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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2004

Steven C. Brack

Submitted by his wife

Steven Brack died on October 11‚ 2004 at the age of 36 while living the dream he’d had since he was a little boy. He was responding to a call as a firefighter. Although he had only been with the Allentown Volunteer Fire Department for a few years‚ it was a huge and important part of him. He enjoyed working with and for the people of his community. Just four days before his death‚ he took part in a swearing-in ceremony to become an Allentown city councilman.

Steven lived his life to help other people. He entered the U.S. Navy Reserves right out of high school. He loved this experience and often said that the fire training he received there only deepened his love and respect of the fire service.

During college‚ he entered the funeral service‚ becoming a licensed funeral director. For the next 15 years‚ many swore that it was his love‚ compassion‚ and kindness that helped them through the most difficult days of their lives. He worked countless hours for each family and was deeply touched by all of them. While working at Townsend Brothers Funeral Home‚ Steven was as happy as he had ever been. He loved the people there like family. They loved him in return‚ but feared him as well. He was a notorious practical joker to whom every day was an adventure that he tried to share with everyone around him through laughter and a mischievous‚ childlike nature.

Steven never met a stranger. Once he met someone‚ he considered him or her a friend. After only one conversation‚ he knew all about their family‚ career‚ pets‚ etc.‚ and they knew his as well. He was well known for helping stranded motorists‚ rescuing abandoned or stray dogs‚ and for his unlimited love and knowledge of cars. While I could tolerate the grease on the cuffs of his dress shirts from helping the stranded motorists‚ the many dogs and random vehicles that found their way into our yard were not as easily dismissed.

He enjoyed sailing on Lake Lanier‚ driving in the mountains‚ and hunting deer in the woods near our home. Last year he took our son Tyler‚ who was six at the time‚ hunting for the first time. They got a large buck. I don’t know who was more excited. He was teaching our daughter‚ Mollie‚ how to drive his jeep in the field behind our house. He loved every minute‚ recounting the details of each lesson.

Above all else‚ Steven’s family was most important to him. Everyone could see the gleam in his eyes as he talked about how much he loved our daughter Mollie‚ our son Tyler‚ and me‚ Jill‚ his wife of 14 years. He was my best friend. He is also survived by his parents‚ brother‚ sister-in-law‚ niece and nephew‚ parents-in-law and brother-in-law‚ and many other relatives. He loved to be surrounded by family.

Steven was an incredible man with an enormous heart and capacity to love. Although he is sadly missed‚ his memory lives on in the many lives he touched.

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  1. This is a wonderful tribute to Steven. I know you miss him greatly. Thank you so much for sending us the information. Regina and I still think of him often. Love, Lee

    – Lee Daniel
  2. This is a very nice tribute to Steven and does a great job of depicting his life. He is missed very much and I hate that our grandchildren did not have him around to influence them as their uncle.

    – Mike and Nancy Welborn
  3. I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Gregg and I was a volunteer at the past memorial back in October. I met you at the Marriott where we were both staying. Just from reading what you have said about your husband, he seems like he was a rare individual and if we had more people like him the world would not have any more problems. I hope you think about becoming a volunteer for the memorial. My experience was like having one big family and we all had something in common. Since then I have kept in touch with many of the other volunteers that I have met and I am quite sure you will enjoy that experience too. Hope all is well and take care. Gregg (California)

    – Gregg Turner