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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Inmate Firefighter
Age: 22
Year of Death: 2016

Shawna L. Jones

Shawna Lynn Jones was born in Lancaster, California, on December 8, 1993. There were six members in Shawna’s family: her mother, Diana Baez; father, Roger Jones; sisters, Jasmine Thigpen Jones and Ashley Jordan Frisch; brother, Daniel Pike; and her dog that she named Charlie Barkin Jones.

Shawna’s mother was in retail, and father was a musician. As a child, Shawna enjoyed taking classes in Jiu Jitsu and karate. She loved music and had a close circle of friends. Some of her happiest memories were sharing the love of a band named Matchbox 20 and listening about the happy times between her mother and father. Shawna’s hobbies were riding her skateboard and playing billiards.

Shawna made the ultimate sacrifice on February 25, 2016, while working as an inmate firefighter for California Department of Corrections.

While trying to overcome the mistakes of her past, Shawna discovered a new path in life through wildland firefighting.

She was very excited to continue her career in wildland firefighting when she was done with her time with California Department of Corrections. Shawna had a passion for sawyer work on the fire line and wanted to pursue this job in the fire service.

Shawna gave her life so that others may live.

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  1. Just heard about you in a podcast. Admire your dedication. I hope you lead others through such dedication.

    May we all clear the way for others like you to live and work well on the outside after learning your craft after learning on the inside.

    – Jon
  2. I went to school with her and she was my friend. I remember seeing ‘stick it’ with her at the movies. I remember playing hacky sack with her. I admired her knowledge of karate and always thought she was cool. She was a good person.

    – Paula Cruz