Roll of Honor

Sean P. McAdam

Sean P. McAdam

  • Firefighter
  • Louisville Fire Department
  • Kentucky
  • Age: 49
  • Year of Death: 2022

Sean Patrick McAdam was born March 14,1973. Sean was effortlessly charming and had an easy way about him that made him a friend to many. He was not shy about telling the people he loved that he loved them. He was an adoring father to his son, the love of his life. He was a brother to a sister completely enamored with him and a super fun uncle who was very strong and could throw you way high up in the air. He was a dad joke enthusiast and, after 20 years on the fire department, a pretty good cook! Sean attended St. Jerome Catholic Elementary School and St. Francis DeSales High School, graduating in 1991.

Upon graduating from high school, Sean joined the United States Coast Guard and served for four years. He enjoyed the Coast Guard for its comradery and came to realize that serving made a difference. Sean felt that he wanted to serve in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and upon leaving the military he decided to apply for the Louisville Fire Department. The fire department, too, gave Sean the comradery he enjoyed in the military and a career that he felt made a difference to his community. While in the fire academy, Sean helped several fellow candidates study for exams. He even held study sessions in the basement of his house. He loved being a firefighter and loved all those with whom he served.

Sean is remembered throughout the Louisville Fire Department as having a welcoming vibe and making everyone feel a part of the family. He always wore a smile, was a hard worker that set the bar high, then encouraged those around him to push themselves to meet it. He is remembered as being one of a kind and truly missed every day. Sean is remembered by friends as incredibly hard working, always willing to go the extra mile to help someone, and he always liked to make people smile. His friends say he was one of one.

Sean leaves to cherish his memory a son, a sister, three nieces, and many extended family members, along with his fire department family of 20 years. Life will never be the same for family, friends and the Louisville Fire Department.

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