Roll of Honor

Shane M. Kelly

Shane M. Kelly

  • Firefighter/EMT
  • Oviedo Fire Rescue
  • Florida
  • Age: 26
  • Year of Death: 2002

Submitted by his wife

Shane M. Kelly was a 26 year old firefighter/ EMT. On June 8th Shane and his wife Rachel were traveling on the Florida turnpike when they came across a couple trapped in their crashed and overturned vehicle. Working diligently alongside others through a torrential rainstorm he attempted to free the injured newlywed couple in the crushed vehicle. A tractor trailer lost control and crashed into the rescuers‚ killing Shane and a local doctor and injuring others.

Shane did not receive this call over the radio‚ it was not in his jurisdiction‚ nor was he on the clock. That is what makes Shane’s story unique‚ the absence of these elements that make him a hero. The forces that prompted him to pull off the road were not driven by a paycheck or obligation‚ but a deeper sense of duty. Shane died like he lived: Helping Others.

Shane was Vice-President of Union Local 3476‚ and when not at the fire department he spent most of his free time in the outdoors hunting and fishing with friends and his father-in-law.

Because of his heroic actions Shane has been given numerous awards and honors posthumously:

Florida Fire Chiefs Award of Excellence in EMT/Rescue
Department of Florida VFW Outstanding Firefighter
City of Oviedo Firefighter of the Year
City of Oviedo Medal of Valor
Sumter County Medal of Honor
IAFF Medal of Honor
American Red Cross Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action
The city of Oviedo has named a park after Shane
A scholarship fund has been established in his name
Letters of recognition from governor Jeb Bush and many state and local political leaders

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Memorial Wall

  1. I remember the story and even though I never met Shane I knew the doctor he was with and every time my daughter steps onto the Shane Kelley Soccer Field I remember how brave those two me were and I think of both wives who had to witness the events. My hearts go out to the families even after 6 years. Shane will never be forgotten nor will his service.

    – Kerry Rizza
  2. I did not know Shane, but heard of the tragic accident. Just saw this page and felt compelled to to comment and say a prayer.

    This story touches my heart in a special way because, my grandfather was a firefighter also. Unfortunately, he lost his life as the result of an accident while on duty. He was my hero and so are all the others like him. May God continue to provide comfort to Shane’s family. I live across the street from Shane Kelly Soccer Field. Shane’s courageous legacy will live on!

    Karen Tucker
  3. I didn’t personally know Shane or the Dr that was killed on the vehicle accident. But I was on scene working with the fire dept that responded. It is a day I will never forget. Godspeed.

    – Ginger
  4. The day I will never forget. I was a Battalion Chief with Sumter County. I was also first on scene and command. By the time we cleared, I had made up my mind that this was my last call. It ripped the heart from my chest, as it’s doing again now. I continued on the job, but everyone on that call had a small helmet sticker they wore on their helmet with number 56 on the shield.

    – George m Jacobs