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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas J. Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy was studying for the Lieutenant’s test because he wanted to advance his career that he loved.

Even more‚ he loved his children‚ Michael and James.

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  1. We traced your name at the Memorial Site in NYC to bring home so we never forget! Enjoy heaven until we can meet face to face!

    – Bart Holloman
  2. Was hoping to catch up when we next visited the states, never got the chance. Rest in peace cousin, we think of you and your family often.

    – Helen Fahy-Weir
  3. ❤️

    – Monica
  4. After 9/11, my daddy bought me a sterling silver cuff bracelet in honor of a fallen FDNY fire fighter. The one he bought me was for Thomas Kennedy. He wanted one with the name “Thomas” because that was daddy’s name and it is my younger brother’s name. I just now realized that Mr. Kennedy’s full name is “Thomas J. Kennedy”. My younger brothers name is Thomas J.
    I used to wear it everyday. Now i wear it every year on 9/11 in honor of Thomas Kennedy. I will always remember, I will never forget.

    – Hollie Hawkins Rougeau
  5. On the 1st anniversary flags were planted here in Lubbock, TX. They were sold to support relief organizations. Along with every flag came a certificate of one of the fallen. I got Thomas. A man I never met but will never forget.

    – Dennis Wingert
  6. Thank of you often

    – Monica
  7. Think of you often

    – Monica
  8. Tom was a friend and co-worker at Mid-Island Mail Processing and Distribution Center in Melville, NY (where he met his wife Allison). He left the U.S. Postal Service in order to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the FDNY. He was one of 343 brave firefighters who lost their lives at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. He was 36 years-old and had two sons, Michael and James.
    We will NEVER forget the cowardly attacks on 9/11, or the innocent lives that were lost.

    – James King
  9. In your honor and memory…9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field September 2019.

    – kimberly ziccarelli
  10. Climbed the Red Rocks stairs in your honor, thank you for sacrificing everything you had on that dreadful day. Truly humbling.


    – Jovan
  11. Sorry for your death RIP to you

    – Strykr
  12. <3

    – Monica
  13. Thomas I spent almost my entire shift at PTFD talking to your brother .He had hoped that I could get information about your well being. He spoke of what a special man you were (didn’t use past tense at the time). We watched the news reports together over the phone. His pain was palpable, my heart was broken into a million pieces. He shared stories, we cried together. That night not just from the events of the day but spending so much time even if only over the phone with your brother made me feel as though I knew you. I honor you sir, and your fellow firefighters, police officers, EMS personnel and all who last their lives on that fateful day. That day changed a life, a million lives and a county and we will never forget.

    – Debra Gillis
  14. I attended a 9/11 remembrance at World’s Fair Park in Knoxville may years ago and received a laminated photo of Thomas Kennedy. Just now finding out that they misspelled the last name, omitting an N. I’m sorry for their typo. I have this on my desk everywhere I have worked since and today I have it on my purse. I have a large 9/11 tattoo with “343” on it in flames. Next 9/11, I will be getting married to my fiance who is a police officer — I will need to add the number of law enforcement to the tattoo I think.
    Hope the family has found some peace and takes comfort in all who care and will never forget his sacrifice.

    – Tina Fleischer
  15. September 2021
    On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Tomas you are not forgotten by your firefighter family.
    We honor you, you are a TRUE HERO!!!
    Bless you
    Lisa Hopman. wife of William LODD 1/2011

    – Lisa Hopman
  16. May God Bless the Kennedy Families.

    – Carolyn Carnelli
  17. To Thomas Kennedy Family — It is 9/11/2021. I want you to know that I was given Thomas Kennedy’s Photo Badge in 2013 to carry up and down the stairs at one of the most beautiful outdoor amphitheaters in the United States, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado during a 9/11 Tribute Climb. I still have his photo badge. He’s smiling in the photo! If Thomas liked both the outdoors, as well as physical challenges, he must have loved being at Red Rocks Amphitheater! Feel free to reach out, if you wish. My email is [email protected] God Bless You All — Paul D.

    – Paul Dodd
  18. On 9/11/21 I walked in the Tunnel to Towers 5K in Iowa in his honor and memory. I picked a laminated copy of Thomas Kennedy at registration. I researched him after the race because I wanted to know more about him. I kept the laminated copy and I hope to visit the 911 Memorial some day in NYC. In 2001 my son was 6 months old. I know I will never forget that day. I did not know anyone personally who died that day, but I will never forget the sacrifice that so many made. Thank you for your brave service.

    – Vicky Bell
  19. I visited and walked right past you…I showed my daughter your picture and she showed me where you were on the wall…God bless you!!! I’ll never forget

    – JoAnn Contino
  20. Dear family
    The year after 9/11 you had moved to Port Jefferson on Long Island. I was the teacher who was honored to know James. He was in my class for his first year in the Scraggy Hill School. I know you did not stay in Port Jefferson, but every year I watch the memorial and listen for firefighter James Kennedy to be announced. This message is sent to let you know you are all remembered from afar.
    Carolyn Stadier

    – Caroln Stadier
  21. It has been many years but I played softball with Tom for many years, My experience ended there but it was easy to know how great Tom was, I will never forget him and always miss him. 21 Years later, i still have a clip of that day on my desk.

    – vincent zito
  22. My husband is a member of the Cane Creek Volunteer Fire Department, on the outskirts of Sheridan, Arkansas. Today 9/10/2023, he did his first 9/11 stair climb in honor of you. In reading that you had 2 sons, we have 2 little girls. And our youngest cries every time he leaves, and she’s the first to wait up and wrap her arms around his neck as soon as he gets through the door. My heart aches of the thought of your family not getting you back that day. I’ve prayed for all the fallen fire fighters, and I say your name in my prayer, as well as your families. Thank you for your bravery and courage, and your sacrifice for this country. I thank your family for loving and supporting you as a firefighter, because that’s not always easy. May God Bless your family and friends. A tag with your picture and name on it hangs above my husbands turnouts at the fire department now. You will never be forgotten.

    – Samantha Elliott
  23. 22 years. You will never be forgotten

    – Monica
  24. I participated in the Lexington, KY Memorial stair climb and had the honor of representing Thomas. When I get to work tomorrow I will place his picture on my flag box. He will never be forgotten. Rest easy sir, we have it from here.

    – Scottt Suder
  25. I lived next door to you in Islip Terrace with my husband and the week before this tragic event on 9/11 you had helped him with some random thing he was doing, I will never forget your happy, smiling face and your true neighborly spirit. I cry every year when I hear your name called on this tragic day. RIP Tom

    – Pat O'Brien