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Age: 72
Year of Death: 2022

Stanford S. Collins Sr.

If you ever had the pleasure of knowing Stanford Sidney Collins Sr., you realized early on that God put a very special piece of himself on earth for many to enjoy, learn, and benefit from. His life was one to look up to, even though he never gained or sought earthly fame and glory.

Stanford Collins Sr. was born on February 22, 1950, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the son of William Collins Sr. and Olivia Holt and the youngest of five siblings. He attended LSU and graduated from Delgado University. He started his career as a firefighter in 1970 and later become an operator.

Stanford never met a stranger. He was able to strike up conversations with anyone everywhere he went. He carried a strong stance but displayed a kind disposition. He assisted many family members with shelter for decades, not asking for any compensation in return. He would lend a helping hand to anyone he saw stranded on the side of the road, would do handyman work, and would cut the grass of the elderly in the neighborhood without payment for his time or the services he provided.

Stanford Collins Sr. was a multi-talented man. He had a knack to pick up any instrument and learn to play it. He made jewelry. His culinary talents brought several generations to the table, where he displayed his knowledge and gave advice to many, changing the course of many lives. Stanford’s knowledge was second to none. He could speak for hours on politics, on money matters, and on historical events and how they shaped the lives of people.

When he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2004, he was given six months to a year to live. He loved his job and wasn’t ready when illness forced him to retire in 2006. However, that was not the end of his story. After more than eighteen years of living with cancer, he passed away on September 21, 2022, at the age of 72.

He is loved by many, beginning with the love of his life, Jacquelyn N. Collins, to whom he was married for 48 years; his two sons, Stanford Collins II and Mervin Collins Sr.; his five grandchildren; and a host of other relatives and friends, including in-laws, siblings, nephews, nieces, friends, and his firefighter brothers, who shared his life and continue to love him. There are many individuals who call Stanford S. Collins Sr. “Dad” or “Grandpa.” He had absolutely no blood connection to them, but they were all family.

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  1. I miss you so much, so very much!

    – Jacquelyn Collins
  2. Stan was an amazing individual and I was blessed to know and/or witness him in all the aforementioned roles he displayed in life. I especially remember the love and care he showed to Jackie and the boys and fondly recall the way he shared his wisdom with us even if we didn’t realize we needed it. Lol
    So many wonderful memories that Stan and Jackie made with and for family, friends and their community I can truly go on and on but I stop at this point… I’m grateful. Uncle Stan, you are loved and missed immensely!!!

    – Lori Hollmon Blair
  3. I worked with Stan for many years on the Engine 41. Sran was a great friend and good Firefighter. Proud to call him my brother because that’s how close we were. Stan was a very dynamic person that knew something about just about everything. I tought him how to drive a fire pumper and how to operate it he was very good at his position as an operator just like me. Theirs nothing I can say that would be negative about him. His humor was almost instantaneous when ever anyone had anything derogatory to say. Proud to have worked with him on and off of the job. He makes everyone of us proud to be members of that great Firefighter Family. I’m sure he is doing well in his eternal life. Because on this earth there was no one better. He will always be in my prayers. God bless you brother

    – Donald Andrew Needom
  4. My uncle was a wonderful man. He will be missed. I have many fond memories of him. He was a realist. Taught his kids many of life’s lessons to train them for adulthood and he did an excellent job! Luv always Uncle!

    – Selena Carey
  5. God Bless my firefighting Brother and His lovely wife. So much I can say but Stan is a special firefighting Brother and more. I am proud to stand with you fighting fires as well as serving our community. As a member of NOFD BANOFF and the IABPF YOU stood tall. Your legacy lives on. We salute you Brother Operator Father Husband Friend and much more. May God Bless and Keep You and Yours. ❤️

    – Rev. Joe Recasner
  6. Uncle Stan was an amazing man. Uncle Stan and Aunt Jackie always treated me like I was a son when we visited. Miss our talks about the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions. He always let me know that my team was a little more sorry. Never held back and that is exactly what I loved most about him. Would always speak his mind but always show his love toward you. Nothing but respect for this great man. So many memories. He will be missed dearly. Definitely one of the Greats!!!!

    – Sonte Gregory
  7. We miss you so much down here. I’m sure all those who knew you yearn to have just one more conversation with you (to hear one of your unforgettable jokes or to take in some more of your wisdom). Continue to rest.

