Roll of Honor

Stephen L. McGregor

Stephen L. McGregor

  • Firefighter
  • Baird Volunteer Fire Department
  • Texas
  • Age: 62
  • Year of Death: 2003

Submitted by his wife Sally

Stephen McGregor retired as President of Dahl Architects in Dallas in 2000 and moved to the small community of Baird‚ Texas. One of the first things he did after moving was join the Baird Volunteer Fire Department. He considered it one of the finest things he ever did. He loved the fire department – the men‚ the camaraderie‚ the service‚ the challenge. For three years‚ he never failed to answer the call‚ whether to fight a fire‚ repair trucks‚ or perform any of the multiple community services a small-town fire department is called upon to do. He died fighting a fire with his comrades on March 8‚ 2003. On March 11‚ those same comrades carried him to his final rest with full honors in Baird’s 1927 LaFrance fire truck. They are great guys.

For 62 years‚ Steve brought joy to his family‚ friends‚ and colleagues with his easy-going wit‚ gifted hands‚ and giving heart. He could design‚ build‚ or fix just about anything‚ and could always be counted on to help a good cause. Friends and business colleagues alike admired his straightforward‚ honest approach‚ ready grin‚ and willingness to take on difficult projects‚ often those that nobody else wanted.

Steve was always one of the 20% who did 80% of the work. In his Dallas neighborhood‚ he was one of the handful who helped build a playground for the elementary school and put up Christmas lights on the medians each year.

As an architect‚ he was active in the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects‚ serving as treasurer during a major financial reorganization and conversion to computer accounting. For this effort‚ he received the President’s Gold Medal for outstanding service. He later served as treasurer for the national AIA Convention.

Steve was also active in the Oak Cliff Lions Club in Dallas. He served the club in virtually every capacity‚ including President in 1994-95. Among his major accomplishments were rejuvenating the club’s Endowment Fund and volunteering regularly at the children’s free eye clinic. He also participated in the Julian C. Hyer Youth Camp‚ an international Lion’s youth exchange dedicated to promoting world friendship. Steve served as both Hosting Chairman and President‚ as well as hosting students in his own home. He is remembered lovingly by young people around the world as their ‘dad overseas.’

After moving to Baird‚ Steve continued his passion for service by helping to remodel a building for the Community Clothes Closet and Food Pantry and participating in several building projects for the First United Methodist Church‚ as well as serving on the Volunteer Fire Department.

But as much as Steve did for organizations‚ family always came first. He loved doing things with his son Jim–from building a go-kart and participating in Indian Guides when he was small to hunting‚ fishing‚ skiing‚ and undertaking major home improvement projects as he grew up. In recent years‚ he was enjoying similar kinds of hands-on projects with his two young grandsons‚ Stephen and James. They loved spending time with ‘Papa’ in his shop or at the lake. He liked doing anything with his daughter-in-law Suzanne‚ especially cooking and eating ‘goodies.’ As his wife‚ I got even more of his attention than the rest. For forty years‚ he loved me‚ encouraged me‚ supported me during the rough times‚ shared my hopes and dreams‚ and made me laugh. I couldn’t have asked for more.

As his business partner of 28 years put it‚ ‘Steve was the ultimate husband‚ father‚ and rock upon whom all could depend.’ We all miss him.

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