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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Scott Michael Kopytko

Scott Michael Kopytko‚ age 32‚ attended St. John’s University where he received a Bachelor of Science‚ was a member of the honor society‚ and was one semester away from completing his Master’s in Finance.

He worked as a Commodities Broker in the World Trade Center and in November 1998 he realized his dream of becoming a New York City Firefighter. He immediately began preparing for the FDNY Lieutenant’s exam that he approached with great zeal as he felt the FDNY was his true calling and his lifelong career.

His interests varied from world history to the arts‚ science to pop culture‚ finance to Ford Mustangs. He loved sports and participated in many–basketball‚ handball‚ playing pool‚ darts and golf to name a few. His quick wit‚ sense of humor‚ love of family‚ friends and his dedication to his job and all the new brothers he had found made him a very special man.

Memorial Posts


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  1. This last saturday, I participated in a “run for the fallen” event in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin to raise money for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. I had the opportunity to choose a firefighter who gave everything to try to save lives in New York on 9/11. I am honored to have had the opportunity to run a mile in full turn-out gear in remembrance of Scott Kopytko, a true hero that gave his life in attempt to save a few. Thank you!

    Matt Berndt
  2. I had the honor today of climbing in the 9/11 Nashville Stair Climb. This was my second year to climb. I climbed for Michael, and it is so amazing to learn about his life. As I read about this man, I see so many similarities in our lives and it pains me so much that he lost his life so early. It was an honor to climb in your honor today brother and I know that you were there with me helping me make it to the top just as you worked so hard 15 years ago to help get people out. Rest easy.

    – Ryne Chandler
  3. Today I climbed in honor of Scott Michael Kopytko at the 9/11 stair climb at Red Rocks in Colorado. Thank you for your service Scott–we will never forget you!

    – Kristi Pohly
  4. Today I did the memorial stair climb at lambeau field Green Bay wisconsin. I was honored to do this climb in memory of Scott kopytko who have the ultimate sacrifice is life to safe others. It was such an inspirational events and made me reflect on my own as well

    – Tina streicher
  5. I use to play handball with back off both memorial and main street park. We became close friends and handball partners eventually Scott told me about getting the job as a firefighter when he showed up at the park that afternoon. We became good friends and he bought my black mustang. I was wondering if the car was still with him. Please feel free to call me 347-885-8872.

    – Mauel Zelaya
  6. While working as a building engineer/fire safety director I called Fireman Kopytko due to sprinkler shutdowns. Being fluent in Slavic languages I asked Scott if he knew the meaning of his last name, to which he responded yeah a Little hoof, finding it funny we both laughed and even though we never met, I always looked forward to hearing his voice and the name. And yes I think of him and miss him.

    – Vaclav Pisko
  7. Today (September the 11th in New Zealand) I will by climbing the Auckland Sky tower in full turn out gear in honour of those who fell in our 9/11 memorial climb. I am a Qualified Fire Fighter and Pump op/Driver in Auckland Beachlands Fire Brigade. Scott is the fire fighter I have chosen to do the climb on behalf. He was the same age as me.
    It’s an honour to do so.

    – Philip Jessep
  8. We go along in life and we lose track. Today a few days after I CO hosted a 9-11 memorial, I was driving thru my old neighborhood and spotted a memorial triangle with the name “Firefighter Scott Kopytko”. I grew up with a guy that had same name in the same neighborhood. I pulled over and googled the name. A feeling of dread came over me as what I expected came to be. It was the same Scott. Scott was a great guy. We lost contact as many of us do. May You rest easy and May your family have solace. We that were blessed to have known you if even for a short time.

    – Al
  9. Today I participated in a 9/11 Stair Climb in memory of our Fallen Firefighters. I was given Scott Michael Kopytko’s name badge. Also having a Slav name, it gave me pause. After the event now I sat down and looked up a recipe and what randomly popped up was dumplings with the name “Kopytko”. Therefore that sign immediately lead me to read more about Scott and his history. A true hero. May he rest in peace. “Vičnaja jemu pamjať!” Eternal be his memory!

    – Nadine Korchak
  10. Thank you for your service

    – Alice
  11. On that fateful day, fireman Scott Kopytko was a fearless man with Polish roots who was one of the best men fighting against evil and bravely trying to save lives.

    – Jo Watson
  12. May You Rest In peace & Thank You For Your Service You Will Never Be Forgotten 🙏🏽❤️🌹🕊️

    – Jesenia Espinal