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Battalion Chief
Age: 51
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas P. DeAngelis

Tommy was a Chief in the 8th Battalion in Manhattan for the past five years. He felt that being a fireman was the best and most rewarding profession. He often said that he couldn’t ever imagine doing anything else. The comradeship with the guys at the firehouse was so appreciated and important to Tommy. He loved the hours and different shifts of the job‚ allowing him to be home on off-hours to work out at the gym or be available to attend a school function with his daughter Nicole. The only other role in Tommy’s life that matched this pride and contentment he had with being a fireman was being a father to his three children‚ and for just a short while a grandpa to his 2-year-old granddaughter.

Tommy loved life. He met life’s challenges bravely‚ confidently and honestly. Whatever the outcome‚ he embraced it with a smile‚ believing that it’s the way things were meant to be. Tommy was a most loving and dedicated husband. He believed in love and its power to overcome anything. Promising to never succumb to the effects of old age or the need to become dependent‚ he worked out at the gym faithfully.

He was an avid reader and also enjoyed writing short stories in his spare time. His dream was to one day have a book published. Tommy loved the peace and tranquility that sailing brought to his life. The dream of one day owning a sailboat and traveling for weeks on the water was a close reality for him.

Tommy touched all who knew him with his kindness‚ respect and love. There is a huge void in all those lives he touched‚ especially his family’s. But we remember what Tommy would say‚ ‘This is the way it was meant to be.’ Everyday we do move forward in a small way knowing Tommy is still with us-just in a different way.

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  1. Climbing in honor of Brother Tommy DeAngelis. Kansas City Memorial Stair Climb, 2014. Amen.

    – Justin Choitz
  2. I had the honor of climbing for Tom at the 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay, WI. May God continue to comfort his family, this hero will never be forgotten.

    – Kelsay Bourdelaid
  3. Climbed for Cheif Tommy at the 2017 FDIC 9/11 Stair Climb Indianapolis, IN. Rest Easy, Brother.

    – Conner Kloss
  4. It was an honor to climb for Chief DeAngelis in Nashville September 9, 2017.

    -Capt David Frost Murfreesboro Eng 3

    – David Frost
  5. Had the honor to climb today in he memory RIP Chief .

    – Bobby Noel
  6. I also had the honor of climbing for Chief DeAngelis in Green Bay on September 16th, 2017. My thoughts are with his family.

    – Stacey Sprenger
  7. Climbing today in honour of Thomas. RIP mate. – Melbourne, Australia, 2018.

    – Krista
  8. Was honored to climb in Tommy’s memory Sunday. I carry his photo with me today. God Bless.

    – Betty Stout
  9. I had the honor of climbing for the Chief today at the 2018 Gila River Arena 9/11 climb in Glendale, AZ.
    Rest easy Brother. You will never be forgotten.

    – Brieanna
  10. Just walked the Tunnel2Towers climb of the AXA building in Syracuse with Tommy’s picture pinned to my shirt…AN HONOR to honor Tommy and all the First Responders and Military who sacrificed for us that day and EVERY day! Thank you Tommy!

    – Marc Pietropaoli
  11. Have the honor and privilege of finishing the climb for you my brother. RIP – Clayton Stair Climb 2019

    – LT.Dawn Elliott
  12. Thank you for your bravery that horrific day. You are a true hero and will always be remembered.

    – Fran Malanik
  13. I will be climbing in honor of Tommy DeAngelis in Glendale, AZ on September 11, 2021. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. God bless Tommy and his family.

    – Kati
  14. Today 09/11/21 I will honor you by wearing your badge while I spend time with family and friends. I will climb 110 floors on 09/12/21 to honor you courage and selflessness to save the lives of others. Rest In Peace brother we won’t forget.

    – Chris Aronson
  15. I will have the honor of climbing for Tommy during the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Thank you for sharing a brief story of his life.

    – Jasmine Guardado
  16. I had the honor to climb for Chief DeAngelis today at the 911 stair climb in Omaha, NE. You are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

    – Jodi Kinning
  17. I will have the honor of climbing tomorrow, 9/11/23, with memory of Chief Thomas Patrick DeAngelis. Crown Point, Indiana Every step I will think of your sacrifice.

    – Lisa Gold
  18. Climbed in honor of Thomas DeAngelis, Bat. 8.
    LOCATION: Thomasville, GA
    DATE: 9/11/2023

    – Joe Knifer "Solo"
  19. It’s was an honor to climb at the VO2 6th Annual 9.11 Climb in Cumming, GA in memory of our fallen hero, Chief Thomas DeAngelis. Sending continued prayers for his family. ❤️

    – Cayla Goff
  20. I did the 1st Annual 911 Stair Climb in Savannah GA in honor of Thomas DeAngelis. May you never be forgotten!

    – Brandy