has helped me with a lot of depression through his comedy. Thank You for your sacrifice and thank you for giving this world such a wonderful son who spreads laughter and joy. He truly is a remarkable person and im sure you would be proud of him.

    – Garrett Messer
  72. I miss you Scotty. A lot of laughs at the bar. When times get tough I think about you and that day. You got me through a lot. Love you brother.

    – J Anderson
  73. A hero to be remembered. May you rest in peace sir. Your son has a beautiful soul. You gave a lot to this world. All my respect sir.

    S. Morph
  74. I want to very much thank you for your service. I know u only by way of your son’s warm tribute to you. you must be so proud of him as you look down from above and you should be Pete is a terrific young man who is making his way thru life I am sure wishing you were here with him to see how far he has come. I know you are watching over him and couldn’t be prouder… may god be w you both so that one day you will be reunited. Love, Kim

    – kimberly cummings
  75. I flew to NY for the first time just for a very short minute, an event Saturday night. I spent 5 hours on Saturday at the 911 memorial museum. Not enough time but it was all I had. Incredible and beautiful tribute to you all. My respects to all on that horrific day. Firefighting a job of service is not a career but an act of love to humanity. Thank you Mr. Davidson.

    – Gloria
  76. Thanks Scott, you were an hero!

    – Ignacio Donoso
  77. Thank you for your service.

    – Dave
  78. You are a true hero. Thank you for your sacrifice not many people would make. You’ve got a wonderful family still on this earth.

    – Jake
  79. I just watched your sons movie the King of Staten Island and it was incredible.
    Just like you he is a hero in his own way.

    – Brian
  80. Thank you for your bravery. You are a hero.

    – Lindsey Jo Scott
  81. words cannot explain how grateful we are for your service. you are a hero, through and through.

    – grace
  82. Thank you Scott Davidson for your service to the state of New York and our country. I hope to someday visit the 9/11 Memorial and find your name amongst the many, many heroes lost that day and in the years that have followed.

    – Christina Witt
  83. Thank you for your service. You are a hero. Your son is very talented. His movie in honor of you touched my heart. God bless your family.

    – Abby
  84. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice, love and respect.

    – Jeff Ward
  85. You are a hero and we are so proud of you. Thank you for the sacrifice. All my love to Pete, Casey and all your family and friends. You did a great job.

    – Alba
  86. I just watched the King of Staten Island. Scott was memorialized at the end, which caused me to google Scott. I was able to see the parallels in the movie. This time of the year, my thoughts are on Sept 11, the loss our country experienced that day, and the families of those lost. Thank you Scott Davidson for your service. Thank you, Peter for honoring your father at the end of the movie.

    – Angela Price
  87. Thank u, we miss u

    – Maria levine
  88. Your sacrifice and bravery is not forgotten. Thank you.

    – Christine Rosario
  89. today is the 19th anniversary of the death of Scott Davidson a true blue blood American hero who gave his all for his brothers. There is no greater act of love than to lay down your life for your brother. John 15:13. God bless Scott Davidson

    – benjamin garza
  90. Thank you for being a hero.God bless you Scott❤️

    – Alessia Prapaniku
  91. Thank you for your service that day. You would be proud of your son today and the talent he is.

    – Kaitlin
  92. 19 years, rest in peace. thank you for your sacrifice. ❤️

    – cs
  93. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice, you and all who sacrificed to help others will never be forgotten, none of those who perished that day will ever be forgotten

    – Debra Basco
  94. I just finished watching your sons movie, The King of Staten Island and wow, not really sure what to say but THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice. You’re a true hero and gave your life to save others. I hope Pete [and Carly & their mom] can find peace. #NeverForget #AlwaysRemember 9/11

    – Cory Strouth
  95. I just finished watching your sons movie, The King of Staten Island, and wow, not really sure what to say but THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice. You’re a true hero and gave your life to save others. I hope Pete [and Casey & their mom] can find peace. #NeverForget #AlwaysRemember 9/11

    – Cory Strouth
  96. You don’t know me. I live in Chicago and just watched The King of Staten Island. I didn’t know this about your family. You would be proud of your son Pete and the story told.

