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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Shawn Edward Powell

Shawn Powell was a firefighter and a United States Army Reservist. Shawn loved music‚ the outdoors‚ his family‚ friends‚ the theater‚ arts‚ traveling‚ creating‚ helping people‚ learning‚ teaching‚ and being the jack-of-all-trades. Shawn Powell loved life and he lived it to the fullest.

Jean Powell

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  1. This Friday I am running in honor of Shawn E. Powell at a Patriot 5k run. I will remember him and all the others who fearlessly lost their lives to save others. We will never forget!

    – Missy McCall
  2. This Saturday, 9/10, I’ll be climbing for Shawn Powell for the San Diego 9/11 StairClimb. I’m doing this in his memory as he as well as other first responders who were brave enough to try and save those were trapped in the Twin Towers on 9/11. This climb is for you Shawn! <3

    – Stephanie Espiritu
  3. Today in Kewaskum, Wisconsin the community honored all the fallen from 9/11 in a parade especially for Andrea who graduated from Kewaskum High School who was for the first time in her life in NEW YORK on Sept. 11, 2001 in the North World Trade Center building for work and died that day. I had the honor of wearing a badge on my volunteer EMS dress blues as we walked from the High School to the local fire dept. where the 9/11 Memorial is being built, your loved one was on the badge I wore Shawn Edward Powell, Firefighter, Engine 207 – “Never Forgotten” GOD BLESS all!

    – Karen Ernisse
  4. Today I climbed 110 flights in your memory. We are the same age and have a Lot in common. You will be forever remembered by many. Thank you for your sacrifice and that Of your families.

    – Christina Carter
  5. Tomorrow (11/11/2017) I will have the honor of carrying your picture during the Houston 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. You are remembered and honored, hero.

    – C. F.
  6. Thank you for serving the people in need

    – Izayah
  7. I had the honor of climbing in Shawn’s memory today at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. We remember your ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your bravery. We will never forget.

    – Tammy
  8. Yesterday (09/22/18) was the first time I climbed the stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI for the National Fallen Fire Fighters. It was an honor to carry the name of Hero, Shawn Edward Powell, Engine 207. I also lost a colleague that day on Flight 93, Christine Snyder from Hawaii. I will never forget! My hope is to climb the stairs again next year at Lambeau Field.

    – Jeff Edgar
  9. I will be running in memory of Shawn Powell (11/3/18) in Clearwater, FL at the Tunnel To Towers 5k. You and the rest of the 343 will be in our hearts and minds. Thank you for your service and giving all. God Bless

    – Shay S.
  10. I ran the CASA Superhero Run in Lexington, KY, proudly wearing Sean Powell’s photo badge. It was a honor to carry Sean with me and to hold him high as I crossed the finish line. What an incredible experience to feel close to a stranger, a hero.

    – Carrie Asalon
  11. Today(9/11/19) I ran the equivalent of 110 flights at Cahokia Mounds Historic Site in Cahokia,IL. in honor of Shawn Powell. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

    – Julie Fischer
  12. Today I climbed 110 flights at the Charlotte 9/11 stair climb. Thank you for your service.

    – Alexis S.
  13. Shawn Edward Powell , A truly wonderful sweet soul. Very special to have connected to such a loving spirit. A Grand Friend. A Supreme human being. Shawn may you Rest in Power. Watch over us as we keep you alive in our hearts. Sending you Love Light and healing. Love to the Family.

    – Sana
  14. I was so sorry to hear I didn’t find outsell some years ago at a reunion andiron into one of our former Boy Scouts Troop 409 God Bless you your a hero in my eyes with all of your accomplishments up until that day we’ll never forget…

    – Sean Andrews
  15. On September 11, 2021 I will be honoring and remembering Shawn Edward Powell at my basic operations fire fighting training. On this day I will not be identified as Jessy Moser, or Delta 2. I will be called out and be introduced as Shawn Powell for that entire day. All of the participates in this training class will be doing the same thing but as a different firefighter that we lost on that dreadful day.

    – Jessica Moser
  16. Today on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I have the distinct honor of carrying Shawn’s name while in Canton, OH, I symbolically walk the 110 flights of stairs from the World Trade Center. Thank you Shawn for your incredible bravery and sacrifice. You and your family are heavy on my heart today.

    – Jason boyer
  17. Today on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 I ran The Strat in Las Vegas, NV in honor of Shawn Powell E207 FDNY.

    Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

    – Shawn Flanagan
  18. Today on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 I climbed The Strat in Las Vegas, NV in honor of Shawn Powell E207 FDNY. It was a Honor to represent him today.

    Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

    – Shawn Flanagan
  19. Today, on the 20th anniversary, I walked and carried the badge of Shawn Powell , at the Red Rocks Memorial Climb in Morrison, Colorado. I walked besides other men and women firefighters in their full gear as we did a circuit of stairs equal to 110 floors. The theme is always “We climb because they climbed”. I was proud to participate and continue the memory of Shawn and the others we lost that fateful day.

    – Jack Lopez
  20. Today being 9/11/2021 I did a World Trade Center stair climb in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I live in Crown Point, Indiana. I had the honor of representing Shawn E. Powell during the climb. My condolences go out to your family for losing such a brave and selfless family member. Thank you for your service and know that your legacy lives on forever.

    – Desiree D
  21. Today I honor the memory of Shawn E. Powell. R.I.P. my friend. There is not a day in our lives that goes by that we don’t remember you. You will forever live in our hearts. Rest In Peace and know that we honor you. Class of 91 Delta United States Army Operating Room Specialist will for ever Honor your life. Rest In Peace

    – Waleska Montanez
  22. I’ve done the 9/11 stair climb twice in my life. Once 5 years ago and yesterday, 9/11/2021. I feel like it’s a little fate or maybe Shawn just saying hi, one veteran to another. Maybe he was there just pushing me to do my best because that climb is insane. I say that because I got his remembrance card at both climbs. If his family sees this…I’m so sorry for your loss.

    – Nicole Clark
  23. I just had the honor at the 2021 New Orleans stair climb with Shawn on my lanyard. Rest In Peace to one of my many heroes.

    – Lance Duronslet
  24. I am currently in recruit school to become a firefighter. Today, I had the opportunity to participate in the 9/11 memorial stair climb with my department. I climbed in honor of Shawn Edward Powell Firefighter Engine 207. Thank you Shawn for the ultimate sacrifice I hope I can be half the man and firefighter you were. I pray for your and all other families that lost a loved one on 9/11.

    – Reid Taylor
  25. I took part in a memorial at Red Rocks In CO years back. They gave each participant a badge with one of the fallen’s name and picture on it. I received Shawn’s. I attached that badge to my hiking backpack and taken him on every big hike I’ve been on since. I like to think in a way he’s made it to the top of mountains with me, and it’s my way of never forgetting.

    – Ron