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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

Sergio G. Villanueva

Sergio G. Villanueva‚ 33‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 132. Villanueva‚ who was engaged to be married‚ had spent eight years as a New York City police officer before joining the FDNY. On the job‚ colleagues respected his skills and looked forward to his stints in the firehouse kitchen. Villanueva had honed his culinary expertise at his father’s Bayside‚ Queens restaurant. A native of Argentina and a member of the FDNY’s soccer team‚ Villanueva had a passionate love for Argentine soccer. He would be hoarse for days after watching a match.

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  1. I am a volunteer firefighter in Indiana. Earlier this year I was privileged to climb in memory of Sergio. This was such an honor to be a part of this. I was then able to make the trip to NYC. The only place that was on my mind visiting was ground zero. Upon arriving it became a reality for me. The sacrifice you and so many others made that day will always be remembered. For me you will never be forgotten. Thank you

    – Adam L Schanlaub
  2. Adam I grew up w Sergio. He would follow my roller hockey team The HSA Rams.I was a FDNY member and i remember when he got into L132 we were one Battalion apart.I was working in E220 for 8 years by then.He was a great guy smooth funny ahead of his time in fashion!
    He just had a smooth line!

    – Vin Anzelone
  3. Sergio was a good FF and he loved being One. Such a nice guy. AHEAD OF HIS TIME IN FASHION
    He brought back the long sideburns before 90210. And he loved just floating in his pool.
    He was a good fireman always wanting to get in the thick of it.
    I miss you Serge

    – Vin Anzelone
  4. Today I had the honor of climbing the stairs of Lambeau field in Green Bay with my sister and niece. My climb was in honor of Sergio. The sacrifice and service of Sergio and all his brothers and sisters that day will never be forgotten by me, nor was it in vain. Thank you to his family for sharing the life of your loved one with the rest of us Americans. Nothing can take his place, but a little piece of him lived on today.
    God Bless

    – sarah evers
  5. In Argentina we are so proud of re you Sergio. We’ll always remember your courage and your work. Thank you. Respect to all heroes off 9/11 FF and NYPD

    – Nacho
  6. I am climbing the stair climb at Lambeau field in Green Bay today. Carrying you on my heart. Rest in peace.

    – Mariah P
  7. On September 7th, I will climb 61 stories to the tallest building in San Francisco, the SalesForce Tower in honor of Sergio and the Villanueva family. Like them my family also migrated to New York from Argentina. As immigrants, your friends end up being the extended family we have all left behind to come this great nation we call America. Sergio’s family is our family. I am honored to have spent part of my childhood with such a great human being and amazing person. God bless you and la familia Villanueva.

    – Marcelo A Romano
  8. Sergio,
    Today I climbed Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado in your honor. Thank you kind soul for your sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

    – Kristy Rapacki
  9. Tomorrow morning I will be running 110 flights of stairs for you. God bless you and know you’re not forgotten ❤️

    – Jennifer Krneta
  10. I have worn a bracelet in honor of Lt. Villanueva for the past 18 years on the anniversary of his greatest sacrifice. Rest in heaven lieutenant.

    – Sherryn Diamond
  11. Today I was honored to climb the steps of Segra Staidium (Fayetteville NC) with my son. My honorary climb was for Sergio (Ladder. 132) along with all his brothers and sisters who were lost. It was a honor to represent Sergio as I read all the great things others have posted about him. I Thank his family for sharing Sergio with all of us across this great country. God bless his family and again Thank you. RIP Sergio G. Villanueva

    – Frank Murrietta
  12. Hi my name is Aidan when I came across this page when I was looking up my great uncle (Sergio Villanueva) I was surprised I’m in 7th grade now and I am using my uncle for a project called famous Latino and i hope he’s proud

    – Aidan S. villanueva
  13. I just finished watching Rebirth documentary. I am moved to tears. This brave man was clearly loved and his loss left a vacancy in the heart of the woman that has kept his memory alive. My deepest condolences.

    – Sonya Gala
  14. Tomorrow I will walk in the middle TN Tunnel 2 Towers in your honor.

    – Lynn L Foster
  15. 9/11 stairclimb at Lambeau Field. Today I climb in honor of Sergio Villanueva. Fallen but not Forgotten! Your sacrifice saved so many. God bless your family 🙏

    – Katie Conradt
  16. I will have Sergio`s photo and badge on my shirt for the Red Rocks climb in Morrison Colorado. It will be an honor. He and the other fallen firefighters will not be forgotten.

    – Jack Lopez
  17. Earlier this month I had the privilege of climbing in honour of Sergio in the Melbourne Firefighter stair climb in Australia for the CFA

    – Kaiden Ellis