    – Kelly Rauch
  97. Thank you for your service

    – Gary W
  98. I never knew what it was like to lose anyone until this year. I lost my two bestfriends. I’m humbled and have figured out that God really loves those people who have such a good heart and leave an impact on everyone around them. I’m glad to tell you that it looks like Pete is doing well and I hope his blessings continue. It’s been an honor to hear about the good you did for your people, Scott, that really inspires me. Man you were young and a great person by the things I’ve learned. I’m way out in New Mexico. You’ve been heard around the world, at least I hope so.

    – Luis Borunda
  99. Wow, what a truly amazing man. Scott left behind an amazing son too apparently. So thankful that I googled to find out who Scott Davidson was after watching the King of Staten Island movie.

    – Christine Hogan
  100. You’d be very proud of your family if you were still here. And everyone, everywhere, is proud of you. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Caden L.
  101. On 911 every Sept. 11 my wife and I climb the 110 flights of stairs in rememberance if the 343 brave souls that climbed the towers in NY, at Red Rocks in Colorado. Pete, I see you on SNL and want to say thanks for what his family as given. I am 65 and will continue to do the stair climb until I am unable to climb. Pete, give your mom a hug. We in Colorado will never forget. Yes, we did climb this year with covid restrictions with some of our local firefighters. Never forget. The Benjamins.

    – Henry Benjamin
  102. To Scott, and to all of the brave men and women of all the firehouse companies, police districts, and the unsung heroes within the WTC from September 11th, you are all heroes and we are grateful for your acts to save those of us here today. You are inspiring people who will never be forgotten, and are what make this country motivated to fight back and be strong.

    – Chloe Vanderlei
  103. My heart goes out to not only his personal family but his work family. As a former EMT, and social worker I understand how much everyone cares. My heart breaks for everyone.

    – Leslie
  104. AFTER reading your bio, I cried for Scott, his wife & children, what a loss! My BD is September 11th & it hit me hard, but, I didn’t lose any family members! Pray for wife, children, especially Pete (the visual one?) who went through so much mental trauma, so talented, funny & getting his life together, hopefully! God bless & embrace all who gave their lives on 09-11-2001 & theafter?

    – Ron Fernberg
  105. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will always be remembered.

    – Nero
  106. I just watched the king of Staten Island and what a nice tribute by Peter Davidson to his father

    – Shawn Sliva
  107. I absolutely respect your act of heroism Mr. Davidson

    – Kyu Lumsdon
  108. You will always be remembered! Thank you for your services, and your sacrifice! You are a true hero! We love your son, Pete, one of our favorite on SNL! You sound like a wonderful person, a great father, son, and a true Patriot! May you Rest in Peace! God Bless! 🕊

    – Traci
  109. Now I know who the King of Staten Island is. He was a first class hero and an inspiration to the brave men and women that service to protect. Great tribute Pete!

    – Arnie
  110. 👑❤️😇

    – Makenna Lucas
  111. My heart goes out to Pete and Casey! Rest In Peace hero!

    – Dom
  112. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

    – Zach
  113. Thanks so so much for all your sacrifices and giving us a really funny so. Scott, Pete is hilarious you would be so proud.

    – Roxie
  114. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your family also deserves all the thanks in the world for their sacrifice throughout the years and since your passing. Prayers for them and your soul.

    – Laura Solomons
  115. Just watched The King of Staten Island and dedicated in your honor. Great movie and your son did a great job! Thank you for your service and sacrifice on September 11, 2001. We will continue to pray for peace as your children, family and friends continue to heal and grieve.

    – Angela Stewart
  116. Just watched the King of Staten Island. Pete is very talented. I have been a fireman for 25 years and knew many of the FDNY guys who perished on 9/11. Firefighter Davidson is a hero, not just for his actions on 9/11, which he inevitably knew he would die, but for the many times he put other lives before his.

    – Pat White
  117. I know you cant see this, but I want to thank you for your service. You would be proud of you son, Peter, who has dedicated his life to making millions smile.

