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Age: 47
Year of Death: 2009

Tedmund Dean Hall

Tedmund ‘Ted’ Hall was born on June 19‚ 1962 in Fontana‚ California. He married Katherine Letman on July 25‚ 1987 in Yorba Linda‚ California. Their sons‚ Randall and Steven became part of their family four years later.

Ted graduated in 1980 from Workman High School in La Puente‚ California and was voted the ‘Athlete of the Year.’ Ted played all sports in high school‚ but baseball was his first true love and he had aspirations of playing pro which were squashed with an elbow injury. While his family called him by honored titles like husband‚ father‚ son‚ uncle and brother; he shared a brotherhood with another family he loved‚ the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Ted took a fireman explorer class in 1981. From then on he worked diligently to become the best fireman he could be. Ted was a proud member of the LA County Fire Department since August 1983‚ serving with the department for 27 years. During this time‚ he experienced many different areas of the department including fire fighter‚ dispatcher‚ paramedic‚ engineer‚ air operations‚ camp foreman‚ fire captain‚ and camp superintendent. Ted loved being a firefighter‚ regardless of title. When he left the fire stations and entered the fire camps he found his true calling within the department. Ted was a hard-working and loyal friend‚ Captain‚ and mentor. He took pride in serving with dedication and professionalism. He will be remembered most by his family and his crew as one of the greatest men they’ve ever known; the finest of the finest‚ best of the best‚ and gone too soon to save so many.

Ted’s father is a retired battalion chief with LA County. In Ted’s early years with the department‚ his father Ray was speaking with another chief when Ted passed them in the hallway and acknowledged them by rank. The chief noticed the resemblance and the name and asked his father if he knew him. He responded yes‚ that is my son. The chief asked why he didn’t tell people this and was told he didn’t need to because Ted would make his own way‚ which he did with style.

Ted Hall was a man of humility and strength; known now as a hero to his community‚ but always a hero to his family. He has been described as ‘a true family man.’ His love for his wife‚ and best friend‚ Kathy was evident to anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with them. Their relationship began with a blind date and it was mutual attraction from that first meeting. After dating for five years‚ they were married. When Ted returned home from being on duty‚ he would spend countless hours sitting on the back porch watching the sunsets‚ the birds‚ and just enjoying his time home with his family. What kind of man was Ted? As his wife Kathy so accurately stated ‘Where do you start?’ He was selfless‚ dedicated‚ professional‚ and a whole lot of fun!

He held special joy in being a father to his sons Randall and Steven. Ted loved motocross racing with Randall and even mentioned that when he retired someday he wanted to make this hobby into another job. When he was not at the motocross track with Randall‚ you would find Ted at the ice hockey rink watching Steven play. There were countless trips to different parts of the country for ice hockey tournaments.

As the boys became men‚ it became more than just father and son trips. Randall and Steven were included in the trips normally reserved for Ted and his friends. As the boys grew into adulthood‚ family vacations took a new direction as they started traveling and taking cruises. Ted was very proud of the men they had become.

Years of family vacations with his family‚ instilled a love for family fun which became a road map to his life shared with Kathy and his sons. Ted’s love for his family extended far beyond his nieces‚ nephews‚ cousins‚ aunts and uncles. His lifelong friends were also a part of his family‚ included in camping trips‚ the yearly Christmas party‚ and trips to the Colorado River. To know Ted was to not only become his friend but to become a member of his extended family. Ted loved riding and working on motorcycles‚ water skiing‚ boating‚ sitting around campfires with friends‚ and listening to music with a good cup of coffee or a cold beer. He loved a good practical joke‚ especially on those he loved‚ and he could laugh at himself harder than anyone else. He was the first by your side in a time of need‚ a pillar of strength‚ and always the voice of reason. Ted had the most welcoming heart and generous spirit. Without a doubt‚ Ted created fun and generated laughter wherever he went; collecting cherished memories.

He always said ‘He never wanted to be a hero. He was just a regular guy doing a job he loved.’ What kind of a man was Ted? He was and will always be nothing short of remarkable.

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  1. You will always be my hero and I will always remember you as a Great Friend and I miss you dearly.

    I Love You..

    – David
  2. Hi buddy I was just missing you and I like coming here and reading all about you again, my little Jenna Bear is getting married in August and I am so proud of her and I cant wait to walk her down the aisle, she sure does love you and she thinks of you a lot as I do. Ok buddy I just wanted to share that with you.
    I Love You…

    – David
  3. Just stopping by to pay my respects to this hero, and to thank him for his bravery and his invaluable service to the community. Ted will never be forgotten!

    Starla, proud baby sister of Kenneth (Kenney) Nickell, LODD 4/6/99 KY

    – Starla Taylor
  4. Ted was an amazing man. It was my pleasure and a true blessing to be his big sister. To know him was an adventure in so many ways. Ten years have gone by since the Station Fire stole him away and yet I can still feel him, see him in his boys, my girls in his many friends. He was a rich man, loved beyond measure, yeaterday, today and tomorrow. A good man. Love you Butch! Sis

    – Lori Rae (Hall) Barrios
  5. I just learned about you from your sister in Tucson. I read your history and I must say you where a dedicated professional. As a active f firefighter myself I want to express my consolation to your entire family and friends. May you Rest In Peace brother.
    Paco Nieto
    Tucson Fire

    – Francisco Nieto
  6. The Hall’s lived two or 3 houses down from us, on the other side of Montbrook St. in Valinda
    I remember Ted Hall when he was just a kid, my younger brother knew him quite well.

    – TP Ward
  7. We lived next to Ted and Kathy in Hesperia. My kids loved hanging out with Ted and the boys. My son followed in Ted’s footsteps. He is now a Captain for Big Bear Fire Dept. He says he carries Ted in his heart and gave him strength to complete his schooling. Even though we moved when Andrew was little Ted made a big impact on him. He was a loving and caring man. We were lucky to have known him.

    – Michele Crane