    – Tay Collins
  8. My Uncle Stan. Was a very kind and loving man. He was compassionate about is job. He saved and cared for people on the job and off. You needed advice he was there, you needed help he was there, you needed to laugh he was there, you needed to cry he was there until he wasn’t here any more. I Love you, ❤️ Uncle Stan.

    – Trina Foley
  9. U was a wonderful friend and play Dad.
    Thank for the time u gave to us.
    We alway enjoy your joke and u alway made us laugh. We are going to miss u
    Thank for being a friend and a awesome neighbor.
    Donald and Gaile

    – Gaile Wise
  10. Uncle Stan will always be remembered with a smile. I remember him coming to Texas for Thanksgiving and giving me pointers on my pies. By the time I was done with them he nodded and smiled. He said, that’s better than mines. I was ecstatic. I love my uncle. Dearly loved and he will never be forgotten. His memory will live forever.

    – Tammy
  11. Stan as l affectionately called him was my hero he treated me like his sister as l was going through the worst time of my life. He is sadly missed. To his immediate family l am sending my deepest sympathy, love and prayers

    – Lavern Hollmon
  12. Love You Uncle, you will never be forgotten. REST IN PEACE

    – Wernell
  13. Love you always unc..
    Now you can rest until we see you again..

    – Terrance Foley
  14. Stanford was my music cousin. As I reflect back on the time visiting Stan and Jackie, I remember his reel to reel music system. He would play the Commodores “Brick House.” We would dance, dance, and dance. I would enjoy talking to him because he was always so caring and honest. I will miss picking the okra out of his gumbo that he would love making. Rest in peace my cousin.

    – Angelia Washington
  15. Stanford is my cousin who forced others near and far, friends and family to think “outside the box!” Thank you for being a blessing to each of us!!

    – Sanford Washington Jr.
  16. It isn’t easy for me to write on a memory wall because it indicates you are just a memory but to me you are much more than that. You will always be my dad, that man of wisdom who taught us about life, struggles of being an adult and to know you can falter but always get back up. Our very last conversation was sad knowing you didn’t have long left but it was rewarding. I took away great wisdom,
    understanding and knowledge My brother and I are going to do the things you
    require of us as a sons and continue to make you proud.

    – Mervin Collins
  17. Our dear Uncle Stan, was the epitome of husband, father, grandfather friend, and so much more. We appreciate him; not only for his commitment and dedication to his family, but for his bravery and exemplary service as a Firefighter. He set examples of resilience, long-suffering, leadership, generosity, loyalty and love. The lessons are forever etched in our hearts and minds. His legacy will continue to inspire, for generations to come…and his memory shall live infinitely.

    – Jennifer Pearl Charleston-Anderson
  18. I know I’m supposed to be happy you’re out of pain and not suffering anymore but the truth is, I’m not happy you’re gone, and it feels like something is missing in my life.

    I was not finished learning from you, talking with you, laughing with you and seeing your face.

    All my life I took for granted the time we have on this earth to love the ones you care for, spend the time with the ones you are closest to and I’m greatly regretting not spending more time with you.

    I know I’m being selfish right now because I realize you wore many hats for a lot of people and have blessed a multitude of generations with your wisdom, grace and financial assistance.

    The one thing that many people didn’t realize about you is that you are a husband first, and you love Jackie “Sugar” Collins with all your heart, you expressed to me a multitude of times how she completed you, made you want to be better and had you striving for excellence.

    Only the love of a great woman would have allowed you to be an Angel for so many people, and now that God has called you home, he is allowing you to be an Angel there too.

    I love and miss you dad

    – Stan Collins II
  19. We will your miss your wisdom, humor, creativity, carefulness, integrity, compassion
    Courage, stamina, safety, family leadership, confidant, Faithful husband, great chef, wonderful father Excellent provider and the list goes on and on … never good bye but see you soon!

    – Sheriane Davis
  20. Stanford is my baby brother. Although we are many years apart in age, I enjoyed many hours of discussion with him and fully appreciated his wisdom.

    He once told me that when we were young, he wondered why I read so much. As he matured, he began to appreciate the value of reading. I appreciate his strength and his ability to withstand the ravages of his affliction for many many years.

    Equally as important, Stanford appreciated the value of a good education and was blessed to see both of his sons do well.

