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Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas J. Foley

Firefighter Thomas Foley was a ten-year member of the FDNY and a member of Rescue 3 for the last two years. Prior to Rescue 3‚ Tommy was assigned to Squad 41 in the South Bronx. Tommy enjoyed all that life had to offer him in his 32 years‚ including his family and friends‚ rodeo bull riding‚ his Harley-Davidson motorcycle‚ hunting fishing‚ weightlifting‚ and skydiving.

More recently‚ he became interested in modeling and acting. His adventurous sprit and helpful nature led him to his career in firefighting‚ which was his true passion.

Tommy was honored by Irish American Magazine for a rescue he made in 2000 and he is also featured in the FDNY Firefighters 2003 Calendar of Heroes.

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  1. Thank you for your selfless acts of courage each and every day, and for your bravery in helping keep your community safe. We will never forget.

    – Starla Taylor
  2. I am a Junior in high school, as the 14th anniversary of 9/11 came upon us we decided to do a project in our Creative Writing class on someone that passed away during 9/11. I searched, searched, searched, and searched many websites to find the one person who I wanted to remember/write a story about. After thinking so very hard and making some of the hardest choices I have ever had to make with something so simple as writing a story, I have decided to chose Thomas. For some reason, his name and story stood out to be where nobody else did. Not only do I have such sympathy for his family and friends, I admire him for all of his sacrifices he made on that day to save lives, even if it meant losing his own. I promise to do the best of my ability to make sure that his story stands out to everyone I share this with, and I send all of my prayers and condolences to the family and friends. 14 years later and he is not forgotten. 9/11 will forever be embedded into many memories.

    – Kaitlyn
  3. Im a sophomore in high school, I am doing a assignment In public services and I am writing a paper on Tommy and to me I think that he is a super hero. But I think he is in a better place.

    – Brittney Crouch
  4. My best wishes to Tom and his family on (!!. TOm and I worked together on THird Watch years ago, and we were paired up as a couple in a scene on the show. He was a wonderful and special guy and my very best condolensces to his family. I believe his brother found him from what I heard. May he rest in peace

    – judith a epstein
  5. I ran a race yesterday (9/10/16) it was a Run For the Fallen, all the athletes got a badge with a picture and name and department of a fallen. I got Mr. Foley’s I wore his badge on a lanyard tucked inside my shirt. He was literally on my heart the entire way, it almost felt effortless. I truly felt him with me. His badge is now hanging on my medal display.
    To the Foley family I will remember your beloved from this day forward.
    God Bless America ??

    – Laura H
  6. I attended a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Yellow Springs, Ohio on September 10, 2016, to honor the fallen firefighters the country lost on that fateful day. I was honored to be able to wear the badge of Thomas J. Foley, Firefighter from Rescue 3, on my chest as I walked 110 flights of stairs. When I was finished, I read his name out loud and rang the memorial bell. Thank you for your sacrifice to this country and please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Thomas. Your entire family, and everyone that loved him are in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Jami Wyatt
  7. Although I never met you Tom, you are the one fireman I think of every year on 911. Your bravery and service to the people you chose to serve on that day will never go unremembered. You were a stunning and very talented young man who would have gone far in acting and modeling. I simply hate you were not allowed to embrace all the talents you were given. I am Tony from Birmingham, Alabama and will always remember that day when I first heard there was a fire in one of the towers. And because of that day I will never forget you Tom, a hero for all mankind!!

    – Tony Blackerby
  8. Very proud to share his name! Hero forever RIP Thomas

    – Thomas R Foley
  9. Tommy. You were and still are my idol.

    – Michael Keely
  10. Coming up on another 9/11 anniversary, 2019. It never gets easier. I worked with Tommy on Fourth Watch (TV show) and Spiderman in 2001, great guy, solid guy. Wish I had his good looks, I would have gotten more parts. I retired from a PD in Westchester and helped out after 9/11, not on the day of 9/11. The search and recovery was very personal to NYPD and FDNY as these were their co-workers and community they protected, in the debris. To the Foley family and all FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, FDNY/EMS victims and civilians families, as well as all affected that day. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, I remember you every day!
    Eric L.

    – Eric L
  11. Foley Family

    No matter how many years pass Tommy will ALWAYS be REMEMBERED, LOVED & MISSED!

    – Blair Hogan
  12. The passage of time has not faded the memories of the events of Sept 11th 2001 as we honour the lives of those victims killed and Tommy Foley a brave heroic firefighter, his colleagues and other emergency service personnel who died trying to save them. For Tommy’s family and relatives of those killed, the grief remains as piercing and profound as ever. RIP Tommy & Danny

    – Deborah
  13. I have a red bracelet with Thomas foley rescue 3 f d n y. On 9/11 I especially remember and pray for he and his family. God bless the family

    – Stan luckett
  14. Thinking of you today on the 20th anniversary of your ultimate sacrifice. I’m proud and honored to share your name. Rest In Peace and continue to watch over us all.

    – Patrick Foley
  15. Tonight I climbed 110 floors with your name and photo on my chest, in Bishop California. Thomas J. Foley, Rescue 3. You are a hero and I salute your memory. I’m sure your family still misses you. I lift your family and legacy up in prayer.

    – Naomi Jensen
  16. To Thomas and his family ~
    On the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I was humbled to climb in honor of your bravery and heroism. May we never forget. RIP Thomas.

    – Chrissy Leyshon
  17. I had the opportunity to carry your photo today in the Biloxi, MS Tunnel to Towers 5K
    I thank you for your service and you will never be forgotten ❤️🤍💙

    – Tammy R. Parvin
  18. My best wishes to Thomas and his family, I’m currently in high-school getting my EMT certification and hopefully going to the fire academy once I graduate. Heroes like Thomas and those who risk their lives everyday inspire me to help others in my community! May Thomas rest in peace knowing he helped make a difference that fateful day.

    – Jesus E.
  19. RIP Thomas. I had the honor of carrying a badge of Thomas this past weekend during the local 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Omaha.

    – Shannon Hansen
  20. Rest easy Tommy and Danny, Always In Our Hearts & Prayers.

    – Chris Ryan