    – Phoenix Felton
  118. Thank you for you’re sacrifice, you was a true hero

    – T
  119. Your father sounds like my late husband John.
    John was a LT. For Baytown Fire & Rescue.
    John could do many things and if he didn’t know how to do it he would read about it and do it. He also played a little baseball on the Fire Department’s team.
    John also made a trip to NY after 9/11 to fill in and work for departments that were short staffed due to 9/11.
    Thank You to your father Scott, and all others who made the Sacrifice on 9/11.
    It will never be forgotten.

    – Jamie Carr
  120. My only wish is that Scott sees how awesome his son turned out to be. My heart goes out to all the fallen heroes and the heroes still fighting for their lives today.

    – Roger Mendez
  121. I’m not american but that doesn’t really matter. I’m from Devon, England, UK, my brother was born the year you sadly left us. I can’t even put into words how proud and unevenly worthy I am of you’re service ❤
    You have done you’re country a great service that will never be forgotten then and now. Even in my small town.
    Your life and love will live on forever till the end of days.

    – Mitchell
  122. A Real hero. Thanks for your sacrifice.
    God bless you.

    – Jan Bensch
  123. Thank you for your sacrifice! We will remember you forever!

    – Justice LOL
  124. God Bless you for all you have done. Your heroism will always be remembered. Thank you for your service. Rest in Peace. 💖🙏

    – Nikki Randenberg
  125. Thank you for your bravery and service!❤️

    – AM
  126. Thank you for your service. Your son made me aware of who you are. The movie dedicated to you. A fallen hero never to be forgotten.

    – Tina
  127. True legend, his son Pete Davidson helped changed my life.

    – Joseph Steckerl
  128. Thank You for your sacrifice R.I.P

    – Olivia L Rose
  129. I remember Scott from Middle school/AKA Jr. High days at IS 24. Scott sat in the back of the classroom with his cohorts Seth Friedman, Robert Pandolfi, And Kevin Brady. One of our classmates was James Rosen, the now famous reporter formerly of FOX news, now reporting for Sinclair news. .

    – Marc Smilen
  130. I’m sorry to hear this happened to him I was born a year after 911 in 2002 and my football number was 33..

    – Dylan Reynolds
  131. Forever R.I.P. Hero!
    You lost your life trying to save others and should be remembered everyday.
    Pete and Casey are lucky to have you as their father… God has granted both Pete and Casey many talented gifts to bestow mankind.
    May God Bless your entire family and keep you safe.

    – Brian D. - St. Louis, Missouri
  132. Rest in peace Scott. You will be forever missed.

    – Ashley
  133. Thank you for your service , you will be always be remembered as a hero. I’m sure you’ll be so proud of what your kids have become today ❤️ My dad also passed away when I was your son Peter’s age when you passed away, so I feel it. God bless you and your family

    – Hazelle
  134. I was a classmate of Scott at IS 24. AKA Myra Barnes middle school in Staten Island. 6th through 8th grades. Scott sat in the back of the classroom with his cohorts Robert Pandolfi, Seth Friedman, and Kevin Brady. A classmate of ours was news reporter James Rosen

    – Marc Smilen
  135. so thankful for your sacrifice, we all love you and your family <3

    – bf
  136. True red blooded American hero

    – Matthew Clark
  137. You are a true hero!

    – Oliver van der Lugt
  138. It’s quite a story. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Jeffrey Goldfuss
  139. I recently learned about you through your sons jokes, Pete has turned into a funny handsome man, still taking care of your wife, or she is taking care of him, lol. It is 20 years later but you live on in our hearts, you are a hero. Keep Pete’s head up for us. Rip🤍🕊

    – Abbey
  140. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were coura geous and selfless. I’m glad Pete is carrying on your legacy and informing the world what an amazing soul you were! You are a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  141. Scott,

    You are so missed by all that got the pleasure to call you their friend.

    – Marnee Anastos
  142. Your a superhero and god definitely did good when he made Scott Davidson. We are lucky to have a hero like him.

    – Nikkie
  143. Thank you for your brave service.

    – Jessica C