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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2001

Terence S. Hatton

Terence S. Hatton‚ 41‚ captain‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 1. A twenty year veteran‚ he was decorated many times. As a FEMA task force leader‚ Hatton was deployed after the Oklahoma City bombing and the TWA Flight 800 plane crash off Long Island. At his funeral service‚ Mayor Rudolph Giuliani described Hatton‚ whose wife‚ Elizabeth‚ was a mayoral aide‚ as City Hall’s ‘resident hero. He reminded me of Joe DiMaggio: quiet‚ self-determined‚ confident.’

He was one of the most decorated people in the fire department‚ and he was captain of the prestigious company in New York‚ Rescue 1. He had a booming voice and hearty laugh. He truly cared about people‚ especially family and friends. He left me with a very special and precious gift‚ our baby girl.

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  1. Capt. Hatton you are my hero and role model as I begin the next step in my fire service career. What you have done and the legacy you have left has propelled me to follow in your foot steps to become an Outstanding firefighter and rescue specialist. I wish I would have gotten the chance to someday meet you and hear a small part of the wealth of knowledge you have. As a young firefighter I will always remember Capt. Hatton and the 10 other men he led into the World Trade Center on 9/11. I will make sure their fire is forever carried on and they are never forgotten.

    – Dale Abbinanti
  2. Terry was my landlord at the time of the attack on the World Trade Center. He was one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever been lucky to know. My Wife and I think about Terry alot. Terry will always be missed but never forgotten.

    – Thomas Koch
  3. I am with the Disney Social Club “Main St.Fire”. This year we have started the 1st Annual 9-11 Disney Walk in memorial to the 343 Fire fighters that had fallen. We had made T-Shirt, Glow in the Dark Patches and the Bibs that had a Fallen Heros name and the Unit they worked on all of which we wore. 100% of the proceed are being donated to the “Families of the Fallen” We were amazed at the turn out some where over 400 people joined on this day.

    Tammy Whitmer
  4. I felt I had a certain camaraderie with Rescue 1

    Tammy Whitmer
  5. On the 2nd September 2017 I was given a wonderful opportunity of doing a stair climb challenge for the Country Fire Authority/ MFB and other firefighting organisations within Australia and overseas where 600 members dressed in structural clothing and Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus raced up 28 floors of stairs in the aim of raising money for Depression, PTSD and suicide .
    At this event every participant was given a firefighter who had passed in the line of duty and it was my privilege to represent Captain Terence S. Hatton and with a time of 6 minutes and 12 seconds I hope I have honoured his memory.
    Thank you

    – Damion Tiller
  6. On September 8, 2017, my firm sponsored the 911 Tower Challenge through the 100 Club in Phoenix, AZ. I proudly wore a wristband in honor of Captain Terence Hatton while climbing over 2,000 stairs for this event. Next year, I will proudly wear another wristband in someone else’s honor. We live in a great country and are blessed every day by the efforts of those who sacrificed their life to protect and serve our country and its citizens. Today was made of and made unforgettable memories.

    – Tamela Gation
  7. I’m an Australian Volunteer Firefighter, for the CFA in Victoria. It is the eve of the Firefighter Stair Climb in Melbourne.
    It is tradition that we carry a fallen Firefighter as part of our climb. This year, I have the honour of Captain Terence S. Hatton as part of my Structure Turnout Gear, heading up 28 floors with Breathing Apparatus.
    A fallen Hero, worthy of the title.

    – Genevieve McKenzie McHarg
  8. I climbing for the second year in a row at the San Diego 9/11 memorial stair climb this past week in honor of Captain Hatton. RIP, 343.

    – Chris Downing
  9. I post your story on my FaceBook page each year in your memory. I worked with your cousin, Denise, in Houston.

    – Sharon Bannon
  10. 18 years have passed since the WTC fell and as I sit here watching a movie about that day, your name comes to mind. We didn’t know each other and had never met but, in response to the City’s request for citizens to attend the funerals of firefighters because there were so many, I went to yours. The words and sentiments expressed by those on the program spoke highly of a man who was well-respected and loved by many. I thank you for your ultimate sacrifice in giving your life in a valiant attempt to save others for there is no greater expression of love than one who would lay down his/her life for a another. Continual prayers for your family and friends and may your memory live on for years to come.

    – Dee Dee Ellis
  11. Remembering Terry and all of the fallen on this date, 19 years ago. My prayers are with the families and friends.

    – Mica
  12. In memory of the 911 fallen heros, members of Carterville Baptist Church in Petal, Mississippi took different names to pray for the family of each. I choose Captain Terence Hatton. He truly was a wonderful human. I pray that his family has found peace in these last 19 years knowing he died doing such a brave and noble act. God bless the Hatton family.

    – Karen Geoghegan
  13. Many years later I’m watching Rebirth documentary. Had to come here and post my thoughts and deepest condolences for the loss of such a brave man, husband, father, friend.

    – Sonya Gala
  14. Captain Hatton only 41 yrs of age and Led His Men without fear but will to save others. He had the ability to become perhaps, the Fire Commissioner, had he survived. There were so many heroes on that day. Mayor Guliani did such an excellent job in the time that followed. We made it through. God Bless Terrence, the many whom died that day, the many that suffered and died latter, and the many that still suffer still currently. Thank You Gov. Pattacki, President George Bush, Police Commissioner Kouric and all those whom led us through the TRAUMA…Gerard Hinton Baldwin, New York….. NYPD (Ret.)

    – Gerard Hinton
  15. Captain Hatton forever changed my life when he invited me (a simple volunteer fireman) to ride along with he and his crew a few months before the attack. Captain Hatton actually assigned me a position on the truck that day and i will NEVER forget how he included me as a brother on his staff. Thank you Capt! I will forever miss you!

    – Sean Coutorie
  16. Just happen to see a video of Captain Hatton on social media. I was drawn to look more into this special individual. Thank you you are not forgotten.

    – Cole Gasperini
  17. I still get very emotional learning or reading about the events surrounding 9/11. Especially the stories of the first responders, the victims… and yes their families. I still have a folder of newspaper clippings of the first responders’ and their heroic measures.
    God Bless to you, you’ll never be forgotten.
    Diego H Cortes

    – Diego H Cortes
  18. I was Sunny Mendel Driver. I meant Terry a couple of times and will never forget him.

    – Herbert Miller