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Steven 'Peanut' Koeser

Steven ‘Peanut’ Koeser

  • Firefighter
  • St. Anna Fire Department
  • Wisconsin
  • Age: 33
  • Year of Death: 2009

Peanut was born to Merlyn and Marie Koeser on April 15‚ 1976 in Wisconsin. He was the youngest of five. He had three brothers and one sister. Peanut lived with his long time girlfriend‚ Kelly Walesh‚ and their four-year-old daughter‚ Lexus Koeser. Peanut’s daughter was born on December 7‚ 2005. His infant son‚ Nathan Koeser‚ preceded him in death. Peanut was a proud father. His kids meant everything to him.

Peanut joined the St. Anna Fire Department at the age of 17 and was involved with the fire department for 16 years along with relatives and friends. He held the position of Lieutenant during his time of service. He loved being involved in the fire department because he loved that he was able to help his community and save people from harm. Peanut was a great leader. He was good at taking new members in and instructing proper procedures and training. Members of the fire department knew that he was a strong individual and felt confident working by his side. As most people know with a volunteer fire department there is a lot of maintenance and work to be done and he was always the go to guy willing to help out.

At Peanut’s time of death he was employed by Kees Incorporated and The Schad Bros LLC. Working at Kees he was able to work with the trades he loved such as welding and fabricating. He was employed at Kees for 14 years. He was crossed trained in all departments and able to complete all tasks. He would go above and beyond his job duties. Peanut worked part time for the Schad Bros LLC for eight years. Their business involves concrete flatwork. Peanut enjoyed working outdoors with the owners who were his long time friends. He was always willing to learn everything involved in the process of pouring and finishing concrete. This job was his pride and joy and he felt privileged being a part of it with his dear friends.

Peanut enjoyed spending time up in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin with his family at their cabin. He enjoyed going there for his weekend getaways. He would go up there to hunt‚ go four wheeling‚ snowmobiling and simple relaxation. He shot his first bear up there in the fall of 2009‚ which was something he was very proud of. His most favorite time was during the fall and winter months to go deer hunting with his father‚ brothers and friends.

At home‚ Peanut enjoyed spending time with his daughter. He enjoyed being outside‚ grilling out and having bonfires. He enjoyed the family and friend gatherings he would have at his home. When he purchased his home in Kiel‚ WI in 2006 he began an annual ritual of family and friends gathering to watch the town’s parade in his front yard. This is something that we will keep as a tradition in the coming years. He also enjoyed fixing up and remodeling his house. That was something he was very handy at.

Peanut was a jack-of-all-trades; there is nothing he could not figure out. He loved helping others.

Peanuts life ended at the young age of 33 but the memories will always be there for his friends and family. He will be dearly missed but we will all keep his spirit alive. He touched so many people’s lives and will never be forgotten. He had a heart of gold and is simply irreplaceable.

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