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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas P. Hannafin

Thomas P. Hannafin‚ 36‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 5. A 10- year veteran‚ Hannafin was a great athlete‚ who brought home a gold medal in the three-on-three basketball competition at the 2001 World Police & Fire Games in Indianapolis. A standout basketball player on Staten Island‚ where he grew up and led his college team to a city championship‚ he was known as the Floor General. Hannafin’s brother Kevin is also an FDNY firefighter.

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  1. I walked for you today Thomas P Hannafin. I am honored to have done so. God bless your family and loved ones. Thank you for being so brave and selfless. You will never be forgotten.

    – Mindy
  2. 9/11/16 – Climbed in your honor – Red Rocks Colorado. Thank you for your sacrifice

    – Becky
  3. Did my vary first stair climb today 4/28/17 at FDIC in memory of you. As a young firefighter myself​ I am extremely proud of what you did thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Scott Miller
  4. I climbed for you today in Charlotte NC at the Tunnel to Towers climb. It was an honor and a privilege. Thank you for your sacrifice and sending warm thoughts to your family

    – Nadine
  5. Mr.Hannafin, I currently live in Idaho.we had a fallen hero tribute memorial 5k run today.it is my very first 5k ever and I had the pleasure to run a mile for you and for other fallen heroes. I am grateful for the opportunity to run and remember that God has a wonderful plan for each one of us,and that you will always be remembered as one of the greatest heroes in this world. May God bless your family and friends.

    – Aisha Nalder
  6. Seventeen years is a long time but you and all who fell with you will always be remembered. R I P Thomas Hannafin, you are not forgotten!

    – Mary Schofield
  7. Climbed in your memory today, Thank you for all you did!! It was an honor and watching all these other firefighters climb in their gear was amazing!
    Fond du Lac, WI

    – Lisa Coenen
  8. 9/22/18
    I climbed for you today in Green Bay, Wi. Truly thankful for all you’ve sacrificed that day. You and the other 342 will not be forgotten.

    – Mariah Sixel
  9. i climbed for you on september the 7th 2019 at the melbourne firefighter stair climb in Australia

    – Ryan
  10. I walked for your honor today, Thomas Hannafin. Thank you for your selfless, sacrifice, and bravery . Gone but never forgotten!
    Greensboro, North Carolina

    – Cassie Collins
  11. I saw the horror of the Twin Towers attack in New York on TV at my home in Limerick Ireland. Fire Fighter Thomas Hannafin of Staten Island has the same surname as myself. Thomas gave his life along with all of his colleagues in the service of his native city New York and the USA. His memory will not be forgotten

    John Hannafin Limerick Ireland

    – John Hannafin
  12. I Have read about Thomas P. Hannafin who gave is life in the service of his community and the city of New York on that horrific day in 9/11. He is along with all of his fallen comrades a true patriot.

    – John hannafin
  13. Though the years have passed the patriotism and selflessness of Thomas P. Hannafin and his colleagues who perished in the Twin Towers atrocity saving their fellow Americans will live forever.

    – John Hannafin
  14. 8/28/21 – Today, I had the honor of carrying Thomas Hannafin’s picture in the Panama City Beach 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb.

    Thank you for your service.

    Dave Zank
  15. September 2021

    On this, 20th anniversary Thomas Hannafin will not be forgotten. Thomas is a true HERO !!

    – lisa hopman
  16. I remember Tom and his wife and their young children from the annual Xmas get togethers my mom once hosted in Queens. Tom’s wife was somehow connected to my uncle Anthony Bacotti’s family. I remember hearing stories about Tom’s basketball glory days and being impressed with what a lovely and loving family his seemed to be.

    I remember the phone call from mom telling me that Tom was one of the many first responders who passed that day, and how his brother, also a firefighter, was with the company that recovered Tom’s body in the 9/11 rubble.

    I live now, as I did then, in the Adirondacks. I tried my best to drive to Tom’s funeral, but I couldn’t make it all the way to NYC. I remember trucks of debris coming up from NYC as I was trying to inch myself south. I turned around and headed back when I realized that if I got there the funeral would be over and I might not be able to get back home in time for the imminent birth of my first grandchild. Caitlin is now a college junior who turns 20 on the 21st. I heard about Tom’s funeral, which I was surprised to learn was a rather magnificent event, from my mother and brother who were both there

    I posted Tim’s story on my FB page for many years every 9/11. I’ve seen his name at St Paul’s in NYC and look for it whenever there is a memorial to what happened that day. I often think about his wife – who I heard has since remarried – and their kids who are now young adults. I’m sure Tim is watching over them. Thank you fir your service, Tom.

    – Barbara

    – Barbara Boggia
  17. Thomas Hannafin thank you for all your service, you put your duty before yourself. You will never be forgotten.

    – Dwight DeMers
  18. I had the privilege to carry Thomas Hannafins name with me on a memorial tower challenge in 2019, I completed another challenge today on the 20th anniversary, and although I didn’t have his name this year, I still remember him, his sacrifice, and I will strive to always do so.

    – Nathan B.
  19. I will be honoring Thomas Hannafin at the firefighters memorial in Anchorage, Alaska today.

    – Suzanne Goodrich
  20. 9/11/2021 – Today in Grand Rapids MI I read your name and participated in the 9/11 stair climb in your honor. Thank you for your sacrifice and may god bless your family. RIP hero.

    – Katie Kluting
  21. Thomas P Hannafin on September 10, 2022 I will be climbing 28 flights of stairs in your honour at the Melbourne firefighter stairclimb
    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice

    – Troy davis
  22. I walked today a 8 Mile Ruck/Walk with 35lbs on my back for you Thomas P Hannafin.
    52FW Air Base Spangdahlem, Germany
    Thomas P

    Thomas P
  23. Today was my fist time walking and I walked for you today. Thank you for being so brave, you will not be forgotten!

    – Lindsay Spencer
  24. I did a110 floors for you today! I was given your name to carry up and blessed to of done it. Thank you and bless your family. #Army

    – Alisa Whitman
  25. I have a metal remembrance bracelet with your name on it. I cherish it and think of you often. Love to you and your family.
    From Paula in Texas

    – Paula Goodson
  26. I climbed for you today. 9/11/22.
    You are not forgotten
    – Patty ND

    – Patricia Hausauer
  27. I walked 17 times up the grandstand stairs at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana in honor of your memory. Thank you for your sacrifice. Rest In Peace.

    – Walter
  28. I got to carry you yesterday during my stair climb. Such an honor. Charlotte NC

    – Jacob Bobeng
  29. It was an honor to ride for Thomas Hannafin today at the 343 Ride at Carolina Coast Harley Davidson in Wilmington, NC. Will never be forgotten.

    – Joe Calvert
  30. I climbed in your honor today in Cincinnati, OH. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Daniel Farnham