    Throughout all the years, I have never seen Stanford unhappy. He always had a smile and a good word for everyone. There is no doubt in my mind that he is smiling and laughing with our parents, jWilliam and Olivia Collins and our sister Dorothy and brother Mervin.

    As he always said to me, I love you bro. I love and miss my little brother (he’s taller and bigger than me and grew more facial hair)

    – William Collins, Jr.
  21. “I Asked God”
    I Asked God for love and he gave me people to help. I asked God for favor and he gave me an abundance of opportunities. I asked God for wisdom and he gave me problems to solve. I asked God for courage and he gave me danger to overcome.

    As we think about our dear Brother Stan. God did not give him everything that he wanted but made sure to give him everything he needed. God gave him to us. Thank you for being there for us Brother. Gone but never forgotten!!!

    – Otis & Evelyn Gregory
  22. Uncle Stan was one of a kind always had a good story to tell. So grateful for the love he always showed me. You are truly loved and missed Unc❤️
    Love Always Tasha!!

    – Tasha
  23. Thank you for the many years of togetherness. You was a great husband and dad! I loved you for your caring heart and the things you did your mom and dad through out their lives. By doing so, you raised your sons to love and appreciate family. I am grateful for the love we shared and how your love transcends all around. Rest in Heaven

    – Jacquelyn
  24. To the family of Stanford Collin l am sending my deepest sympathy and 💘 He was a kind and warm spirited soul that loved his family and showed love to extened family members. Also he did for his community RIP

    – Lavern Hollmon
  25. Well, although endeavoring to pay what respect afforded, having been apprised of the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation’s Hero Ceremony, and thinking about all instructed, understood, gleaned from uncle Stanford, 2 (two) words flash in my mind — that due to all of the knowledge possessed, practical wisdom was demonstrated and vocalized throughout my life.

    Many sayings also flashes in my mind, to this day: “Don’t go to jail.” “It’s easy to get into trouble, but hard to get out of.” “You can open a store too.” (When commenting on the many foreign owned stores in the neighborhood) “When you run a house, you have to watch every dollar coming in, and going out.” “Once you spend that dollar, that is a dollar that you will never get back.” “There are no free lunches in the world.” “You never know who’s involved with what, and that are around you too.”

    Uncle Stanford was always positively constructively occupied with some activity, project, goal, yet, very generous w/ his time, energy, insights and [to an extent] resources too. He is missed.

    In closing, being extremely limited, caring for NOW my elderly mom, here in the home where uncle Stanford grew up, I’m simple unabel, on many tiers, having both hands full, gloved to field and as with a mitt too, catch all that is thrown at me. How I would have loved to have respectfully appeared at the Fallen Firefighters Hero Ceremony, nevertheless, “Que sara, sara,” I so look forward to looking upon uncle Stanford, and others, via Jehovah God, through Jesus Christ, during what family reunion, of those memories that may be, in Paradise — objective pragmatism!! (John 5:28,29)

    – Errol Bernar
  26. I am very blessed to have known you as my brother (in-law). Thank you for being there for me as well as others through many (painful) times and that is why I believe God shined His Grace upon you.

    – Artemese Wilkes
  27. There will be a memorial for those who passed away in 2022. You are included, God spoke, then you left me. Just like that. Thank you for the many memories of laughter, love and learning each other explicitly. Missing you

    – Jacquelyn N Collins
  28. There will be a memorial for those who passed away in 2022. You are included, God spoke, then you left me. Just like that. Thank you for the many memories of laughter, love and learning each other explicitly. Missing

    – Jacquelyn N Collins
  29. If you knew him he was the kindest sweetest most caring person you could meet.He was very soft spoken and did not have to speak loudly to make his point when we first met I think we worked on each other nerves (lol) but as I got to know him I enjoyed talking to him, he was a very wise person, one of a kind I miss and will never forget him May he rest in peace

    – BettyNed
  30. Stan will always be a part of my memory and prayers when I got to know him I enjoyed talking to him he would always say something to make me laugh even if I did not feel like it he was very soft spoken but he knew how to get a point across without having to get loud I will miss him greatly may he rest in peace

    – Betty Ned
  31. I am missing you still.

    – Jacquelyn Collins
  32. I sometimes struggle trying to take care of everything and my wellbeing. It is different when I was taking care of you because my purpose was for you to live. I have that desire as well but you have to pray with me now because I am older and weaker. Love and miss you.

    – Jacquelyn Collins