Roll of Honor

Stephen G. Siller

Stephen G. Siller

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 34
  • Year of Death: 2001

Stephen Gerard. Siller‚ 34‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 1. Siller was on his way to play golf with his three older brothers when he heard about the World Trade Center attack. He called his wife‚ turned around‚ and headed back to the firehouse to collect his gear. He loved playing sports‚ reading‚ talking‚ watching the Mets‚ and helping people. A devoted husband‚ Siller was the father of five beloved children.

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Memorial Wall

  1. I was proud to cary a badge with Mr. Siller’s name on our military bases memorial stair climb. I can not imagine the pain that his wife, children, family and friends have endured in the years. I do hope it brings some happiness to know that his name was remembered as far away as Misawa Japan. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice and I wish for peace for your family Mr. Siller

    – Jennifer Lundin
  2. I hope to run your run, this year, in your memory and sacrifice to our nation and the people that died on that September day.
    Ken Donnelly

    – Ken Donnelly
  3. I was so proud to carry a picture of this firefighter with me on the Chattanooga Stair climb!

    – Amanda Joliet
  4. Thank you Stephen Siller and all those who lost their lives in the hope of preserving our freedom. May your family find comfort, in knowing that you were a true hero. Thank you for putting other’s lives ahead of your own and embracing the cause. May Our Lord watch over your family.

    – Jim Sweeney
  5. I am proud to spread the name Stephen G. Siller through reports for my school projects. I have done multiple presentations on him just to ensure that people still know of the heroics of those who died on September 11th, 2001.

    – Alex Christie
  6. Was so honored to carry the badge with your picture on it at the 9/11 tower challenge in Glendale Arizona! thank you for your service. NEVER FORGOTTEN!

    – Dee Gonzalez
  7. I participated in my first 9/11 memorial stair climb this year. I carried a badge with Stephen’s name and photo. At the end, I read his name and rang the fire bell in honor of him. It was my privilege!

    – Scott Eanes
  8. Thank you so much mr.siller for your service…you helped save many people you gave your life for us and that means alot to citizens.THANK YOU SOO MUCH❤

    – Lashanna Robertson
  9. I was honoured to carry Steven sillier for the Lancaster stair climb this September. I would like to next year do the tunnel to the towers in New York city.

    – Robert Roemer
  10. Very happy to contribute to tunnels2towers in Stephens name. I pray that my donation can help any that need it. There are NO words for all that his family and all have lost. I am so very thankful that there are so many Stephens out there willing to protect us. I just wish they didn’t have to risk their lives anymore.

    – Jennifer Buck
  11. I am proud to wear Mr Siller’s name with me for the Virginia Military Institute’s 9/11 memorial stair climb, he was a true hero.

    – Couy Harrington